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Dogs do not cause allergies in adults and children

If there are allergies in the family, the dreams of a four-legged friend for all family members will remain dreams? Have you ever removed the hypoallergenic breed of dogs, from which the eyes do not tear, do not flow from the nose, and do not suffocate attacks of cough? In fact, dogs that do not cause allergies are a myth. But there are also such

breeds whose contact with statistics rarely provokes allergic reactions in people who are allergic. Well, you can find more detailed information about the causes and symptoms of dog allergies here. By going through this link you will learn everything about cats allergy.


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How to choose a pet for allergy?

Dogs do not cause allergies in adults and children

Dogs do not cause allergies - these are those contacts that rarely provoke an immune response in the body.

Hypoallergenic conventionally called those breeds of dogs, the contact with which rarely provokes the immune response of the body. Allergies are sensitive to proteins contained in saliva and other animal secretions. It provokes allergy to peeled animal particles and dandruff, as well as completely outsiders, which are not directly related to the dog, dust and plant pollen, which hover in the air and precipitate on its wool, which is why it is often heard that an allergy to animal wool manifests itself.

Since the concept is hypoallergenic to the dog, as well as the cat can only be applied conditionally. You can learn more about hypoallergenic breeds of cats here. Allergy when choosing a pet should adhere to some rules:

  • The smaller the breed of a dog, the less it releases allergens into the environment and is less dangerous for sensitive people.
  • In some breeds, saliva contains less dangerous protein that provokes allergic reactions.
  • It is important to take into account that in some breeds, for example bulldogs, a lot of saliva is released, which they leave practically everywhere.
  • Even among dogs of one breed, each animal may differ in its physiology, one provokes an acute allergic response in humans, and another is the same - no, so before choosing a pet allergy, it is best to spend some time in his company to look at the reactionyour body.
  • Important! Before buying a pet, you need to think carefully about your actions if you can not live with it under one roof.

    Dogs not causing allergies in humans

    Dogs do not cause allergies in adults and children

    Dog breeds snautser is hypoallergenic.

    A list of breeds of dogs that do not provoke allergic reactions was made by the American Dog Club. Their list of breeds, considered hypoallergenic, includes:

    • poodle;
    • snautsera;
    • Mexican Goal;
    • Yorkshire and soft-terrier terrier;The
    • does not fuse the frisbee.

    Englishmen have added this list to Flanders, which differs from others by the fact that it does not exfoliate the magnifier, and it almost does not melt. Those who are well versed in the breeds of dogs can add here small, little shedding, not spitting saliva and even woolly dogs: dwarf spitz, affenpincher, American naked terrier, maltese, bolognese, etc.

    To avoid allergy to

    To ensure that all dogs that do not cause allergies in children and adults, according to experienced cynologists, do not really provoke negative body reactions in very sensitive people, they need to ensure proper care and retention.

    Dogs do not cause allergies in adults and children

    In order not to provoke allergies, nursing care should be correct.

    Correct care includes:

    • frequent pet infusion;
    • sweeping extra wool;
    • use of high quality dog ​​cosmetics;
    • regularly conducting wet room cleaning and ventilation;
    • it is desirable to remove all items that collect a lot of dust: heavy curtains, carpets, etc.;
    • in the dog should be a sleeping place, it is inadmissible that she is on the sofa or bed allergy;
    • can not allow a dog to lick your face and hands if you have allergies to the protein contained in dog saliva.

    All procedures for animal care should be performed by a person who has no signs of allergy. Only in compliance with these rules may the dog retain hypoallergenic breeds, even if the family has allergies. You can choose a dog, do not cause allergies with the photo. But before you finally decide whether to take it or not, it's best to spend time with her and see you do not show symptoms of allergy.