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Available secrets of growing cucumbers.

Practical secrets of growing cucumbers.

The secrets of growing cucumbers are not known to many, although many gardener gardeners grow this vegetable. On my blog I want to share some of them, Thanks to these simple secrets, I always have a great harvest.

Secrets of growing cucumbers.

1) The secret of the first is, of course, the seeds. With their correct selection even in Siberia it is easy to grow cucumbers in the open ground. I think to everyone who grows this vegetable it is known that the more plants on women's flowers, the more harvest. If you prefer hybrids( they have a badge F 1), then everything is fine, in hybrids mostly female flowers. But if you have high-quality seeds, the more collected by yourself, then it is better to stimulate the appearance of female flowers. I often turn to the question: why cucumbers are abundant flowering, and there is no ovary. Fetch flowers only on women's flowers.

A month before planting, pour the seeds into a tissue bag and hang up to the heating battery. If the terms are already pressed and the seeds are not ready for you, this process can be accelerated. Heat the water to 53 degrees, pour into a thermos and keep seeds there for 20-30 minutes. At the same time you will take them away from bacteria.

2) The secret of the second - the choice of place for landing. Remember where this vegetable originates. From India, the tropics and subtropics. So he loves the sun and moisture. Many grow cucumbers in greenhouses, tied to wallpaper. But if you have a cold summer or a big temperature drop, then a low greenhouse will fit better. In a high-rise room, the air cools from the heated soil during the day, but in the low greenhouse it is still warm until the next day.

On my plot there is no greenhouse, I planted cucumbers in car tires, under glass. They heat each day well and plants have enough heat. Then, when the bushes grow up, I remove the tires and put the plastic arches, I cover them with the covering material at night, and I remove them in the daytime.

3) Correct landing and maintenance of .Also, I often have to answer the question, why in early June I have my own cucumbers. Many, like I planted cucumbers with seedlings, but not many people know the features of the structure of the root system of vegetables. I will not go into subtlety now, pumpkin does not like transplants, if you damage the roots, the plants will be long ill. Transplanting seedlings is necessary in the phase of 1-2 leaves, when the root system is not formed yet, and it is necessary to do this in a transhipment way.

Correct cultivation of cucumbers.

This year I decided to test peat pills for the first time. Soaked them, inset the seeds and made a parsnip. Put the pills in a cup from Doischirak and from above the polyethylene package. After three days there were stairs, if you subscribe to my new articles, then you will know the result of my innovation, I will definitely share.

Cucumbers need loose neutral or slightly acidic soil, you can read about soil improvement here. The plant is well responded to the replenishment of fresh pus, loves mineral fertilizers. In no case do not water the plants with cold water. Likewise, this vegetable can not tolerate loosening of soil, as well as pumpkin and zucchini, the roots are on the surface, while loosening it is easy to damage. Watering the shrubs is best by the method of sprinkling.

Wanted about my favorite vegetable to tell everything, but it turns out a very long article. In the next I'll tell you how to properly form plants and some varieties.subscribe, keep up to date.

I would be glad if my cucumber growing secrets will help you to grow a good crop. I will be happy to answer all your questions and feedback.