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Furuncle - causes, symptoms, stages of development, diagnostics, photos

Furunculus or, as they say in the people, chirme called purulent inflammatory process of a hair follicle( follicle) with the involvement of adjacent soft tissues and sebaceous glands. Furuncles are more commonly found in adults, and men are much more likely to have

than women.

Chyryak belongs to the group of pyoderma - skin diseases of purulent-inflammatory nature. Unlike folliculitis, in which inflammation covers only the hair sac, boils at the same time involved in the surrounding tissues. Often furuncle develops as a complication of folliculitis.


  • 1 cause of disease
  • 2 Symptoms
    • 2.1 Infiltration
    • 2.2 Suppuration
    • 2.3 Healing
  • 3 Possible complications
  • 4 Methods of diagnosis
  • 5 Treatment
    • 5.1 Treatment folk methods
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causes of disease

Furuncle causes, symptoms, stages of development, diagnostics, photos causative inflammatorythe process of boils, most often, becomes a golden( less white) staphylococcus.

It should be said that these microorganisms are normally present on the skin of each person, without causing him any special harm. However, in the case of weakening of the immunity, the number of pathogenic microorganisms is greatly increased, which often leads to the development of purulent-inflammatory skin diseases, including chiryev.

Causes That May Contribute To Boar Development:

  • Diseases that lead to general depletion of the body. It can be tuberculosis, hepatitis, chronically leaky bronchitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, etc.
  • Disturbance of metabolism - an endocrine disorder, including diabetes mellitus.
  • Prolonged use of cytostatics and glucocorticosteroids, that is, medicines aimed at suppressing natural immunity.
  • The penetration of infection inside the follicle and the development of chicks contribute to:

    • maceration( constant moisture) of the skin due to increased sweating;
    • itchy dermatosis that results in scratching the skin;
    • scratches, scratches and other skin microtrains;
    • boils, formed under the nose or in the anus, can become the result of constant irritation of the skin in chronic non-cold or otitis media.


    Symptoms appear on any part of the skin, but most often they are formed where damage to the skin occurs through friction and formation of microtraumas. Therefore, the most frequent localization of boils is the area of ​​the groin, buttocks, thighs, chest, back, axillary cavities, neck, face.

    The clinical picture of chirie development includes three stages:

  • Infiltration stages.
  • The stage of suppuration.
  • Healing stage.
  • Remember! As a rule, the whole process of furuncle development takes no more than 10 days.

    Infiltration begins with the formation of blackheads with the appearance of edema and pain centered around the hair follicle. The skin is red, it becomes dense. Infiltrate, which grows rapidly in size, can reach 3-4 cm in diameter. There is an increasing amount of seals, sharp pain, swelling of surrounding tissues. Especially pronounced swelling, if the furuncle is formed on the face.


    The chicken suppuration stage begins approximately three days after the start of inflammation. At this time, the characteristic symptom of furuncle is formed - the appearance of a necrotic rod emerging above the surface of the skin in the form of purulent pustules. At this stage, the patient may develop a temperature, common symptoms common to intoxication are often observed. The area around Chery was sharply painful.

    Important! The peak of the furuncle is its disclosure. After the tire is torn off, a manure compartment and a necrotic rod exit. Next comes the stage of healing.


    Furuncle causes, symptoms, stages of development, diagnostics, photos

    From time to time, the scar after the boil becomes less noticeable.

    Since the exit of the root of the boil, swelling and pain in the inflammation region are rapidly reduced. Begins the formation of granulation tissue in the depression remaining after the opening of the furuncle, that is, the scar is formed. At the first stage, the scar after the boil has an intense reddish-blue color and is highly secreted on the skin. But over time, the intensity of the color is diminished, and the scar becomes obscure.

    Sometimes there is a waning clinical picture of the formation of chicks, in which necrotic rod is not formed.

    In the event that the furuncle develops in the ear, in addition to the described symptoms, the patients experience severe pain in the ear that gives the temporal area. If a chirp is formed, it covers the auditory passage, then the patients begin to feel worse.

    Possible complications of

    Many believe chirik is a safe disease and indeed, in most cases, it goes unheeded. However, even a single boil can lead to the development of serious complications. Particularly dangerous if the chiral is formed in the ear, in the area of ​​the nasolabial triangle.

    Important! Often complications develop due to improper treatment of the furuncle, independent attempts to squeeze manure, injuries during shaving and so on.

    Furuncle can provoke development of both local and systemic complications. Development of local complications is caused by the fact that purulent secreted boils contains a lot of pathogenic microorganisms and can cause infections of other parts of the skin.

    When combining several boils, complications such as carbuncles, soft tissue phlegmon, abscesses are formed. In that case, if the patient has a simultaneous appearance of several boils, we are talking about such a disease as furunculosis.

    If the infection spreads to the lymphatic system, then there will be a complication such as lymphangitis or lymphadenitis. If the inflammatory process captures the veins, then phlebitis and thrombophlebitis may develop.

    The most dangerous complication of boils is the spread of infection with the flow of arterial blood. In this case, there is a risk of developing sepsis, kidney damage.

    If the boils are located on the face, then the complication threatens the development of meningitis, arachnoiditis, brain abscess.

    Diagnostic Methods

    Furuncle causes, symptoms, stages of development, diagnostics, photos

    For precise diagnosis, dermatoscopy is prescribed.

    Diagnosis of boils does not cause particular difficulties, as the clinical picture of the disease is very characteristic. It is necessary to distinguish furuncles from skin lesions caused by anthrax, hydradient, deep trichophythia.

    A dermatoscopy( examination under a large increase) of the defect area may be prescribed for the diagnosis. To determine the causative agent, it is recommended to make a stack of purulent separable chyre. At the same time, the definition of microflora sensitivity to antibiotics is carried out.

    Important! If boils are often formed and they are plural, it is necessary to conduct a joint examination of the patient to determine the cause of the disease.

    Treatment of

    Furuncle causes, symptoms, stages of development, diagnostics, photos

    Treatment of a boil depends on the stage of its development.

    The choice of treatment regimen is determined by the stage of furuncle development. At the infiltration stage, UFO is recommended, during the period of suppuration, the obkling of the boiling bristle with antibiotics and novocaine is shown. Blocks for treating chives are repeated for a few days until necrotic rod goes away. Additionally, a furrow with a solution of silver nitrate( 1%) is applied to the furuncle. If treatment of chirv started at an early stage, then, as a rule, it is enough to perform one blockade.

    After leaving the rod, the boiling crater is washed with hydrogen peroxide solution( 3%), apply bandages with hypertonic( saline) solution. Such treatment is carried out before the complete cleansing of the cavity of the boil from necrotic masses.

    Then applied overlays with ointment Vyshnevsky, and after the formation of granulate - with vaseline or syntomycin emulsion.

    Important! It is strictly forbidden to squeeze the boils, as in this case, the infection spreads to the surrounding tissues.

    Treatment with boils and other complications shows surgical treatment. The operation is carried out under local anesthesia, a section of the tire is made, and in severe cases, a full cut of the boil with suturing.

    Furuncles, located on the face or in the ear, are recommended to be treated in a hospital setting. Patients are prescribed antibiotics, which are selected depending on the sensitivity of the microflora. Additionally, they are prescribed to receive calcium chloride, suprastin, vitamins.

    Treatment of a single boil is carried out ambulatory, with multiple chicks or when complications of the disease require hospitalization.

    Treatment of folk methods

    There are many folk recipes for treating boils.

    Furuncle causes, symptoms, stages of development, diagnostics, photos

    vegetable oil is used to prepare ointment.

    Spice for chives treatment. To prepare the dough, you must take yolk eggs( preferably poultry), a tablespoon of natural butter and flour in the amount needed for dough. From the test the cake is made, which is applied to the cheer.

    Ointment can be prepared to treat boils. It is necessary to take vegetable oil and pour into an enamel pot. After boiling, strongly reduce the fire and add one hundred grams of crushed beeswax and the same amount of spruce sulfur. Cook for half an hour, and then add ten lower( roots) pieces cut into onions. Cook for half an hour, constantly removing foam. Strain, pour over the cans. Used for lubrication of chips.

    Forecast and prevention of

    Prevention of boils is to adhere to the rules of hygiene. It is important to treat any microtraves with antiseptics in a timely manner, to avoid overcooling, to treat diseases that can provoke the development of boils in a timely manner.

    Glad! To prevent the development of complications it is recommended to avoid injury to the furuncle.

    Forecast for boots, in most cases favorable. But with the appearance of multiple chicks or the development of complications, serious hospital treatment is required.


    Furuncle causes, symptoms, stages of development, diagnostics, photos Furuncle causes, symptoms, stages of development, diagnostics, photos Furuncle causes, symptoms, stages of development, diagnostics, photos Furuncle causes, symptoms, stages of development, diagnostics, photos Furuncle causes, symptoms, stages of development, diagnostics, photos Furuncle causes, symptoms, stages of development, diagnostics, photos