2017 Year

The cost of new cars in 2017.Prices for cars

The cost of new cars in 2017.Prices for cars

Today's Russian automobile industry is experiencing not the best times. And this, of course, was influenced by the current economic situation of the country. And a significant role played by sanctions against Russia. Therefore, many are already interested in the cost of new cars in 2017.First of all it concerns

of domestic automobiles, and import models.

The latest situation in Russia. At present, all cars in Russia account for almost 80% of foreign cars. But it should be borne in mind that all sanctions imposed on Russia will only be valid until 2017.The main leaders in the supply of imported cars in Russia are Italy and Germany. At the same time, prices for cars coming from Europe will increase significantly. For example, in 2016, the cost increased by 40%, in 2017 this figure may increase further. Such growth concerns not only cars, but also spare parts for them.

The cost of new cars in 2017.Prices for cars

It is expected that by the beginning of 2017 in Russia there may be a shortage of spare parts. That is why the price of components will increase significantly.

And if you look at it absolutely on the other hand, such a provision can positively influence the development of the Russian car industry. Thus, Russian manufacturers will gradually rise. Buyers should rejoice in such a turn, as Russian cars are already adapted to the roads of Russia. And the price for domestic cars is much more democratic than foreign cars. So, it is likely that by the end of 2017, Russian cars will crush foreign cars from the car market. This situation will have a negative impact on European and American manufacturers, as Russia is the main consumer of cars. But China and Japan should not worry about this, as they will continue to ship their products to Russia. The cost of their car will directly depend on the demand of Russian consumers.

The cost of new cars in 2017.Prices for cars

The future of Russian automotive industry.

By 2017, the situation of the Russian automobile industry will change significantly for the better. Even in 2015, more than 2.5 million cars that had been successfully sold out of the conveyor of a domestic manufacturer.

At present, the Russian government has decided to support its manufacturer. In particular, it concerns the introduction of new equipment and the improvement of the technical environment in general. Even Sberbank has developed a special credit system for domestic cars. Thanks to the new program citizens of Russia will be able to buy cars at 8% per annum.

Many experts today say that in 8-10 years, Russian manufacturers will start producing high-quality products. Meanwhile, the state remains to invest only means for the development of modern technologies among the Russian car industry.