2017 Year

New Year's Eve 2017 with their own hands. How beautiful to decorate?

New Year

The tradition of setting a Christmas tree for the New Year has been around for decades. And such rules are followed by most families of the world. However, going to the woods to cut a beautiful tree or pine tree is not quite a humane act. Therefore, recently many people began to make their choice in the direction of artificial

fir trees. In addition, it is a very beneficial solution, since such a Christmas tree will last for more than one New Year.

And it's not necessary to buy such a Christmas tree. New Year's Eve 2017 can also decorate the room with its own hands. It is much more pleasant to do it on its own. Such a Christmas tree is ideal for those who do not have a place for a big elegant beauty at home. Another Christmas tree, made with their own hands, will become a good gift to their friends, relatives and colleagues at work.

Let's take a look at how to decorate your home with the help of fir trees with your own hands. Here are some options for such New Year's beauties.

A Christmas tree with its own hands from citrus and cones.

Such a Christmas tree will become not only a decoration of the room, thanks to it in the room will dominate the coniferous citrus aroma, which will create a truly new-year mood.

New Year

To start with a sheet of cardboard or hard paper you need to twist the cone. The size of the sheet depends on the desired tree. You can make several Christmas trees of different sizes at once.

Then you need to cut any citrus on the circles and dry them. You can use several types of fruit to make the fir tree bright. For example, lime, lemon, orange, grapefruit. Here you need to prepare any bumps.

After the citrus is dry, they need to be pasted onto the cone. You also need to stick together bumps here. It should be fantastic here. Bumps with citrus can alternate. You can make one row of citrus, and another of the cones.

At the end of your Christmas tree, you can twist a star from a wire and fix it to the top. To give the Christmas tree brightness, it can be decorated with New Year sparkles, crystals and beads.

New Year tree with felt.

This Christmas tree will be a great gift to the new 2017 year and decorate your home.

New Year

It is necessary to take a sheet of cardboard and twist from it the cone of the desired size.

Next you need to take felt sheets. It is best to use several colors of felt. From felt need to cut circles in diameter ascending. To do this, you can prepare templates made of cardboard.

It is necessary to stick New Year tinsel to the base of the cone. For fixing, you can use glue or double sided adhesive tape.

The center of each circle of felt should cut the cross on the cross so that it can easily be put on a cone. Circles should be worn on the cone in the order of diminution of diameter.

At the top of the tree you can attach a small cone of felt. It remains to decorate the Christmas tree with New Year tinsel. The decoration for the house is ready!

New Year's Christmas tree with its own hands on macaroni.

This unusual New Year's Christmas tree can be done with the child. This product is ideal for the New Year's school exhibition.

New Year

First you need to form a cone made of dense paper or plastic. The cone must be painted in any color.

When the cone dries, it is necessary to stick pasta to it. Macaroni is better to use in different shapes.

After that, pasta is worth the color of a color like a cone. It is best to apply two layers of paint to make the fir tree come in saturated colors.

At the conclusion of the New Year tree of macaroni you can decorate with additional accessories - rhinestones, beads, beads.