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Hacking Fingers - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Photos

A fibromatosis is a group of diseases that is considered as a distal( destructive) process that occurs in the connective tissue. Congenital fibromatosis are caused by disorders of the development of connective tissue in the embryonic period. The group of benign fibromatosis can be classified as

: nevus connective tissue, dermatofibroma, skin horn, nodular fasciitis, keloid, desmoid, and to malignant fibromatosis - fibrosarcoma.

Fibromatosis is a process that has no signs of an inflammatory reaction. At the same time, this process can be considered as the formation of tumors. Congenital nodal fingers are observed in children and adolescents. In most cases, until the maturation period, the disease regresses spontaneously.


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Causes of development of

Hacking fingers of the brush causes, symptoms, treatment, photo Precise reasons for the development of congenital fibroids did not succeed. The disease is often found in representatives of one family, that is, belongs to the category of hereditary.

Formation in fibromatosis is mesenchymal( formed from connective tissue cells) by tumors, the main component of which is fibroblasts. By the way, fibroblasts also form part of such tumors as atypical fibroxanthoma, fibroepithelioma, nodule myxedema, and others. Fibroblast tumors produce collagen and( much less) mucin and elastin.

Clinical picture

A child's fibromatosis or congenital nodal fingernails is a rarely seen type of tumor that manifests itself at an early age. Education has the color of normal skin and, more often, is located on the back or side of the fingers.

Education with fingers fibromatosis may be unitary, but the literature describes cases of multiple fingers. In itself, the disease does not cause the patient a particular concern, but with large size of formations in patients can lead to difficulties with the implementation of flexural movements of the fingers and even to deformation of the joint.

Externally, education with congenital ossification of fingers is similar to mucosal cysts or fibroids. Elements can reach 2 cm or more, but quite often the tumors spontaneously regress. The regression stage can take several years.

Diagnosis of

In the diagnosis of congenital fibromatosis, the following methods are used:

  • Review by specialists - surgeon, orthopedist;
  • Methods to determine the size of education - MRI, ultrasound.
  • Conducting histological examination. In this case, in the soft tissues and dermis, large clusters of hyalineizable complexes appear, in which the interspersion of the elongated fibroblast cells is visible.

Treatment for

Formation in fibromatosis has a tendency to self regression and never give metastases for cancer, so with this disease appropriate observational tactics.

Hacking fingers of the brush causes, symptoms, treatment, photo In cases where the formation violates the free movement of the fingers, surgical excision is shown. The purpose of the operation is to reduce the pressure of the nodes of fibromatosis on the joint and to restore normal mobility of the fingers.

Sometimes after the operation, radiotherapy is prescribed. However, it should be known that with congenital knittedness of fingers often( in about 60% of patients) there are relapses of the disease.

For the treatment of fingers fibromatosis, systemic retinoids may be prescribed, as well as the use of ointments containing corticosteroids. Possible appointment of massage courses, physiotherapy. However, therapeutic treatment often does not have a pronounced effect.

Treatment by folk methods

Hacking fingers of the brush causes, symptoms, treatment, photo In the event that the doctor recommends that you wait for surgery, you can try to apply folk remedies. To get rid of congenital knitted fingers, folk remedies such as raster, courses of therapeutic baths, healing infusions can be used.

For the treatment of fingers fibromatosis, it is recommended to carry out a course of couches or broth of potatoes and beets. On a liter of water you need to take large potatoes and medium sized beets. Vegetables thoroughly washed with a brush, cut into cubes, without peeling and cook until completely soft. Broth to cool to a temperature of 40 degrees, pour there 10 drops of tincture of calendula with alcohol. Immerse in a warm decoction of a sick hand for 15 minutes. After holding the bath on a sick brush, it is recommended to apply a warm compress of alcohol or at least just wrap your fingers with a warm scarf.

A good decoction of the fingernail decoction, which is used for the preparation of cucumber stalk, is of great help. On a half-liter of water you need to take three full spoons of the veil( leaves, stems, "mustaches"), boil with a slight heat for 15 minutes. After that to cool, use a decoction for conducting the course of baths for sick fingers at fibromatosis.

Vegetables can be used not only for external treatment of fibromatosis. Vegetable juices( cabbage, potatoes, beets) with a daily intake contribute to a faster regression of fibromatous formations. If potato juice is badly tolerated by the patient, then it should be mixed with carrot.

Hacking fingers of the brush causes, symptoms, treatment, photo The strawberry decoction is quite effective in treating the knotted fingers. If possible, you need to use wild strawberries, but you can also take the garden. For preparation of drugs from fibromatosis it is necessary to take the plant completely, but without the root. From chopped leaves and stems, an infusion is prepared to calculate a spoon of raw material on a glass of water. Insist in a thermos or simply wrap the dishes with something warm for at least 3 hours. Drink with fibromatosis of fingers in third of the glass three times during the day.

To prepare a compress for fingers, use a spatula. It is necessary to mix this substance with equal volumes of natural honey and butter. Apply the resulting ointment to the lesion sites on the fingers, close the top with a food film and secure it with a bandage. Make compressions for fibromatosis overnight after a day.

Alcoholic tincture of walnut can help in treating fingernails. To make tincture, use partitions, extracted from 25-30 nuts. Insert the partitions with alcohol( 100 g.) And insist not less than a week. Use the tincture for rubbing the formations on your fingers with congenital fibromatosis. A similar effect in treating fibromatosis of fingers provides the use of tincture, made from shell of walnut.

Slow tumor growth with fibromatosis of fingers and even accelerate the rate of their regression will help the application of grass collection. It is necessary to mix the grass of the golden man, grass and flowers of chamomile and calendula. Prepare broth from the mixture, take on a third of the glass overnight. The course of treatment for fibromatosis of fingers should be long, not less than six months.

For faster resorption of tumors on fingers with fibromatosis can be used in the treatment of woody mushroom. Alcoholic tincture from the grass is used for rubbing and preparation of compresses.

Forecast and prevention of

Prevention of the development of congenital forms of fibromatosis has not been developed. The prognosis with this disease is favorable. Enlightenment caused by the enlargement of the connective tissue increases in size slowly. Often there is a spontaneous regression of the disease.

For this reason, an observational treatment tactic is often chosen. However, relapses are not excluded, especially often, fibromatosis recurs after operations. Nevertheless, surgical treatment of fibromatosis of fingers as well as palmar fibromatosis is necessary in the event that the formation can cause deformation of the joints and disturb the mobility of the fingers.