Tryptans - drugs for migraine: pills, price


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Triptans are medicines specifically designed to fight migraine attacks. Currently, in Russia it is possible to purchase four drugs:

sumatriptan, available in the form of tablets, spray and suppository, eletriptan, zolmitriptan and naratriptan. All these funds can be bought at the pharmacy without a doctor's prescription, since they should be selected individually, depending on the features of the manifestation of migraine, contraindications and lifestyle of the patient.

Triptans drugs for migraines: pills, price

Triptans - the remedies for the removal of migraine attacks are not widespread. You can get only the most common of them and only on the prescription of a doctor.

Unfortunately, not every person gets triptans as a panacea that finally relieves painful pain. Not always, one or the other tryptane is capable of stopping migraine attacks, but hope is always: if one drug has not helped, it will almost certainly help another.

How do triptans work?

Usually, when a migraine attack occurs, a person begins to take analgesics of varying strength and wait for the pain to retreat. However, precisely because the analgesic was taken after the onset of the attack, its action is dull and short-lived. Of course, there are painkillers like ibuprofen, which qualitatively and quickly relieve pain syndrome. But the pain invariably returns, and sometimes - more pronounced than before taking the drug. This prompts people to take painkillers in large quantities, which threatens the development of other diseases: stomach ulcers, disorders of the liver and kidneys, general intoxication of the body.

Modern anti-migraine drugs - triptans - appeared a century ago, but only now became available. These are derivatives of 5-hydroxytryptamine, which differs from other drugs with the speed of action and the absence of significant side effects.

To determine exactly what kind of triptans it is for you, you need to test each medicine during a migraine attack. The difference is not only in the speed and effectiveness of the elimination of pain, but also in the cost. Despite the fact that the price per 100 mg can reach up to 900 rubles, this is a rather cheap drug. The most affordable drug based on triptans is the Relax tablets. They cost very cheap: for two tablets will have to give about 40 rubles. And given the fact that tryptans stop the migraine attack completely, without giving the pain back, this price is really funny.


Like all potent drugs, tryptans have a number of contraindications that can not be disturbed in any way. First of all, you will need to consult with your treating physician, who will not only prescribe a prescription, but will also tell you in detail how to take the drug and what to do if it does not suit you.

Triptans drugs for migraines: pills, price

Tryptans, like many other painkillers, are strictly forbidden to be taken by persons with heart, liver, kidney insufficiency. No matter how painful, life is more expensive!

For ischemia, angina pectoris and arrhythmias, as well as for other diseases of the heart and blood vessels, tryptans are categorically contraindicated. The same can be said about acute liver and kidney failure, as well as about pregnancy and lactation.

You should not take triptans if you are taking antiviral or antifungal drugs, as well as if you are taking antidepressants.

How to take triptans?

In the event of a migraine attack, you must take aspirin, drinking it with strong tea or coffee. If in forty minutes or less the state does not improve, it is necessary to take triptan. If you are sure that conventional analgesics do not bring relief, tryptane can be taken immediately after the onset of an attack.

In half of the cases, the pain may return in a day, but its character will not be so pronounced. To avoid this effect, two hours after receiving the first dose of the drug, you must take a second one. However, in no case exceed the maximum daily dose, this can lead to side effects.

The best and fastest drugs are tryptans in the form of sprays. But even in the case of taking such a sparing type of medication, you can not exceed the total application of spray ten times a month.

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Triptans drugs for migraines: pills, price
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Possible Side Effects of

Triptans do not cause any serious allergic reactions and side effects, but overdosage may result in nausea and heartburn, drowsiness and general weakness. Also, there are cases of dizziness and heart palpitations.


"For me it has become a real salvation! No expensive expensive painkillers helped, after half an hour the pain returned with a new force and it was simply impossible to tolerate it. My doctor advised me triptans, only the Relapax was in the pharmacy, so the low price made me very surprised. However, the action of the drug surpassed all expectations: the pain completely disappeared, returned a day, but very weak, so that she managed to get rid of the usual analgin. If you, like me, have tried all the remedies for migraines and have not found a way to get rid of pain, be sure to ask your doctor about triptans. "

" How many triedptans did not try, so no one helped me. The pain relieves, but slightly, in the same way as simple analgesics. Maybe, of course, it's just not my drug. So if one or two triptan drugs do not help, do not try to look for something your own - only you will spend money. It's better in the old way - analgesics. "

" I bought Sumatriptan by the prescription of a doctor. I thought that nothing would help with pain, but, fortunately, it turned out that it was not. If you have a migraine - do not try to "treat" analgin, it is better to buy what physicians recommend. "