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Cold smoking of meat and fish products in home or in the field becomes easier and more pleasant if you use the witty and

simply by the principle of the device - the smoke generator. You can make it yourself, or buy a machine of industrial manufacture.

The only thing to keep in mind is that factory generators are quite expensive. With some skills in working with locksmith tools and a welding machine, you can make a smoke generator yourself for 4-5 hours of work in your own garage, having previously created a schematic drawing.

How is the

smoke generator installed? The main components of the smoke source for smoke( pictured) are:

  • cylindrical body, it is a combustion chamber and a hopper for loading cod;
  • pipe for smoke;
  • duct nozzle( ejector);
  • removable bottom with camera for ashes and resins;
  • cover;
  • air duct;
  • compressor.
  • The oscillator and oscillation and operation diagrams are shown in the photo. Smoke Generator: Full Video Report

    The body of the smoke generator

    The housing is a vertical section of a stainless steel pipe with a diameter of 42 - 50 mm( external diameter) with a wall thickness of 1 mm( all dimensions of the components in the drawing are given approximately).The upper part is covered with a densely seated lid, preferably also stainless. The design of the lid must provide airtightness. Smoke Generator: Full Video Report Smoke Generator: Full Video Report

    Drawing of a smoke generator with the top position of the ejector

    The chips are loaded on top, so the lid can be provided with a handle - sometimes it is necessary to reload the chips during the smoking process. The lid almost does not heat up in the upper part, but the handle to raise it more conveniently.

    At the bottom we install a demountable secured bottom. It can be secured by bolted joints or screwed on thread. At a height of 2-3 cm from the bottom, set a protective mesh. The cod is stopping on it and does not fall to the bottom. This creates a reserve volume for ash and resin.

    A sieve with 0.5x0.5 cm holes is installed on the legs. Their role can be performed by bolts of 3-4 cm in length, 2-3 mm in diameter, fastened to the grid with nuts and washers. The grid has a minimum load and high strength of the base is not required. The only thing is that the material of the grid should be heat-resistant. If the grid is not available, then you can use a stainless steel cut to a thickness of 1.5 mm with drilled holes.

    Chimney Nozzle - A section of a stainless steel pipe with a diameter of 25 mm and a length of 160 mm. The chimney is welded or screwed into the body at an angle of 900 at an altitude of 50-55 mm from the bottom. The distance is measured to the axis of the chimney. Smoke Generator: Full Video Report Smoke Generator: Full Video Report

    Design of a smoke generator with a lower ejector

    The air duct joint is welded or screwed into the smoke chamber perpendicular to the upper part. It is made of a stainless, brass or copper tube of 10 mm in diameter and 100 mm in height.

    A hole with a diameter of 6 mm, perpendicular to the chimney axis, is made to ignite the chips and inflow into the combustion chamber at the level of the location of the smoke nozzle in the housing.

    A reliable support must be provided to install the smoke generator. This may be a tripod, a bed, a clamp. In many designs smoked smoke generator is screwed to the chamber itself of the smoke chamber. When choosing the method of installation should proceed from the peculiarities of use in each case.

    The principle of smoke generator operation for smoking

    The principle of operation of a smoke generator is very simple. The collected smoke generator is connected to the smoke chimney by a chimney. The shell is filled with dry cod. The volume of the inner part of our model is slightly less than 1 liter, taking into account the presence of a mesh filter on the bottom and tight filling of the volume of the crack, the working quantity of cod is 0.8 liters.

    At an average cost of 100 grams of fuel for 1 hour of this work will be enough for 5-6 hours of work. The rate of combustion is influenced by the level of humidity, the size of fractions, the breed of wood and other features of fuel. It should be noted that cod of softwood and birch for smoke generators is not suitable.

    After falling asleep, connect the duct hose to the nozzle and compressor and set fire to the fuel. The air flow from the compressor enters the chimney nozzle, creates a rarefaction in it and captures the smoke from the combustion chamber towards the volume for smoking. The compressor is used from an aquarium, such as Atman 1200 or an analogue, which creates an airflow of up to 45 l / min. Smoke Generator: Full Video Report Smoke Generator: Full Video Report

    Compressor for

    Smoke Generator The temperature of the smoke in the camera is slightly more than 320 C. This is enough for 2-3 kg of products in a single session for cold smoking. The volume of the smoking chamber should not be more than 20 liters. A large-sized camera requires a more powerful source of smoke.

    There are two types of generators, in the photo you can see the installation with the upper and lower ejector location. Practice shows that the smoke generator with the top position of the ejector is more convenient in operation - the direction of suction and the natural draft are the same and when the compressor is accidentally disconnected, the chip does not quench, as is the case with the lower arrangement of the ejector. Smoke Generator: Full Video Report Smoke Generator: Full Video Report

    Difference of smoke generator with upper and lower ejector

    Which variant it is better to say is difficult. Each has its own peculiarities. If you have an opinion on this account, leave your comments to the article!

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