How to use Smoked Bunny: User's Guide


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Continuing its article on smoking Smell,where

describes its design, tell us how to use it.

The main difficulty that arises during cold-water smoking in an apartment is to ensure that the smoke in the smoke box is fed to the required temperature( 25-35 ° C).The smoke design, built in the open air, is equipped with a long chimney, and the smoke is cooled when moving on it. There are no conditions in the apartment to make the chimney run long enough, so it is specially designed for home use smoke cold smoked Smoky, equipped with a chimney smoke. How to use Smoked Bunny: User

1. Stand;2. A cup with water;3. Smoke chamber;4. Camera cover;5. Gas pipe;6. Wedge;7. Choke;8. Smoke pipe;9. Cooler;10. Protective plate made of tin;11. A stove with a lid.

Preparation of

products Home design allows you to prepare all the products that are in the stationary smoke collected in the courtyard of a private home or in a country house. But due to the fact that the process of smoking takes a lot of time and consumes a lot of water and gas, the equipment of this kind is used exclusively for smoking fast-cooked products - fish and chicken. For the preparation of animal meat( pork, beef), smoke from cold smoking for an apartment is usually not used, as it takes more time to cook it.

Fish Preparation

The home-made smoking machine is designed to smoke only fresh fish. Big fishes gut and cut off their heads, and leave the small fish as it is. In the enamel container, pour a layer of salt, put fish on it, pour over salt from the top, and press it with a load. If a lot of fish, it is stacked in several layers. When the liquid appears on the surface( about a day), the load is removed, and the fish are in the salt for about 12 hours. How to use Smoked Bunny: User How to use Smoked Bunny: User First, remove fish from How to use Smoked Bunny: User How to use Smoked Bunny: User. Then, plenty of

salts. The most delicious is oily fish, so it is best to have smoked in the autumn when it feeds fat before wintering.

Salted fish are washed and laid out for drying throughout. From the top it should be covered with gauze to protect from insects. Looking at the weather and the size of the fish, it can fall from 12 hours to 2 days. Readiness is determined by the degree of humidity - if the body of the fish is easily folded, without rhubarb in the spine, and the surface is slightly brilliant and not overdried, it can be placed in a smoking machine.

Preparation of chicken

Chicken is first soaked in saline solution prepared with 1 liter of boiled water and 100 g of salt.

How to use Smoked Bunny: User

After that it is lowered in the marinade. The marinade can include any spices: pepper, lemon juice, bay leaves, vinegar and others, to taste. Marinated meat for at least 12 hours, after which it is dried for 6 hours and placed in a smoking device.

Preparing smoke for work

If the streets are windy, work is better to postpone, as wind gusts blow the smoke back into the machine. You can check the weather conditions by lifting a burning candle to the ventilation duct - the tongue of the flame should burn exactly, without shaking, with a slope towards the opening. Suitable conditions for smoking are usually in dry, not cloudy weather, with a weak, horizontally directed wind. In order not to waste time preparing, the equipment should be kept ready in the assembled condition, and as soon as there are favorable conditions, begin to smoke.

The home-made smoky meal is prepared and prepared in the following order:

  • The smoke closet is connected to the exhaust pipe, which is output outwards to the ventilation duct;
  • A stove is installed on a gas burner and connected to the smoke chamber using a chimney;
  • Fit supply water pipes for cooling the smoke;
  • In a smoke box, place a metal vessel( a cup or a small pan) with water.

It is necessary for air in the process of smoking continuously moisturizing.

When the device is assembled, the cabinet is filled with products: they are hung on hooks or laid out on a grid. It should be checked that the pieces are not encountered, and between them there was space - the smoke will cover the products from all sides, and they will dig more evenly. Smoke cold smoker closes firmly so that smoke does not get into the kitchen.

Smoked Smoked Asbestos

Dry firewood is placed in the roof, closes the entrance to the furnace, illuminates the gas burner and opens the water tap that supplies water to the chimney. The process of smoking will begin, as soon as the firewood in the furnace will creep, and the first smoke will appear. A stream of smoke, bypassing the container with water, fills the smoke closet, and then enters the exhaust pipe, removes smoke from the outside, outside the room.

As burning firewood in the furnace, they should be constantly covered, without regretting the polyan. From time to time, ash in the stove stir the wire poker, and again put wood. All this time a device for cooling the smoke is operating.

Basic Smoke Rules:

  • Fire under the stove should not burn when there is no water in the cooler. The hot smoke that got into the product box will cook them in a few minutes;
  • Water should not get on hot equipment, since pairs formed a spatter product, and it welds;
  • Only smokes are required for smoking, so firewood in the oven can not be combusted, they can only smolder.

Occasionally, when the firebox door opens, flames appear on the logs, due to the air in the furnace. As soon as the oven closes, the flame will suffocate, and the firewood will again smolder and form smoke.

In smoky cold smoking, it is better to use wet wood. So you can prevent fire wood, and get more dense smoke.

How much time to smoke

products Cold smoking in normal conditions takes from 2 to 7 days. Since it is not always convenient to carry out such a long process in the apartment, it can be accelerated, and this can be done in five ways:

  • Carefully prepare the products for smoking using a marinating method with vinegar. Marinade will make the meat of animals or birds soft, tender, easy to handle smoke;
  • Large pieces of meat, whole chicken or fish divided into smaller pieces;
  • Wipe the products( especially fish) with oil. Fat attracts smoke and the fish is saturated faster;
  • Fill the smoke closet with more dense smoke, covering the flue chimney;
  • If you need to soak up very quickly, for 5 hours, products can be rubbed with a weak solution of liquid smoke, and then placed in a smoking machine.
  • Applying the first three points, the fish's stay in a smoking box can be reduced to 12 hours, and poultry meat - up to 18 hours. It is allowed to interrupt the process for a short time, when the cooking hob was urgently needed for cooking. From this, the quality of the finished product will not suffer, but the duration of smoking will increase by a time equal to the time of the break.

    How to complete the

    smoke Upon smoking, the smoke machine remains disassembled until it is cooled down. It is not advisable to disassemble the device in hot condition to prevent burns. Fish also stays in the closet. When the design cools down, the products are removed from the camera and laid out on a wide dish. If turned into smoke, it can be laid out in the form of a wellbore. In this position, the products are maintained for about a day. During this time, the smell of the hearth will emerge from them, and only a pleasant aroma of smoky leaves will remain.

    The home-made smoky is disinfected and cleaned from the boil by a solution of soda, and especially the contaminated places wipe with gasoline. Store equipment in a dry place, where it will not be exposed to corrosion.