Passage of the game Borodan. Understand and forgive

After the release of the game on the Play Market and iTunes, the game "Bearded. Understand and forgive » is rapidly gaining in popularity. The official gaming product from TNT has a good sense of humor, excellent graphics and soundtrack, and rightly claims to hit the end of summer 2016.At the same time

to go it is not so simple, and some of the players are stuck in the earliest stages. In this article, I'll tell you how to play the game "Bearded."Understand and forgive "and fully enjoy the story and the great humor of the game.

Passage of the game Borodan. Understand and forgive

Game Borodan

Features of the game

The game is released for Android and iOS operating systems, and, as already mentioned above, is the official product of the TNT channel and the Comedy Club program. Passage "Bearded. Understand and forgive "is executed in an interactive puzzle style, and the user will have to think about what to do and how to apply one or another tool to achieve the result. In the role of the protagonist character acts, outside and in the voice is a copy of Michael Galustyan, inherent in that vocabulary and humor. The player is waiting for exciting adventures, witty jokes and a sea of ​​positive.

Passage of the game Borodan. Understand and forgive

How to go Borodan Understand and forgive the

Passage of the puzzle "Bearded. Understand and forgive "

  • The passing of the game begins with the dialogue of the protagonist" Beardednja "with the police at the police station. To get rid of, take a cloth and wash the floor( direct the cloth to the traces on the floor).For this the police officer will release you, and you will be able to go free( door to the right).
  • Released, you will see the 's calls from a detainee friend to release his .To do this, you will have to somehow break into jail play, allowing the prisoner to free himself.
  • There is a taxi driver on the right. Come to the car, talk with the tax collector. He will tell you how with the help of a machine he tore his wife's tooth, and even at the top of the car is a ski-tied with a rope. Click on the puddle next to the car and spit the machine with dirt. Then come to the taxi driver, he will prompt you to wash the car with a cloth( she remained at your place after the police station).Since a dirty cloth, wash it in a puddle near the police station. Then come to the taxi driver's car and wash it off the dirt.
  • Approach the tax collector and will receive work for 50 rubles ( he will take the cloth).Go back to the police and take a paint bottle next to the garbage bucket. Hit the bucket, stand on it, and write one letter on the police station stand( Poliusia will be replaced by Police).
  • Then go to the grandmother of the , she laughs and for smartness will sell you seeds at half the price( not for 100, but for 50 rubles).Go with the seeds to the marketer of watermelons, spread the seeds on watermelons. Pigeons rolled, and while the saleswoman will drive them away, steal her mobile. Talk to the sales person, then she will write a statement to the police about theft of the phone, and you will stay in place of it. Take the watermelon and go to the window of the detainee( on the street).Let him hold the watermelon, and then sprinkle under the watermelon seeds. Pigeons fly off to squeak seeds, arrested will release a watermelon, it will fall to the pigeons and stun them.
  • Next for passing "Bearded. Understand and forgive " pick up pigeons and give them to the grandmother .For this the woman will give you a magazine.
  • Go to the police station and talk with the detained .Go out and give him a mobile phone. Then again go to the police station and ask the woman to call the missing phone. She will call, and the detainee will answer, he will be charged with stealing the phone.
  • Now you need an to remove the police cap from the cabinet. Exit the compartment, come to the taxi driver and give him a magazine from the grandmother. Instead, he will give you skis and a rope. Tie the rope to the back of the machine, and then go to the police station and remove the police officer's cap.

    Passage of the game Borodan. Understand and forgive

    Forcing a taxi driver to leave

  • Now you need the to force the taxi driver to move out of place ( the rope is already tied to the grid).Approach the taxi driver and say that parking is prohibited. He will say that he only respects the signs. Squeeze the dirt straight down by car, grab a police officer's cap, and draw two lines on the cap with the cap( the sign "Parking is forbidden").Then tell the tax collector about the sign, he will move out of place, and will break the play of the prison. That's all.
  • How it looks like passing through the stages of the game visually you can watch the video:

    At the request of subscribers, I collected the best videos about passing the game, they are here!


    Game "Bearded. Understand and forgive "- this is a fun and sparkling product from TNT and" Camida Club ".He will give the player a lot of joy, laugh and good mood, so download the game( Android and iOS), and give yourself a wonderful mood from a bright and exciting passage that will not leave anyone indifferent.