Hemorrhoid Treatment

What medicine is better to use for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids - pathology of the rectum, a decisive role in the treatment of which is given to a variety of candles. Naturally, many patients are wondering which remedy is better, why to give preference, since the pharmaceutical industry market provides just a huge selection of


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  • 1 How to Choose the Effective Tool
  • 2 Types of Candles
  • 3 What Is Better When Pregnant
  • 4 List of Formulations

How to Choose the Effective Tool

Naturally, trying to choose the best medicine should listen to the opinion of a doctor who treats a pathology in a particular person.

What medicine is better to use for hemorrhoids The best remedy should be chosen based on the main symptoms of hemorrhoids, as non-systematized treatment can only aggravate the situation:

  • If hemorrhoids are not associated with the formation of complications, then different anticoagulants and preparations containing heparin are preferred. When treating external nodes - heparin ointment.
  • If a person suffers from severe pain, then the benefits are given to medications that include analgesics. This may be Relief Advance, Proctosedil M, and other drugs.
  • If excessive hemorrhage develops, hemostatics, which can narrow blood vessels and copy them, as well as drugs that affect blood coagulation, are preferred. These include Natalsid, candles with adrenaline, Proctoglyvinol.
  • If there is a very severe inflammatory syndrome around the anus, it is recommended to use NSAIDs, as well as glucocorticosteroids, among which Proctosedil, Aurobin, Ultraproct are most popular.
  • In some cases, doctors prescribe drugs in the form of tablets that have a systemic effect, and this is to some extent justified. May be appointed: Detralex, Diosmin and others.
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    Types of Candles

    When choosing candles, it is better to focus on the property that is essential in treating them.

    So, the properties all distinguish five main types of candles, among which:

  • Spasmolytics and anti-pain drugs - this group, due to the anesthetic effect, can relieve the patient of pain, with hemorrhoids can be very pronounced. This can be attributed to Relief Advance, Proctosedil. What medicine is better to use for hemorrhoids
  • Take off inflammation of - medicines, cleanse swelling and reduce tissue sensitivity to inflammatory reactions. These include Diclofenac, Posterizan.
  • Hemostatics - medicines that can show hemostatic action in the event that the cones are heavily bleeding. Basically, for this purpose you can use Natalsid, Proctoglyvinol. What medicine is better to use for hemorrhoids
  • Affects veins, enhances their tone. Here, the most commonly used chestnut extract, as well as Detlaksa type pills.
  • Reduces the risk of formation of thrombi - for this purpose, use of preparations with heparin and heparin ointment.
  • What's Better With Pregnancy

    Do You Have Hemorrhoids?

    Mikhail Rotonov: "The only remedy that is suitable for a complete hemorrhoids treatment at home and which I could recommend is. .." Read more & gt; & gt;

    Treatment of pregnancy-related hemorrhoids is usually a particular difficulty, as many medications are prohibited in this important period for any woman. So, for example, the same Relief any kind of use is not recommended, as well as any preparations with glucocorticosteroids, such as Proctosedil.

    This ban is particularly severe in the first trimester of pregnancy, as well as during breastfeeding, as inappropriately selected medications in this period can affect the child especially strongly.

    What medicine is better to use for hemorrhoids Despite the wide range of prohibitions, there are candles that can be used during pregnancy and lactation. These include:

    • candles with sea buckthorn;
    • Natalsid;
    • Post-erroneous;
    • Neo-Anusol.

    Very rarely, only if the risk for the baby is the smallest relative to the mother's benefit may be prescribed such medications as Relief, Proctosedil, Gepatrombin P, and the like.

    If the doctor is still determined to prescribe these drugs, it is best to use them carefully under the supervision of a specialist who will be able to identify the development of side effects at an early stage and, if necessary, to change the treatment tactics.

    List of drugs

    There is a large list of drugs that can be used to get rid of hemorrhoids and have proven to be effective and reliable means.

    What medicine is better to use for hemorrhoids Relief Advance, Relief Ultra, Relief standard .The Relief Candles have proven themselves for a long time, and besides, they have several varieties, the use of which is shown in various forms of the disease with different symptoms. The relief should be used according to the physician's testimony, especially when it comes to a pregnant or lactating woman.

    Candles Natasild .An essential plus, which differs Natalsid from other medicines, is its natural ingredients, due to which Natalsid can be used by pregnant and lactating women. Natalsid is also widely known as a remedy that can stop bleeding from hemorrhoids.

    Natalsid contains an extract of seaweed, which also has an analgesic effect. Natalsid also has a minimum of side effects.

    Proctozan. This drug has proven itself as a tool that has a beneficial effect on hemorrhoids not only in the early stages of the pathology but also at its later stages. Medications are also recommended to be used to get rid of anal fissures.

    Posed , which can be attributed to medicines, is well suited to inflammatory reactions. His, like Natalsid, can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    It is impossible to say clearly which drug from hemorrhoids is better, because the response of each person to one or another component is individual, and it is impossible to predict it most often.

    Often, to get an effective therapy, a person will have to change the drug several times to choose the one that will help him.

    Naturally, the choice of the appropriate medicine should be conducted under strict medical control in order to prevent the development of side effects in a timely manner and to monitor the effectiveness of one or another medicine.

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