Hemorrhoid Treatment

Ointment for Hemorrhoids - description and instruction for use

Oil Ointment for hemorrhoids description and instruction for use Hemorrhoids is a disease that affects people of all ages, both male and female. To combat this ailment, many drugs are developed that allow for successful therapy aimed at local effects on hemorrhoidal nodes.

With a large

selection of drugs, the primary task will stop to determine which remedy will better cope with the hemorrhoids and will not cause any harm to the patient or the negative effect will be minimal.

One of the tested products is the ointment, the Ointment, which is capable of cope with hemorrhoids even in severe cases where other drugs are already ineffective. But first, it should be recalled that this is the cause of this unpleasant disease.

Why Does Hemorrhoid Occur?

Its development is associated with the expansion of the rectal veins, and as a consequence, the stagnation of blood in the vessels.

reasons for this phenomenon are:

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • sitting or standing work
  • Excess weight
  • Malnutrition
  • Heredity
  • lifting

There are 3 forms of hemorrhoids:

  • External
  • Internal
  • combined

External hemorrhoids are diagnosed by a node outside the anus. At the internal - the nodes are inside the anus. Well, the combination combines both forms.

Hemorrhoids, if untreated, progress, progressing in its development of 4 stages, each of which has its distinctive features and symptoms.

The initial stage of the disease usually has no pronounced symptoms, so people do not consider it necessary to go to specialized clinics. But eventually the disease begins to remind itself of the appearance of discomfort, burning in the anus, feeling of a foreign body in the anus( a vivid sign of internal hemorrhoids), the emergence and increase of hemorrhoids, pain and bleeding during bowel movements, problems with visiting the toilet.

If even the appearance of such symptoms does not cause the patient to visit a proctologist, there is a risk of various complications. For example, in the later stages nodes begin to drop out of the anus, often to correct them back is not possible. This condition can lead to thrombosis of the hemorrhoidal node, which causes acute pain and with a high probability of necrosis of tissues. This is a very dangerous condition requiring immediate surgical intervention.

As we see, when signs of hemorrhoids appear, it is very important not to postpone treatment, especially since the early stages are quite conservative therapy.

Description of the preparation

Ointment Dense and homogeneous consistency ointment, light beige color with a slight reddish tinge and a specific smell of camphor. Oil Ointment for hemorrhoids description and instruction for use

The basis of the drug is:

  • Kalami
  • Borneol
  • Amber
  • Muscle
  • Bezoar
  • Perly

Oil Ointment is an integrated locally acting drug based on the achievement of Chinese medicine .It uniquely combines a range of natural substances that allow high-efficiency therapy to treat hemorrhoids and anal fissures. It is the combined effect of individual components of the drug that can be classified as one of the most effective pharmaceutical products used to treat hemorrhoids.

Due to its drying, bactericidal and astringent action, Drinkinol is effective in the treatment of inflammation and swelling in the anorectal area.

This drug has:

  • The hemostatic and regenerative effect of
  • Has antiseptic and analgesic properties
  • Accelerates the healing of wounds on the mucous membrane.

When using ointment, patients notice the removal of peeling and itching in the anus, tight cracks in the mucous membrane, drying of the wet areas of the anorectal region.

Pharmacological action of ointment

Drinker Let's dwell on the therapeutic effects of its individual components:

  • Calamine - the main component of the ointment, has a pronounced anti-edema and anti-inflammatory effect, effectively eliminates irritation and redness of the mucous surfaces. This component has a pronounced regenerating effect, creating a protective layer on the surface of the skin. During the application of the ointment, patients experience mild coldness, helps to eliminate itching and reduce swelling in the anus. Kalamin has analgesic and disinfectant properties, eliminates purulent education, therefore it is often included in other drugs from hemorrhoids( often in the form of suppositories) or in the treatment of anal fissures.
  • Musk .Despite the fact that in the ointment, an artificial substitute, completely identical to natural, is used. Thanks to him there is stimulation of biological resistance of the human body, strengthening immunity and facilitating the treatment of hemorrhoids. Its action can eliminate inflammation, increase the outflow of blood, thereby eliminating its congestion in the anus.
  • Borneol .This component has a general tonic effect, eliminates itching in the anus, improves blood flow, heals tissue and reduces pain. Borneol is a recognized antiseptic that has pathogens on damaged areas of the rectum mucosa.
  • Pearl .Since it has a hemostatic and antithrombotic property, pearls are part of the Drinkilum to prevent complications such as thrombosis of the hemorrhoidal node. This component is able to eliminate the pain and heal the resulting wounds.
  • Burshtyn , contains iron, iodine and magnesium, increases the body's protective ability, fights bacteria and accelerates regeneration of damaged areas. Salt of succinic acid enhances local metabolic processes. Thanks to amber, an increase in oxygen in tissues and an improvement in cellular protein biosynthesis occurs.
  • Lanolin - rapid healing and regeneration of tissues, water saturation with rectal tissues.
  • Bezoar - anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action, increases local immunity and helps eliminate spastic spasms.
  • Vaseline - a mixture of paraffins and mineral oils, the basis of the ointment
  • The drum( sodium tetraborate) is the basis of an ointment with pronounced antimicrobial and antiseptic action.
  • This ointment allows you to potentially influence hemorrhoids and their symptoms that have proven clinical trials. The drug successfully eliminates the manifestations of the disease, even in the later stages.

    Drink is recommended for use in proctology for treatment:

    • Chronic hemorrhoids of all forms
    • Acute hemorrhoids with
    • bleeding Acne in the perianal area
    • Analgesics


    One of the main contraindications is the patient's hypersensitivity to the natural components of the ointment.

    In addition, as with any drug, Drinkil should be used with great caution during pregnancy and breast-feeding the baby. Therefore, the expediency of using this remedy should be determined by the physician.

    Side Effects

    Because there are natural components in the ointment, there are virtually no side effects. In some cases, and in very rare cases, an allergic reaction may occur:

    • Skin peeling and redness
    • rash

    Rabbit In this case, it is recommended that you stop using the medication and visit your doctor to make changes and adjust the treatment.

    Oil Ointment: Instructions for using

    Oil Ointment for hemorrhoids description and instruction for use When applying this ointment, the following recommendations should be followed:

      Any procedure should begin with the emptying of the intestines and hygienic measures, which includes water washing the area of ​​application of the product and its further drying using napkins.
    • For the treatment of external hemorrhoids and eczema, Drink should be applied to the affected area with a thin layer twice a day, in the morning and at night.
    • Before bedtime, it is recommended to apply ointment on a napkin and attach it to the nose all night.
    • If you are concerned about internal hemorrhoids and anal fissures, Drinkil is used inside the anus( rectally).This is done with the help of the supplied tip two times a day and after emptying.
    • In severe forms of hemorrhoids it is possible to increase the dosage of the drug. For this purpose it is recommended to ointment impregnate gauze napkin and fix it in the anal area, leaving it all day.

    The course of therapy is 14 days

    Infertility during pregnancy

    Although the contraindication for use in this period and no further lactation was detected, the prescription should be performed by a physician.

    In women who have been using Drink, the responses are very positive. They note the rapid elimination of swelling, pain and itching, which most positively affects their general condition.

    It has been found that this agent is not mutagenic, there is no negative influence on the formation of the fetus, therefore it is allowed to be used at any period of pregnancy.

    However, it is prohibited to use Hemorrhoids on your own because it is first necessary to establish the exact cause of anxiety. To do this, contact a proctologist specialist for a survey and appointment of topical treatment.

    It is important to remember that for a truly effective hemorrhoids treatment, it is not enough to use one particular remedy.

    For this purpose, an integral approach is important, including:

    • Application of healing herb baths
    • Cleavage microclimate
    • System-wide admixture
    • Adjustment of nutrition
    • Increase of motor activity
    • Physical exercise
    • Maintain healthy lifestyle
    • Follow recommendations for hemorrhoid prevention

    The patient should stick to the diet, which excludes foods that contain greasy, spicy, salty, roasted and pickled foods. In the diet should be given priority to fresh vegetables, fruits, and sour milk drinks.

    Only compliance with these recommendations will stop the development of the disease, eliminate all of the symptoms and prolong the remission of hemorrhoids for a long time.