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Diarrhea Before and During Monthly: Is It OK?

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Why with diarrhea? This issue is of concern to many women. In reality, there are several causes of diarrhea. A woman should monitor her own health: special attention should be given to the

to the reproductive system, because a healthy mother can give birth to a healthy baby. Menstruation renders discomfort: during this period a woman often feels abdominal pain. Menstruation affects general well-being and emotional background. Diarrhea at lunar days brings even more discomfort: what is the cause of the problem? Let's find out the gynecological causes of diarrhea during the lunar years.

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1 Possible causes of

Diarrhea and constipation cause severe discomfort. During the menstrual bleeding, the body undergoes many changes associated with the concentration of sex hormones. Menstruation is accompanied not only by abdominal pain and mood changes: these days a woman may have a rash. Diarrhea occurs during the lung in 30% of women, with the disease not associated with digestive system disorders. If diarrhea worries not only during this period, one should be careful: it is possible that the pathogenic microbes have fallen into the body!

Why does it occur during lunar diarrhea? The reason for diarrhea during menses may be a violation of the hormonal background, in this case, the body produces a large amount of progesterone. The next reason is irritable bowel syndrome. Diarrhea occurs when the muscles of the vagina are in a relaxed state. If the illness bother you only during the moonlight, and then passes, do not worry! This only means that the body is trying to get rid of harmful substances. Diarrhea allows the intestines to be cleansed of slags and toxins, which are worse constipation, when fecal masses can not come out properly. Diarrhea during the lunar period helps to normalize the water balance, in addition to this, the woman drops weight.

If there is a slight stomach upset during the lunar period, there is nothing terrible, and this condition has a beneficial effect on the body. It is necessary to be alert when diarrhea lasts 5-7 days and does not pass. In this case, you should contact your doctor. Constipation with moonlight brings serious inconvenience. When the intestine can not get rid of feces, a woman feels severe abdominal pains. Pain sensation is present even after emptying.

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2 Wrong power supply


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The cause of diarrhea and constipation is the change in diet. For example, a woman can use products that her body has not got used to. It is important to know: some products irritate the mucous membranes of the intestine, the result is a digestive disorder. If diarrhea is caused by a moon, you just have to wait. You can not engage in self-medication: it will lead to unpredictable consequences! The cause of diarrhea may be food poisoning. To overcome pain, you must use a spasmolytic drug No-Shpa. It is very important to adhere to the regime of the day, to fall asleep, to be more frequent in the fresh air. Do not use too fat, salty, peppered foods. It is strongly recommended to abandon exotic food.

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Diarrhea Before and During Monthly: Is It OK?

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Try to enrich your diet: eat cereals, fruits, vegetables, bread. In any case, you should not use products that could cause stomach upset. Food should be taken in small portions, it is desirable to consume more liquids. If you follow all these rules, you can quickly get rid of diarrhea! As far as diarrhea is concerned, it is not necessary to take them during menstruation: the body can react differently, unpleasant symptoms may be aggravated.

3 Diarrhea at


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Does diarrhea occur during lunar delay? In fact, yes, and he can point to pregnancy. During pregnancy may appear vomiting, the temperature is usually not stable. With delayed lunar diarrhea lasts 5-7 days, the process of defecation does not cause pain. It is important to remember: diarrhea can lead to complications, if it is not caused by menses. If you observe a liquid stool in the menstrual period, you do not need to panic, but you should pay attention to the consistency of feces. If it is dark, while you see blood clots, you should urgently seek medical attention!

Diarrhea Before and During Monthly: Is It OK?

4 Analysis of

You should seek medical advice if you experience pain during bowel movement. Dark feces with blood clots indicate the presence of infection, and this condition is not interrelated with the lunar. Diarrhea occurs for a few days, usually at the very beginning. If you notice that the disorder lasts for a week and does not end, you should contact your doctor and take tests for the presence of pathogens. You may need to take other tests, as well as ultrasound, which allows you to identify the condition of the pelvic organs.

Diarrhea Before and During Monthly: Is It OK?

Again we remind: diarrhea, which appears in women under menstruation, is not a pathology. If you know that the problem has occurred because of poisoning, you should urgently seek medical attention. Diarrhea purifies the body, emptying the intestine always has a beneficial effect on well-being. In the presence of diarrhea and vomiting, you should contact a doctor as soon as possible!

5 Applicable funds

Imodium pills may be used to restore digestive functions. Medications help to normalize the bowel's activity, as a result, the fluid is better absorbed into the wall. The imodium improves overall well-being: with regular, dose-taking, feces acquire a normal consistency, and the woman gradually gets rid of diarrhea. Reception of the Imodium allows the body to preserve the useful substances and immunoglobulins that protect the body.

Probiotics are drugs that contain "friendly bacteria."These bacteria help the body fight the microbes. Probiotics enter the body together with sour-milk products, they are contained in fruits and vegetables. Medications with these components are usually prescribed with prolonged digestive disorders, they can not be used as a means of rapid exposure. In order for the body to function fully, it should receive enough probiotics.

A doctor may prescribe medication with enterosorbents. These funds absorb harmful microorganisms, in the future they are derived naturally. Enterosorbents are activated charcoal and nutritional supplements. They are prescribed for poisoning, colitis, ulcer, gastritis. It is important to know: enterosorbents remove from the body not only harmful, but also useful substances. If taken for too long, it may break intestines and disrupt the assimilation of vitamins. Long-term treatment is contraindicated, as enterosorbents cause constipation.

Antibiotics are prescribed in the event that diarrhea was caused by bacteria. The purpose of antibiotics is to destroy the microorganisms present in the intestine. All drugs are prescribed taking into account the cause of diarrhea. In some cases, antibiotics lead to the development of allergies. It is also necessary to know that the antibiotic itself can cause diarrhea!

In conclusion, diarrhea leads to dehydration. If a doctor prescribes a medicine, you must take them according to the prescription. It is important to restore the volume of lost fluid, since with it the body loses a certain amount of useful substances. When diarrhea is shown abundant drink. You can prepare a useful solution: take 7-8 hl.sugar, 1 tspcook salt and dilute in a liter of boiled water, in solution add juice squeezed out of 2 oranges. The remedy should not be hot, take 100 ml every 15 minutes.