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Glass shelves for the convenience of using the bathroom

It is hard to imagine a modern room for washing without sights and certain amenities. One of such conveniences may be a corner or direct two-tier shelf in the bathroom. The search for a suitable place for such a hanging design in a plumbing is always the case with

.But how much comfort does the installation of such a shelf, which contains all the necessary detergents and personal care products.

Plumbing units in most of the apartments have very small area, but they always need to put a lot of useful items. In this room there is a washing machine, a wash basin, a linen basket, a mirror, personal care products, medicines, etc. Therefore, modern interior designers offer in the bathroom to install multifunctional shelves of different configurations from different materials. It is important to organize the harmonious filling of the sanitary knot so that all objects are in their places and at the same time, the room visually expanded its borders.

Bathroom shelves for the bathroom

Suspended constructions in the bath room are necessary in the first place in order to conveniently place all toiletries, personal care products, towels, etc.

Shelves adorn the look of the bathroom, help create a special microclimate of comfort and beauty., convenience and comfort.

Since plumbing units are a room with high humidity and temperature fluctuations, the choice of material for shelves must meet certain requirements. Not all materials are suitable for the manufacture of furniture for the dressing room, because they must be moisture-proof, durable, easy to care, aesthetically appealing.

Aesthetically stylish and practical decoration of the bathroom

Suspended designs in a bathroom with a transparent or mirrored material - this is the best and most popular option in the design solution for the arrangement of this room. Most manufacturers offer the largest assortment of glass veneer constructions in the sanitary room. And this is well deserved, because such shelves of natural material have unmatched qualities:

  • Suspended glass designs are extremely decorated in the bathroom, look stylish, original, refined.
  • The glass bathroom shelves in the form of a light, lightweight transparent, visually increase the space of the bathroom. Glass shelves for a washroom help to separate a small space on a zone.
  • Bathroom shelves add a variety, allow you to deepen and increase the space. Very well extend the area of ​​the washroom of the design of the mirror material.
  • Suspended constructions are made of durable glass. They are practical and durable, able to withstand up to 15 kg load.
  • Glass shelves moisture resistant, unpretentious in care, do not spoil and do not fade even from inexpensive detergents.
  • A wide variety of configurations, geometric options, color scheme and fasteners allows you to pick up shelves for any bathing room for every taste and interior.
  • Glass shelves for the convenience of using the bathroom

    The glass shelves in the bathroom can be of several types and have a large color palette:

  • Rectangular shape, of any size, with a glass thickness of 5 to 12 mm.
  • Made of tinted, durable glass of various sizes and colors.
  • Angular construction made of any glass.
  • From tempered, polished glass.
  • They can be made of mirrored glass.
  • Made of tinted or transparent glass with any pattern.
  • They can be bent and have different shapes and colors.
  • Glass shelves with built-in LED backlight.
  • Best options for installing

    These look like soft shelves have another unquestionable advantage: they can be placed, hanged, installed anywhere in a sanitary room. Due to the fact that the natural glass easily obtains the desired shape and color, the shelves can be mounted in different ways to the walls or furniture in the sanitary room. Always included in such designs are the necessary fasteners and owners, special suckers that easily and reliably allow you to install a shelf in any place of the bathroom.

    Such suspended constructions are fastened to the wall in the bathroom. This is the most commonly used and reliable method for mounting glass shelves. For example, such constructions can be hung above the washbasin or on the sides of the mirror, etc., which will allow you to conveniently place on them soap toiletries.

    Angular glass shelves are installed in the corners of the sanitary room. This is the most rational way to use a small area bathroom. Angular hanging constructions from the glass look unimportant and virtually imperceptible, without overloading the space.

    Such designs will look great on the door of the sanitary room. Glass can be picked up by the color of the door or left transparent, which will also be stylishly aligned with the color of the bathroom.

    One of the comfortable places for shelving in this room is a place under the sink, under the bath. In these places, glass shelves perfectly mask the water pipes and allow you to profitably use unoccupied space. It is convenient for them to store household chemicals.

    If the place for washing is equipped with a small niche, then there will be a great place for glass shelves, which can be one color with walls, which will make the appearance of the bathroom very harmonious.

    Also, these hanging structures can be mounted on the suction cups in the shower cubicle itself, which is a very convenient option, because in such cubicles often lack the surfaces to accommodate everything that is needed.

    Doors made of glass for bathrooms

    The idea to put glass doors in a sanitary room appeared for the first time in countries of Western Europe, where the original approaches long ago replaced the conservative stereotypes. Glass doors can be both transparent and tinted, and sliding and swinging.

    At present, more and more people are choosing the glass door for the bathroom, evaluating their unconditional advantage, compared to the door, made of traditional materials.

    Glass shelves for the convenience of using the bathroom

    Glass doors are distinguished by aesthetic beauty, designer style, while they are very fashionable.

    A glass door in the bathroom can be made of a convex and other possible form, which will add originality to the entire outside of the room.

    Doors made of natural glass are warm and moisture resistant. Glass doors are particularly durable and at the same time less thick than plastic or wooden. Glass doors have great opportunities in decorative decorations, that is, on glass you can apply any drawing, provide the necessary color. The glass design is not swollen and is not afraid of bacteria and fungus.

    The input model from the glass in the bathroom is less prone to contamination and easier to care. Glass doors in the bathroom, as a rule, do not make transparent, and drown them with special methods:

  • Blasting materials make the glass matte, opaque.
  • Decoratively "decorate" the design, apply a stained-glass drawing.
  • Use a spray paint, such as gold, silver, etc.
  • Paste the matte stickers.
  • For the confidence of the impact on the glass door for the bathroom put a special armor film that is able to protect the door from the occurrence of injurious fragments in case of damage.

    Despite its considerable advantages, this model in the bathroom has one unpleasant drawback. As in the sanitary room, moist and heat, especially after the adoption of water procedures, on the glass appears condensation. To eliminate condensation it is necessary to give the glass to dry, for this it is better to leave the door open or use a hair dryer. Wipe the glass door with a damp cloth to remove condensation is not recommended. In the production of glass doors for the bathroom there are doors that already have a special so-called anti-gloss coating, which prevents the condensation deposition. The cost of doors with anti-condensate coating is much higher than without it.

    In any case, during repairs in the bathroom the best option is to replace the usual door on the glass. A more practical option for choosing a bathroom door is simply not.