Disease Of The Skin

Mycosis is a smooth skin - elements of rash

Mycosis is a large group of diseases caused by fungal infections. Mycosis is extremely common, most people throughout the life at least once faced with different types of mycoses. Particularly widespread mycosis in the elderly, about 80% of the population at age for 60 patients with

mycosis in one form or another.

The smooth skin of mycoses in the prevalence occupy the third place, second only to fungal lesions of the foot and onychomycosis( nail disease).Also quite common are the following types of mycoses: mycosis, mycotic skin and mycotic skin.


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Causes of development of

Mycosis is a smooth skin rash element

Weakened immune system is also a cause of mycosis.

Fungal microflora is extremely common, fungi can be detected in soil, air, food, home remedies, etc. The development of mycosis provokes not just getting into the skin of fungi, but also internal factors associated with the weakening of the functions of the immune system. Infection with fungal infection can be from a sick person or an animal, using common things or visiting public places. Particularly increased the risk of infection if there is damage to the skin or mucous membranes - minor scratches, scratches, cracks, etc.

The factors that significantly increase the risk of developing mycoses include:

  • Any immunodeficiency states, including those caused by chronic diseases.
  • Long-term treatment with antibiotics or hormonal therapy.
  • Endocrine disorders and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Malnutrition, predominance in the diet of simple carbohydrates with deficiency of vitamins.

Strangely enough, but increases the risk of mycosis and excessive cleanness, which is manifested in the excessive use of various antibacterial agents of local action( soaps, gels, napkins, etc.).

Mycoses of smooth skin with a defeat are often caused by fungi of the genus trichophitons and microspores. As for trichophyton fungi, they provoke fungal disease - trichophytic disease. Somewhat rarer, the disease is provoked by the fungus of the species epidermophytones and Candida.

Clinical picture of

A smooth skin of myocys with lesions may show different symptoms. Depending on the nature of the rash and the course of the disease, there are several forms.

The erimato-squamous form of a smooth skin of mycosis with a lesion is manifested by the formation of spots of round shape and red color. Elements of the rash tend to increase in the peripheral direction and may merge, forming rather large lesions. The skin in the foci is swollen, excited, its surface covers a layer of small skin scales. On the surface of the spot, individual bubbles or follicular pustules may appear.

The nodular form of a fungal lesion of a smooth form is manifested by the formation of numerous pustular or papule-pustular elements located on the background of inflamed edema of the skin. Mycosis, flowing in this form, can affect not only smooth skin, but also spread to cannon hair.

Infiltrative-suppurative form of smooth skin mycosis is less common in others. Typically, mycosis in this form develops when infected with fungal infection from animals. Elements of rash with this form of mycosis are tumor-like formations, on the surface of which are seen the enlarged follicles mouths. At pressing on a tumor from the mouths allocated purulent separable. After healing of the elements of the rash in their place there are scars or areas of atrophy, which is extremely unpleasant, if the hearth is located on the skin of the face.

Clinical picture of mycoses with lesions of smooth skin areas also depends on the type of fungal infection, however, there are a number of manifestations that are observed in all patients:

  • Skin irritation in affected areas;
  • Signs of inflammation and swelling in the lesion's cells;
  • Itching;
  • The appearance of bubbles on the surface of the affected skin is often noted.

Diagnostic Methods

Mycosis is a smooth skin rash element

Microscopy is used to diagnose the disease.

Elements of rash with mycoses differ in variety. In addition, skin manifestations of mycosis are quite easily confused with the symptoms of other dermatoses. Therefore, when the appearance of suspicious spots on the surface of smooth skin should not be engaged in self-treatment, it is necessary to pass analyzes to find out the nature of the disease.

In the diagnosis of mycoses, an important role is played by microscopic examination. Thanks to this method of laboratory diagnosis you can quickly establish a preliminary diagnosis. In order to clarify the kind of fungus that caused the development of mycosis, it is necessary to conduct cultural laboratory tests.

For microscopic examination, it is necessary to take skin scales from the periphery of the focal point of the lesion on a smooth skin. The material is placed in a solution of alkali( typically 30% KOH solution is used) and studied under a microscope. This method of examination allows us to confirm the fungal nature of the disease, as the material reveals the pathogen micelle.

For rapid diagnosis, a survey method is used such as the irradiation of the Wood bulb. In luminescent light, the luminaires affected by mycosis are luminous with another( usually greenish) light than a healthy skin.

To determine the types of fungus, provoked smooth skin mycosis, the material was cropped onto special nutritional media. The type of the causative agent is determined according to the type of formed colonies. Conducting a culture study takes time, the result of sowing, as a rule, becomes known only for 5-7 days.

Treatment of

For the successful treatment of mycosis, antifungal drugs of local and systemic use are used. In most cases, combined therapy is required, since only local treatment is rarely sufficiently effective. Only external treatment is used if the mycosis has been detected at the initial stage of the disease.

Antifungal therapy should be selected by the doctor, as practically all systemic drugs have contraindications. In addition, the choice of the drug is influenced by the results of the culture study, as different types of fungus are required to be used to control various fungi.

To prevent recurrence of mycosis, it is necessary to treat diseases that have become the cause of immunity reduction at the same time.

Treatment of folk methods

In the treatment of mycoses, folk remedies can be used and tested. Fungal lesions of smooth skin can be treated with garlic, as this vegetable is a natural antibiotic:

  • Garlic should be crushed, mixed with a little salt and squeezed juice through a piece of gauze. In the resulting juice add a little more than small salt to get the whipped cream. Apply to the affected skin with a smooth skin for half an hour twice a day.
  • You can also prepare a special ointment for the treatment of mycosis. For this purpose, the grated garlic is mixed with equal amount of tallow or butter. Apply skin affected by mycosis 4 times a day.
  • Forecast and prevention of

    The prognosis of mycotic lesions with smooth skin depends on the stage at which the treatment was started. The earlier the diagnosis was made and, accordingly, the treatment started, the faster it managed to cope with the disease.

    Prevention of infection with mycosis is to comply with the rules of hygiene and timely treatment and correction of chronic diseases.


    Mycosis is a smooth skin rash element Mycosis is a smooth skin rash element Mycosis is a smooth skin rash element Mycosis is a smooth skin rash element Mycosis is a smooth skin rash element