Headache in the back: causes, symptoms and treatment

Headaches always cause a lot of negative emotions. There are cases of a complete change in lifestyle - habits, work. Therefore, even the most rare manifestations of attacks need to pay due attention.

Headache in the back: causes, symptoms and treatment

This problem occurs at any age. To avoid future serious complications in

, you must as soon as possible establish the causes and begin to treat it.


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General Information

Pain in the occipital part of the head occurs in the form of pressure and just painfeelingsThe reasons for their appearance can be assumed and only after a complete examination is correctly diagnosed.

In the case of severe headaches and very frequent attacks, it is urgent to go to the hospital for evidence of serious health problems. Pain in the occipital part of the head testify to the need to examine the vertebral segment of the neck and the entire spine.

The course of treatment is prescribed by a doctor using medicines. It is advisable to use complex treatment and to use various aids. Very often doctors of narrow specializations are involved, to establish a complete picture of the course of the disease and the right choice of treatment.

Causes of pain in the occipital part of the head

An important role in the frequency of possible pain in the occipital part of the head plays a human way of life, and in childhood possible pathologies in development. Reasons should be clarified in each case.

The main causes of headache in the neck:

  • overstrain from high mental and physical stress;
  • frequent stressful situations that caused a violation of the psyche, disturbances in the functioning of the central nervous system;
  • any diseases of the spine, especially the cervical spine;
  • migraine attacks with or without aura;
  • is an inappropriate posture resulting in neck muscle contraction and circulatory disturbances;
  • violation in the vegetative system;
  • unstable arterial pressure or propensity to elevated( lowered) pressure;
  • in the elderly due to high pressure;
  • for atherosclerosis of the brain;
  • sharp climate change;
  • change in hormonal background;The cause of
  • in women may be a tail ponytail, with very thick and heavy hair;
  • spinal injury and head injury;
  • concussion of the brain;
  • deformation of the vertebral appendages, due to the fact that there is degeneration of the bone bond.

In such a situation, the propensity is marked by frequent stay in the drafts, a great stress in the neck muscles. If such manifestations are accompanied by you very often - you are at risk.

Very often the cause of this can be cervical cancer, the pain will be aggravated if the disease begins to develop and the condition can significantly deteriorate.

Many experts call such cervical migraine attacks. In this case, the very headache will be very painful and put into the forehead area over your eyes.

There are cases where pain is present due to stroke hemorrhage. Therefore, it is urgent to apply to the hospital, to provide urgent care. The attack begins unexpectedly and spreads throughout the head.

The causes of headache in the nape of the nape may be infectious diseases such as meningitis or encephalitis, and even common colds. In this case, complications may occur in the form of changes in vital processes.

Doctors argue that even the formation of the wrong bite affects the frequency of headache attacks, while the muscle involved in the chewing process plays a direct role.

Symptoms of this headache

Headache in the back: causes, symptoms and treatment How will the headache be felt in the head will depend on its cause. Therefore, your feelings can help in correct diagnosis, in order to more fully and in detail to remember them, you can start a diary and, if necessary, familiarize him with a doctor.

In diseases of the cervical spine, neck pain will be accompanied by nausea, dizziness, hearing impairment and even disturbance in the coordination of movements in the case of osteochondrosis.

In case of migraine headaches - the pain begins suddenly and very sharply, even if the osteochondrosis accompanied by such attacks can occur even a temporary loss of consciousness, especially because of sharp throwing the head back.

If you develop spondylosis, pain will be manifested very often, the attacks will be prolonged, and in some cases, even without termination. Any movements of the head will be very painful and unpleasant, at night the pain may become aggravated and insomnia occurs.

Myositis occurs due to inflammatory processes in the muscle tissues, injuries or the presence of the body in an impenetrable position - therefore, the sensation of pain will be on the one hand, and can be given to the shoulder blades and shoulders.

In cervical nerve pain, the pain occurs in the form of attacks and is almost always given to the neck, back and lower jaw. When the head is tilted, the pain may be expressed in the form of "shot".

If the cause of headache in the occipital area is a vessel - the pain will have a characteristic sensation of "ants".Such a sign appears in the case of physical activity.

When staying in a position sitting or standing, there is a feeling of pain and heaviness in the back, especially if you are in the room all the while.

In hypertension, pain is felt throughout the head, but the formation of concentration in the nape area is possible. Very often, if pressure rises, it can start to get sick, there is a dizziness and a special feeling of heaviness all over the head. Strengthen headaches in the area of ​​the nape can be bright light or sharp sound.

In the wrong bite, the pain is always stronger in the evening and has a dull, nutty character. The duration of the attack is difficult to predict, it can take several days.

Symptoms may differ or be present in a different order, but in no case do not leave them unattended and cured. In no case do not make yourself a diagnosis yourself without a visit to the hospital.

Treatment of headache in the neck area of ​​the

Headache in the back: causes, symptoms and treatment All procedures must begin with the examination and diagnosis. Therefore, without the help of a specialist can not do. This may require advice from a narrower specialist or specialist examinations.

Be sure to carry out all appointments and orders of the physician for effective and qualified assistance. In many cases, it is necessary to make an X-ray. After diagnosis it is recommended to apply complex measures.

This involves the use of medicines, therapeutic exercises and massage. You can use folk medicine and aromatherapy, but after consultation with your doctor. The treatment will be adjusted according to the need arises. The massage therapy helps very well, such measures will help to improve blood circulation and general condition.

Manual therapy brings good results with a professional approach. It is necessary to use such procedures for various diseases of the spine, but there is one limitation - in the form of high pressure;all actions in the form of massage should be very cautious and conducted only by a specialist in this area.

Headache in the field of the nape is treated by ultrasound, laser, magnetotherapy, electrophoresis. The most effective physiotherapy is with spondylosis, high blood pressure, problems with vessels and diseases of the cervical nerve.

Special attention should be paid to medical physical education. At certain loads, it can be used to treat headache in the neck at any age and at any reason for their occurrence. The more severe the disease, the more it is necessary to pay attention to the advice of the doctor, and to faithfully carry them out. To correct the bite, you must contact the orthodontist.

All these procedures are combined, if necessary with the use of drugs. The most effective anesthetic is chosen to relieve an attack, but it can not be used very often. Medicines for treatment can not be chosen independently, but only with the involvement of a doctor.

If you choose to make sure that the side effects are not very large and you do not have an allergic reaction to the selected medications. Methods and methods of treatment should be selected individually, taking into account all the concomitant factors.

Home Health Tips for

In order to reduce the number of headaches, you need to try to maintain your body in the right tone. Very good influence on maintenance of immunity of sports and physical education, proper nutrition, refusal of alcohol and nicotine.

To improve blood circulation and to soothe contrasting showers every morning, it will help maintain courage and good working ability all day long. Just do some simple rules: the

  • sleep should be eight to ten hours a day;
  • outdoor walks or charging every day;
  • in the diet should be presenting vegetables and fruits, herbs;
  • completely abandon nicotine and alcohol;
  • to avoid the intake of narcotic and toxic substances;
  • while sitting is sure to take breaks every half hour, you can just stand up or stretch your legs and neck while sitting;
  • , if possible, refuse to use the elevator or go to work on foot;
  • discard greasy, salty, smoked;
  • Avoid foods with added preservatives and nutritional supplements;Take
  • caution with strong tea and coffee.

These simple preventive measures, if applied systematically, can significantly improve overall well-being and reduce the number of headache attacks. If possible, use phytotherapy for the treatment of any diseases, take medicines only if necessary.

Headache in the back: causes, symptoms and treatment

Depending on your age and your well-being, keep an eye on your blood pressure so that its sudden changes or non-compliance can lead to irreversible consequences. Almost all diseases develop over time and the first signs may appear long before exacerbation. Therefore, it is necessary to necessarily respond to all signals of your body.

All organs and systems of organs have a certain interconnection and do not forget this factor when choosing methods and methods of treatment. Frequent headaches in the back are predictors or symptoms of complex diseases. Therefore, any changes or injuries associated with the brain require intensified attention and qualified treatment.

Support healthcare, possibly at home, with the lowest material and time costs, but with a positive effect.

Headache in the back is due to many reasons, but regardless of this, it requires special attention and proper treatment. Therefore, in such a situation can not do without the help of a doctor. A comprehensive examination is needed to establish the correct diagnosis and choose the most effective treatment.

Typically, a medicated method and ancillary measures are used. It is very good to learn a complex of medical gymnastics and to study the techniques of self-massage, learn to sustain stressful situations and remove fatigue. First and foremost, the success of treatment depends on the serious relationship with the patient.

A healthy lifestyle helps you avoid many health problems or cure diseases as quickly as possible. Try to apply only to highly skilled professionals working in medical institutions.

Self-treatment causes great harm to your health, especially with the disorderly use of medicines. If preventive measures have become your way of life, the chance to avoid recurrence is increased several times.