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Exercise for hemorrhoids: a complex of occupations

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Exercise for hemorrhoids: a complex of occupations

The most common disease of the rectum is hemorrhoids. The emergence of this disease is due to the sedentary way of

life of a modern person. When a person leads an inactive lifestyle and spend most of his time in a sedentary position, the pelvic floor begins with venous blood stagnation in the vessels. The risk of such a disease is most exposed to drivers, programmers, accountants and other office staff. Also, people involved in bodybuilding are at risk.

It should also be noted that this disease is transmitted genetically, people become predisposed to hemorrhoids inherited.

Exercise for hemorrhoids: a complex of occupations

With age, the risk of disease also increases. And there are certain factors that directly lead to the occurrence of hemorrhoids:

  • Inappropriate bowel movement. This problem is present both in men and in women. Chalk masses are delayed in the intestine, harden and begin to press against its walls and vessels, which overlaps normal blood flow. Also, with constipation, a person is heavily strained to cleanse the body, thereby increasing the flow of blood into a small pelvis, which also contributes to the occurrence of hemorrhoids.
  • Bad and malnutrition. Modern man does not receive the necessary amount of vitamins, and consumes a lot of protein, sharp and smoked foods. Such nutrition also increases the flow of blood into the region of the small pelvis, after which it forms hemorrhoidal nodes. It is necessary to have a proper balanced diet with enough nutrients.
  • Pregnancy. Women often have this disease after childbirth, as well as after childbirth and during pregnancy. Hemorrhoid nodes arise in the last months of bearing the fetus, the uterus at this time increased its pressure on the walls of the vessel located in a small basin. Such a process violates the normal blood flow, which promotes the occurrence of hemorrhoids.
  • Weight Lifting. This factor in most cases causes the appearance of hemorrhoids in men. By engaging in heavy physical work, or by exercising with a rod in the gym, the man strengthens the flow of blood into a small pelvis and causes the appearance of hemorrhoids, especially to monitor their health, athletes are engaged in bodybuilding. Today, nobody is surprised at the woman's appearance in the gym. Women also do strength exercises and bodybuilding, and then they endanger the appearance of hemorrhoids.

Types of Hemorrhoids

Exercise for hemorrhoids: a complex of occupations

Hemorrhoids can be external and internal, acute and chronic .There are symptoms by which you can determine the origin of the disease.

Symptoms of external hemorrhoids:

  • Feeling of discomfort, severity, foreign body in the intestine, and there is a feeling of incomplete emptying after the chair.
  • Itching and burning in the anus.
  • Bleeding. This symptom can be seen on toilet paper after bowel movements or directly on the fecal masses. The wall of a hemorrhoidal node, damaged by hardened cassive masses, bleeds.
  • Hemorrhoids also manifests itself in the fallout of hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of the appearance of internal hemorrhoids practically do not differ from the symptoms of external. Only in the case of internal hemorrhoids, there is no loss of hemorrhoids, and this can lead to difficulty in setting the correct diagnosis. In this case, an additional diagnosis is required. There are also the acute stage of this disease. In acute hemorrhoids, urgent medical intervention is required.

Also, the course of hemorrhoids is divided into 4 stages. All stages are distributed as disease progression:

  • At stage 1, the disease appears to be a blood discharge that can be seen only on toilet paper after emptying. In most cases, people do not pay attention to it, and the 1st stage is easy to pass into 2nd.
  • In the 2 nd stage, hemorrhoidal nodes increase in size and after, may fall outside, not only during emptying, but also when lifting the weights, after which they themselves are retracted and put into place. Also, bleeding increases, it is noticeable not only on toilet paper, the blood stands out by drops or jerks during bowel movements.
  • During the 3rd stage, all the previous symptoms remain in the 2nd stage, but they are slightly increased. Also, in the 3rd stage, falling out of the hemorrhoidal nodes, they do not become independent on their own, they have to be manually handled.
  • 4th stage - this is when it is impossible to correct hemorrhoidal nodes inside, they are located around the anus in the form of tubercles of different sizes. Burning, itching and pain accompany a person walking and sitting. Bleeding occurs at each emptying and can lead to anemia. Urgent contact with a doctor, and it is likely that surgical intervention will be performed.

You need to know

But the onset of this disease can be warned even if a person is genetically predisposed to such a disease. It is also possible to achieve symptom relief during the illness. There are special complex exercises for hemorrhoids, many of them are known since school time. At the physical education lesson learned to do the "birch" or "bridge" exercise, these exercises help and promote the strengthening of the abdominal wall and the pelvic floor of the .There is a set of exercises that can be done even while at work, allocating for this time 10-15 minutes a day. Below are some useful lessons.

Exercise for hemorrhoids( required occupation)

  • Compression and dislocation of the muscles of the anus, as if you really want to go to the toilet. This method of training and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can be done by standing and sitting and lying down. Such a set of muscle warming is possible and near the stove and sitting at the computer.
  • The next set of exercises should be done on the back. The legs are compressed in the knees, but do not tear off the floor, after, you need to lift the abdomen during the breath and compress the buttocks.
  • You can also make scissors. The legs rise 45 degrees from the floor, and cross-movements of both legs are made. This exercise strengthens the abdominal cavity.
  • The next exercise is called a bicycle. It is also done lying on the back. The legs rise and bend in the knees, then you need to do the circular movements of the feet as when riding a bike.
  • The last exercise is called a cat. You need to kneel and stick your elbows in the floor. After breathing, you need to bend your back and raise your head, while during exhalation your head falls and rests on the chin in the chest, and the back is bent and the buttocks are compressed.

To achieve a positive result, the entire complex of the above exercises and classes for strengthening the abdominal cavity and pelvic floor should be performed daily.

Treatment Techniques for

Exercise for hemorrhoids: a complex of occupations

Today, there are many preparations that are used to treat hemorrhoids. Treatment methods can be divided into 2 types:

  • Conservative
  • Surgical intervention

Conservative treatment is that at the initial stage of hemorrhoids, when the disease was spotted in time, you can resort to the use of candles and ointments. But it will also have to radically change the way of life, it is necessary to increase motor activity. It does not mean 2-kilometer-long exhausting crosses and daily jogs, such a load will only aggravate the situation. You need to spend 2-3 minutes every hour, practice exercises, or just get up and walk. Changing the position normalizes blood circulation in the small pelvis and will not allow blood to stagnate there. It is only necessary to use the medicine after appointment of the proctologist. Such drugs are released in the form of ointments, candles, gels, microclimate. They have a local effect and help to quickly relieve pain, swelling, promote blood clots to dissolve and stabilize blood circulation.

Folk Medicine

Folk medicine is also effective in treating hemorrhoids, but only at its initial stage and does not include the operation. This method of treatment involves the use of medicines from medicinal herbs, natural ingredients, beekeeping products and even food products. Folk medicine has been collecting recipes for centuries, and is an alternative to modern medical therapy.

Surgical intervention

If by conservative methods of treatment it was not possible to get rid of the problem of hemorrhoids, and this disease is at the 4th stage, then in this case can not do without surgical intervention. When exacerbation of hemorrhoids is used operative and nonoperative method for elimination of hemorrhoids.

The operative method involves the excision of internal and external nodes during surgery, or is the removal of a small part of the mucous membrane of the rectum. After surgery, the patient should be in the hospital for 2 to 7 days, depending on the operation performed. In the period of rehabilitation it is recommended to switch to proper nutrition and use more water, because during defecation fecal masses can further damage the remaining scars and wounds, the fluid throws feces, and the process of emptying will be much easier and painless.

Exercise for hemorrhoids: a complex of occupations

Small hemorrhoids can be removed without a surgical procedure, using a minimally invasive method.

Description of non-invasive techniques:

  • Special latex rings are applied to the leg of the site, subsequently it stops blood supply and then it dies.
  • Blood vessels that feed the node are bandaged, and subsequently reduced in size.
  • With the help of liquid nitrogen, the hemorrhoidal node is frozen and continues to die.

DISEASE PREVENTION Any illness is easier to prevent than to cure .You can not neglect your health, you need to listen to the advice of doctors and lead an active way of life. By making a simple complex of the above activities for the small pelvis and abdominal cavity, a person thereby 2 times reduces the risk of hemorrhoids and excludes the operation.

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