Features a question of how to name rabbit variants

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  • What determines the pupil's name?
    • Methodologies called animals
    • Funny and funny names

How to name a rabbit? This question is asked by anyone who buys himself in the house of this pet. Rabbits are animals that have inexhaustible affection and devotion. Each

gets used to them very quickly, as a result everyone wants to give the most beautiful, sonorous and original name. Sometimes the name comes to mind very quickly, but it is very rare, usually every owner is a long time breaking his head on how to name a new pet.

Features a question of how to name rabbit variants

A good nickname should reflect the nature of the animal or some external features.

What determines the pupil's name?

For many hosts, it's much easier to come up with a baby name than your new home pet. A good nickname should reflect the nature of the animal or some external features. Moreover, everybody wants to come up with the name as original as possible so that it reflects the individuality of the medium. As a result, some rush from one extreme to another: they are called either very banal, or very stupid, inappropriate, and provocative.

Features a question of how to name rabbit variants

To choose the name for a decorative rabbit, guided by the principle of sonority and own sympathy.

There is such a belief that the name directly affects the life, destiny and character of its owner. What names for rabbits are determined by the circumstances in which they are. For example, a decorative rabbit can be called absolutely any name. Usually guided by the principle of sonority and their own sympathy, as well as the preferences of family members. Different things are going on in agricultural livestock. Individuals with the greatest value are called by special rules.

In such farms, boys and girls are called by the first letter of their father's name. This technique allows you to trace the genealogy, as well as to avoid confusion as to which of the following is a given individual.

Cribs for homemade rabbits provide the full range of fantasy hosts. Remember that the nickname must be permanent and it should be one. The animal should get used to its name. It is possible to react to a nickname if you often turn to your pet. It's especially effective at feeding and when you take it in your hands. Repeat the nickname should be in a calm voice, clearly and with the same intonation. When the animal responds to the nickname, be sure to give it a delicious meal.

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Methodology for naming animals

By month of birth:

Features a question of how to name rabbit variants

A rabbit can be named by the month of its birth.

  • January: Yashka, Yasya, Yasenya, Yaroshka, Berry;
  • February: Fila, Fomik, Khomko, Themis, Pharos, Fatin, Foxi, Flint, Fakir, Flip, Frisia, Phonia;
  • March and May: March, May, Max, Marik, Maru, Mars, Milka, Milina, Martina, Malgus;
  • April and August: August, Augustine, August, August, Archibald, Archie, Alfred, Ali, Adel, Agatha, Agrin, Avax, Avangul, Aricul, Arthropine;
  • June and July: Ilian, Inguli, Ikaria, Irma, Iris, Isabel;
  • September: Sentabrina, Seraphim, Sedrig, Saltux, Solomin, Samson, Sancho, Snowy, Stasiya;
  • October: Oktiabrina, Oras, Ogrin, Ophelia, Ozarina;
  • November: Noyara, Noyar, Narcissina, Neal, Nemo, Nora, Nessi, Narimin;
  • December: Decabrina, Daryala, Darius, Darus, Denymus, Dick, Daisy, Jesse, Danny, Jackie, Darchich, Duchess, Donaross.

Enjoyed names can be transformed into both a boy and a girl.

According to external features:

Features a question of how to name rabbit variants

Krolenyat can be called based on external signs.

  • Boys with fine soft wool can be called: Barsik, Tiger, Fluff, Puff, Pooh. For big and long ears often get the nickname Vukhan, Longhorn. Often the owners give the name for the color of the pet: Ugolechec, Chernysh, Chumazik, Black, Snow, Snow White, Ghost, Smoky( girl - Serpanok), Ryzhik, Apricot, Sonechko, Lis( Girl - Fox, Lyska), Bagira, Spot.
  • A body shape can also determine a name. A thick girl, quickly gaining weight, can be called the Cloud. Thin and small - Necklace, Malyatko, Button, Knitted toe. The boy with a strong skeleton will come up with the name of Zdorovani, Silach, Puzan, Fatstone;miniature male - Kid, Masik, Crumb.
  • If the animal has any decals on any part of the body, it is possible to name the following: Lap, Harp, Neck, Back, Vushko.
  • For character traits:

    • you will need a few minutes to understand who has just come to you - Sonya or Alarm, Lightning, or Turtle. Just give yourself a few days to explore the character of your pet, so you can pick a name that suits him exactly;
    • cold, proud, solitary and inaccessible girls can be called Eva, Artemis, Gerda, Aurora, Hera, Athena, Amelia;
    • is suitable for fast and bestial animals: Shustrik, Bystrik, Hurricane, Lightning, Arrow, Bullet, Alarm clock.
    • noisy - Shurshunchik, Sisklya, Pyhtun, Pizhik, Sopilka, Shuburshun, Zhuzhalka;
    • is lazy and slow-moving: Ledar, Ledge, Sonia;
    • loves to eat: Nenazhera, Lakomka, Lasun, Khomka, Khomyak, Tovstun.

    Features a question of how to name rabbit variants

    The name of the rabbit can be chosen based on its character.

    Burketoun, Odinak, Neoplushy, Zadiraka, Huligan, Smilivets, Coward - the list can be continued indefinitely. Take a look at your pet and begin to pick up the right words.

    Human names. The most usual and traditional scheme is

    Yasha, Kesha, Fedir, Mikhail, Myshko, Senya, Arseniy, Arseniy, Essien, Vaska, Gosha, Kuzya, Kuzma, Temka, Frosa, Nafanya, Stepan, Tosha, Philip, Yurko, Yarik, Yang, Yasmin, Yulka.

    Also called in honor of who gave you a rabbit. Do not forget to get this person's consent, as some may be offended and taken to your account.

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    Funny and funny names

    If you are a person with a sense of humor, you will like the nicknames: Bubbles, Bubbles, Funnies, Cakes, Ponchik, Klepka, Pizzik, Khvostik.

    Do not be afraid to fantasize. Remember your favorite food, favorite actors, heroes of cartoons and movies, books and daring. So they come to light: Dangerous Johnny, Kotlet, Mickey, Trotsky, Yorik, Hamlet, Pugovka, Gulchatay.

    Some hosts prefer short nicknames so as not to reduce the long and bizarre name: Nick, Nick, Jack, Tom, Tod, Jan, Pierce, Luke, Joe, John, Lila, Meg, Chris - the chain is very and very long.

    Usually there is such an interconnection: the more expensive a rabbit breed, the more beautiful and aristocratic nickname for a rabbit.

    Features a question of how to name rabbit variants

    Expensive and rare species of rabbits should have a special name.

    The names of the most expensive and rare breeds are: King, Caesar, Duke, Baron, Sheksipir, Knight, Raphael, Daniel, Prince, Marquis, Lord, King, Graf.

    In today's world of information technology, a tendency to call animals a computer reality: Hacker, Smileik, Space, Cursor, Mishka.

    If the story of the appearance of a beast in the house is unusual, you took him from the shelter, found on the street, the name of the Lucky Lucky, Lucky( Lucky - happy, lucky), Wonderful, would be very suitable.

    Some people are called, inspired by their profession: a doctor - Bint, Syringe, Ukolchik;confectioner - Vishneka, Tortik, etc.

    Names - prototypes of the most famous rabbits of the planet:

    • Rabbit Roger( the protagonist of a comedic feature film, featuring a keen sense of humor);
    • White RabbitMarrow Hare( crazy hero of Lewis Carroll's great book Alice in Wonderland);
    • Bugsy Bunny( a character in American cartoon cartoons and comics, a smart and rabbit rabbit);
    • Well, wait!(on the surname of the Soviet film, the image of an ideal Soviet child, he is active, kind, sensitive, the motto of his life - honor and conscience);
    • Playboy( the logo of the same name for adults, the rabbit is elegantly dressed in a tuxedo, the name is erotic undertones);
    • Stepashka( constant protagonist of the TV show "Goodbye, kids!" Was marked by wisdom, wit and prudence);
    • Brother Rabbit( hero of the cartoon "Brother Rabbit and Bratic Fox", smart, with good wit, differs mind and wit, but not always the winner);
    • Krosh( all well-known character about the young cartoon "Smeshariki", he is restless, energetic, cheerful, fussy, likes adventure, optimists and adventurer);
    • Durasell( due to its appearance, the pink rabbit is obliged to one of the most famous brands of batteries, considered a symbol of inexhaustible energy, tirelessness and long-term work);
    • Rabbit Quiche( person of the famous Nesquive Chocolate Drink);
    • Easter Rabbit( the symbol of Easter in European countries and the United States of America has pagan roots);
    • Moon Rabbit( folk character);
    • Solar Bunny( all known sunlight, such a name is suitable for a very good and gentle rabbit);
    • Chocolate Hare( for the same name as Pierre Narcissus, the name is suitable for a rabbit whose owner has a good sense of humor).


    But remember that nobody sets any limits to you, and the name that your pet will wear will depend on you and your imagination.