How to remove headache? Abortive and preventive treatment

As you know, headache is one of the most popular complaints that neuropathologists and therapists often hear at receptions. At the same time, the headache itself does not belong to the category of serious illnesses.

How to remove headache? Abortive and preventive treatment

That is, in case of headache, many prefer to just take a pill or two

anesthetics, thereby eliminating the disease. Doctors call if the pain comes too often, or the pain becomes simply unbearable.


  • Key causes of
  • Medicinal treatment methods
  • Abortive treatment of
  • Preventive treatment of
  • Removal of headache by folk methods
  • Outdoor walks, physical education

The main causes of

Perhaps one of the main causes of headache is over-strain of the body, migraine and pain, which arises simply for no reason. In some situations, headache is either called, or accompanied by the disease of the eyeballs, ears, nose or throat, and headaches may be accompanied by pain in the teeth, and then you already have to think about how to remove the headache as the situation worsens in the near future.

Very often chronic pain headache, which many mistakenly associate with intraocular pressure, is a pain due to strain. Also, pain may appear due to increased pressure, and in such cases it is better not to engage in self-medication, and to go to the nearest hospital for admission to a qualified medical worker.

According to the procedure, a health worker sets the primary source of headache according to anamnesis, objective, careful examination. However, in order to as accurately as possible identify the disease-a source of headache, in some cases, a thorough investigation of the results of blood tests is necessary.

If a health worker suspects that headaches are caused by infection( for example, if it is meningitis), he may well prescribe a lumbar puncture, in which a person gets a certain amount of cerebrospinal fluid, which is then thoroughly examined under a microscope. There is also a variant of headaches for cervical osteochondrosis, and in this case, also requires a survey.

In fact, fungal or bacterial infections, which are sources of meningitis, are very rare and almost do not occur in practice as the cause of acute headaches. Such infections are accompanied by a sharp jump in temperature, as well as some other signs of any severe infectious disease. For example, a head may be sore with a sinusitis.

Among the causes of common chronic headaches, it is possible to distinguish between different types and origins of brain injury, tumors, and also an inadequate amount of oxygen, either from a hangover or with major overloads. If you suspect a tumor or even a stroke, the doctor may prescribe a computer tomography or a magnetic resonance imaging.

Medicinal methods of treating

Actually, the medical methods of treating headaches completely do not exist today. Pain will go on for a while, maybe for a long time, but they will come again.

However, if you are not already treated and do not take the pills, the pain will become stronger, and this, in the first place, will negatively affect the overall well-being of the person. Therefore, most attacks are simply controlled through the ingestion of necessary drugs that block the provocative factors.

Abortive treatment of

Abortive treatment - is the reception of abortive drugs, fast and powerful. Such drugs are prescribed almost immediately after the onset of a major attack. Such potent drugs will help not only to shorten the pain attack, but also to reduce its intensity several times, or, in other words, to abort, so that without medication can not do. Drugs can be given to a person in the form of a spray, in the form of a tablet or an injection. The most popular today are the following:

  • Oxygen, which inhales through a mask and helps to heavily alleviate headaches, especially if the pain grabs a person at night;
  • "Lidocaine".It is a local anesthetic, so it is introduced in the form of drops, and in the form of a spray. Take lidocaine into that nostril, on the side of which there is pain;
  • Quick-acting apyodes. Such drugs not only relieve pain, but help the person to block the painful perception. It is clear that such drugs are issued in limited quantities, as they cause addiction;
  • Ergotamines. Such drugs relieve pain due to the narrowing of the vessels. Contraindicated in women and in pregnancy;

Preventive treatment of

Abortive drugs are needed just when an attack, and preventive drugs are used to prevent attacks, and this is why the following drugs include:

  • "Steroids".They can be used for a short time to minimize cluster acute pain. Applied no more than once a year, because steroids have side effects, while the therapeutic effect of them is rather dubious;
  • Lithium Preparations. In some cases, they are also used as a prophylactic treatment. There are many side effects, so the patient needs control;
  • A variety of anticonvulsants, such as Neurontin or Topamax.

Removing headache with folk methods

Perhaps one of the most popular and at the same time the most powerful folk remedies that can effectively eliminate acute headache is a specialized infusion of eleutherococcus. Of course, it's a folk remedy, and you can do it at home, but you can buy it without any problems at any pharmacy. As for other folk instruments, the following means are very popular among people:

Mint. Mint is a genuine natural herbal remedy that perfectly removes headache from virtually any origin. All you need to do in order to take this medicine - just add a little bit of mint two cups of tea. As a rule, headache begins to decrease and passes finally in about half an hour.

Lemon. To get rid of severe headaches, it is necessary to take a lemon peel, pre-cleaned of a white film. The skin should be applied to the temporal part of the head and keep it for as long as possible. It should also be remembered that after applying lemon peel, it is necessary to carefully wrap your head with some soft woolen cloth.

And in addition to this treatment of headache, it is advisable to add a daily ½ cup of pure blackcurrant juice. Alternatively, you can take ¼ cup of potato juice.

Propolis. In order to get rid of headache, you need to take about 15-20 grams of carefully chopped propolis and pour all this 100 ml of vodka, but better alcohol. It is recommended to take exactly 40 drops.

Coin. The coin is another way to remove headaches. Important: the coin should be copper, because it is copper that takes metal with metal. The coin is applied to the source of pain for half an hour.

Outdoor Walkthroughs, Physical Education

Constantly performing physical exercises have long been able to honestly prove their effectiveness, especially when you do not know how to remove headaches. Physical exercises help when it comes to the prevention of migraines.

Physical exercises can help not only improve the condition of the musculoskeletal system but also bring the cardiovascular system into tone. In case of headaches, it is recommended to practice physical exercises such as:

  • walking fast;
  • cycling walks;
  • swimming in pools;
  • is a simple walk-through exercise.