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Haircut August 22, 2016 by lunar calendar. Favorable period for haircut on 22.08.2016

Haircut August 22, 2016, today, or the date you are interested in for the lunar calendar of haircuts. What is the phase of the moon, the appearance of
east, west, and the occurrence of the moon in the zodiac sign You can look at this page, and all about haircut for the whole month
monthly calendar

haircuts for August 2016.As well as favorable and unfavorable days for haircuts and hair dyeing for today or any other date.


Haircut August 22, 2016 by lunar calendar. Favorable period for haircut on 22.08.2016 August 22, 2016
20 month day





Shattered Moon

Visibility: 80%

Characteristics of the Moon on August 22, 2016

As of date 22.08.2016 in 12:00 The moon is in the phase "Shroty Moon" .This 20-month-old day is in the lunar calendar. The moon in the zodiac sign Aries ♈ . Percentage of the Moon's illumination is 80%. Ascent Moon at 21:30, event at 10:22.

Chronology of lunar days

  • 20 month day from 21:05 21.08.2016 to 21:30 22.08.2016
  • 21 month day from 21:30 22.08.2016 and up to the next day

Effect of the month on a haircut August 22, 2016

Month in the zodiac signAries( -)

Month in the sign Aries .the general condition of the hair will not change under the influence of this sign. It is worth to postpone the tape, it can adversely affect the condition of hair and their appearance, hair may start to fall, the tips will turn yellow.

Coloring, toning-up, hair restoration will be successful. The benefit will bring a head massage, the flow of blood to the roots of hair will accelerate their growth and improve the general condition.

Stacking should be done with cosmetics containing collagen or wax.

20-month day( ±)

August 22, 2016 at 12:00 - 20-month day .want to improve the emotional background and mood - a new haircut is not by the way.

In order not to spoil the positive mood of hair coloring it is necessary to postpone.

Try to comb your hair in the direction of the world, it will give you the energy of nature, its power.

Today's day can bring you new dreams and hopes, with the right disposal of space energy. Try to spend the day in introspection, reading spiritual books, meditating.

Shrouded Moon( ±)

The moon is in the phase of the Shattered Moon .Hair can only be worn if you want to slow down hair growth and strengthen the hair roots.

Day Effect Week( +)

Day of the Week - Monday , will help get rid of tension, depression, unpleasant memories. On this day all negatives are cut.