How to make a hammer for rabbits with your own hands

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  • Types of feeders for rabbits
  • How to do?
  • What to do?

A honeycomb for rabbits with your own hands can be done quickly enough if you have the necessary skills. What materials may be needed? What nuances can be distinguished when installing the


How to make a hammer for rabbits with your own hands

Sink is a special feeder for rabbits intended for hay.

Krolivistry - classes are quite complicated and costly. But if you approach this issue creatively, you can greatly ease the life of yourself and your ears. At the same time, the saved amount will please even more. It is best to make a honeycomb for the rabbits independently, without asking for help from strangers. How will it be pleasant to feel the part of your soul in the product created by your own hands!

Types of feeders for rabbits

The type of feeder directly depends on what food will fit into it. Feeders can be divided into 3 main types:

How to make a hammer for rabbits with your own hands

In the winter, the rabbit is an indispensable feeder for feed.

  • Sinyanki. The presented type is considered one of the most popular. It will help grow big, healthy and fed rabbits. Why are the saints? Sino - a product that contains a large amount of nutrients in combination with various valuable trace elements. You can not use a hammer, but just spread the hay on the cage, but in this case there will be some difficulties during cleaning, and the cost of hay will be larger.
  • Feeder for feed. Fodder is a product that is needed by rabbits for growing up and with no special problems with vitamins. In the winter it is difficult to find fresh fruits and vegetables, so feed can help. The main thing - securely attach the feeder to the cage, so that the hungry rabbit does not tighten it inside.
  • Feeder for beans and vegetables. The material from which the product will be manufactured is not principle. You can take both wood and ordinary plastics. The main thing is to adhere to constant hygiene in the cage, to provide rabbits with constant access to the feed and ease of replenishment for the host.
  • It is important to note that the feeder should be kept in constant purity. If you let it all go gravity, then the cell will begin to multiply the parasites and pathogenic bacteria that can harm the animal.

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    How to do it?

    How to make a hinge correctly? Which materials will be optimal? Many rabbits are faced with these issues. It is best to begin to make a hay knife during the preparation of the cell itself. It can ease the lives of every owner, especially in the winter.

    You can put a certain amount of grass into the feeder, for example, for a week, and sometimes for two, and you can not be afraid that the animals will start starving.

    How to make a hammer for rabbits with your own hands

    Rabbit Sanctuary Scheme.

    The essence of the Seneca is that the beast eats the required amount of product without using the remainder of its economic needs.

    In the complex with such a feeder you can install a special drink, and they are in the market a lot. It can also be done on its own.

    Where to start? In the first place, it is necessary to remember a few recommendations for the construction of a building. It should be attached to the side wall of the cell and preferably from the light side. When constructing it is advisable to leave a slit of 8 to 11 cm from the floor.

    This type of feeder is an improvised nursery from which rabbits can take hay. The feeder should enter the cell through a pre-measured slot at a small angle. This is done to improve the comfort of the animal. Also, the feeder should be securely fixed by wire in diameter from 5 to 7 mm.

    Honeycomb can be made not only as a permanent but also as a periodically removable structure. For this purpose a corner frame will fit well. It is best to choose the dimensions in such a way that they coincide with the size of the side wall of the cell.

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    What to do?

    For the construction of the design, you may need the following materials:

    How to make a hammer for rabbits with your own hands

    Plywood will be required for the production of a honeycomb.

    • plywood;
    • jig saw or saw;
    • nails or screws;
    • ruler or tape measure.

    First of all, you should check the quality of plywood sheets - whether there is no surface on any nipples that can damage a rabbit. Then on the plywood you need to note the future dimensions of the product. They can be correlated with the dimensions of the side wall of the cell or pick themselves up.

    Next, you need to drill 2 identical sidewalls and a small square, the side of which will be equal to the distance from the cell to the cell. The upper groove of the design is placed relative to the upper limit. Then the unnecessary part is stripped off.

    Then it is necessary to raise the received structure to the top stop and to insert in a groove a corner. To improve the fixation, you can tighten to the straight edge an additional piece of plywood with a width of not more than 2 cm. Upper and side parts are screwed with screws.

    The back wall can be made of lattice material, even a grille from an old refrigerator can fit. The main thing that you should not forget to do is to fold sharp edges so that you will not get hurt later.


    Attach the feeder to the cage, and the work is completed!