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Reviews of Motorola Moto X


Reviews of Motorola Moto X

Moto X is the top smartphone from Motorola. It combines colorful design, powerful fill and ease of use. The device is based on the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS, followed by a total upgrade to Android 4.4.

Reviews Motorola Moto X. Yevgeny, 30 years old. Like in the

Moto X literally everything: materials, screen, dimensions, build quality. The software is updated regularly. It only upset the battery. And so, Moto X is really the best Android smartphone I've ever seen. In fact, Motorola has taken the right course, oriented not on gigabytes and kernels, but on usability and usability. The smartphone delivers on a bare and pure android without excessive redundancy and unnecessary programs. Here are just the most necessary programs. Well, the main joy is the display 4.7, which managed to fit in a miniature case. Interesting trick - shows missed actions while you take the Moto X into your hands.

Reviews Motorola Moto X. Ruslan, 34 years old. When you look at the Motorola Moto X, it immediately hits the display. But there are other merits in it: the original Android axis with regular updates, Assist service, excellent build, superb ergonomics. And if I have already said about the pros, then I will tell about the minuses: a decent cost and the absence of a normal Russian language( while you can write in Russian).In general, it was initially feared that switching from the 4-inch screen to a bit more would cause discomfort, but that did not happen.

Reviews Motorola Moto X. Dmitry, 28 years old. I bought a smartphone for 19 000 rubles in one good place. Previously, he used the HTC One X smartphone, but after a terrible update to 4.2.2, he began to live a few times less. Then I was very sorry about my acquisition. Therefore, to choose a new smart came up very seriously. The main competitors of Motorola Moto X were NTS One, LG G2 and Sony Xperia Z1.But, since I'm not a fan of cool processors and giant screens, I stopped at Motorola. And you know, until I regret it. And before buying it is highly recommended to read qualitative reviews of this model.

Reviews Motorola Moto X. Alexander, 35 years old. The smartphone is unrealistically fast, and the iPhone 5 is nervously smoking in the side( this applies to both applications and games).The color is really the same as the one declared. By me, so the screen is perfect in its size. Incidentally, the smartphone is well laid in the hand as an inflated. It was very surprised that the 4G network works in our vast homeland! For a few days, there is enough battery, and catches the link everywhere, wherever possible. I liked the voice control, since only a sad nationality is not localized. After updating to KitKat, strange messages that are not disconnected are coming. I crawled into the forums and realized that it was possible to remove them only with the help of the root, which seriously upset. In general, I use phones from Motorola since the nineties, because I appreciate their reliability and quality.

Reviews of Motorola Moto X