Pregnancy of rabbits and peculiarities of its organization


  • Pregnant or not?
  • Preparing the Nest
  • Feeding the Females
  • Birth of the Offspring

Pregnancy of rabbits and peculiarities of its organization
Not always, pregnancy comes under the plan, and quite often it does happen without the owner's knowledge. This process is quite responsible, because of which all breeders are always worried,

so that the rabbit was healthy and survived, and rabbits came to light with everything you need.

Pregnant or not?

Before you can find out how much rabbit rabbits carry, you need to make sure you have a pregnancy. After all, despite the extremely high fertility, not every harness leads to pregnancy, but finding out the results on the first day is impossible.

The most correct way to determine pregnancy is palpation.15 days after the junction, you can already touch the little lumps in your rabbit with your fingers, which, after a while, will be little rabbits. It is necessary to do this very carefully so as not to squeeze in any way, because it can instantly harm or even kill the future offspring. At first it's best to trust this procedure for veterinarians or experienced rabbits.

But there are also more simple signs by which one can determine:

  • animal becomes aggressive;
  • bites;
  • grows in touch;
  • can begin to show shyness, and at the same time to hide in the house.

Depending on the method of determination, there is a high probability of getting into an erroneous pregnancy. And here it is time to look at the period, because it is always necessary to remember how many rabbits the rabbit carries, for example, the false pregnancy can last more or less, but in any case it will not lead to an offspring. Only a very experienced specialist will be able to distinguish between false pregnancy and that is not always the case.

Preparing the

Pregnancy of rabbits and peculiarities of its organization

Slot Once the rabbit has become pregnant, you can start counting 25 days( the rabbit's pregnancy is at least 28 days), and then put the box in the corner of the room. If the pregnancy was unplanned, then it is necessary to monitor the behavior of the expectant mother, and with the onset of explicit changes can already be put.

The dimensions of the boxes should be sufficient to allow the rabbit with rabbits to easily fit inside, and at the same time did not suppress them. The output is cut to a large enough size so that the newly-raised mom does not touch the walls during the passage, but high enough so that the little rabbits do not accidentally get out. If you put the box in advance, then it will become a toilet.

To determine the need for an urgent installation, it's enough to look at the behavior: pulling out the wool, collecting straw from the nest, and demolishing it all at the chosen angle. Such a method of nesting is very characteristic, although some begin to build on or after the day of ripping, which complicates the process a little.

Pregnancy of rabbits and peculiarities of its organization

The straw is crammed in the cage, and if the rabbit has already started to build the nest, and it is carried over. It is not necessary especially to help the rabbits in the internal arrangement, because they themselves will cope perfectly with the task.

During this period, it should be protected from all other animals, as well as from all sources of excitement. If at the initial stage of pregnancy it was not possible to transplant the rabbit from others, now it will be necessary to transplant others. All drafts, colds and noises should also be eliminated so that the pregnant rabbit and the future breeder do not feel them.

Feeding females

Pregnancy of rabbits and peculiarities of its organization

During the entire period of pregnancy, rabbits require a very full meal. Strengthen nutrition should be in 5-10 days, but do not overeat, so as not to harm.

It is imperative to remember that during pregnancy there is fattening not one pregnant rabbit, but its cubs. For additional dietary enrichment you can use:

  • fish oil - 1 g;
  • chalk - 1.5 m;
  • salt - 1 g;
  • meat and bone meal - 6 g.

The first half of pregnancy is accompanied mainly by bulky feeds, and the second one is concentrated. The feed should be complete and diverse so that after the pregnancy there were no complications in the rabbit and in the young.

Birth of offspring

Pregnancy of rabbits and peculiarities of its organization Complete in pregnancy lasts from 28 to 35 days, but do not be surprised at the birth and on day 27.Generate them usually in the morning, and almost always easy and completely independently.

The host does not need anything other than observation and, if necessary, minimum intervention:

  • rabbit should give birth strictly in the box, but not on the floor;
  • may intervene in the event of a life-threatening illness.
  • After the birth, the rabbit cleaves all the extra placenta from the rabbits and eats it, while the newborns are released for breathing. Eyes will open only on the twelfth day, so the first time it will be necessary to monitor the baby so that they do not crawl in such a state of cells. The

    Rabbit will at first pay a lot of attention to its cubs, which is quite normal. Usually after a pregnancy they feed 2-3 times their cubs, and then stop at all. It is not necessary to take in hands and feed on your own, because otherwise they will have to deal with it, along with protecting the new generation from the attempts of their relatives to eat them.