Exercise for lifting tone.

Prestigious exercise to lift the tone has recently become very popular. It will surely please you when you need to cheer up, shake and feel the flow of energy.

1 Exercise for tone lift in 3 steps:

1. The output of the

position - stand straight, arms to the sides. Sit down, sticking your palms on the floor. This provision is called "emphasis".

2. Adopt the "lying emphasis" position."Throw" legs back, straightening them up, bowl leaning against the floor.

3. First, return to the position of "squatting", then in the starting position( to stand straight, arms to the sides), while bouncing and making in the air a quarter of the turn.

Repeat until you describe the full circle, that is 4 times.

2 Exercise for toning up:

Another effective exercise to raise your vitality:

You need to vigorously rub your palms one at a time, to the sensation of warmth, then with your fingers massage your head in circular motion for 1 minute. This exercise will increase the flow o

f blood to the head, improve the mood and relieve mental stress.

3 Exercise for tone lift:

In most people, breathing is superficial, because of this body is not provided with enough oxygen. As a result, a person faster gets tired, it becomes sluggish - his vital tone decreases. This exercise will help you learn to breathe deeply. When performing this exercise, you may feel a slight dizziness at first, because inhale a large amount of oxygen.

- Initial position - standing, legs - at shoulder width, knees slightly bent, buttocks set back, and chest - forward, keep your head straight. Hold your palms on your stomach and slowly breathe in through your nose, while tightening your stomach. For a second, hold your breath, then slowly exhale through your mouth, while feeling your hands as your stomach is pulled in. Repeat 3 times.

- Outputthe same. Put palms on the chest, make a slow deep breath through the nose, expanding the chest. Hold your breath for a second and exhale through your mouth, squeezing your chest. Repeat 3 times.