Meat pigeons: all breeds with photos, breeding and keeping

Meat of pigeons was fed to the table of aristocrats still in the Roman Empire. And doctors of ancient Egypt, worthily evaluating dietary easily digestible proteins of pigeon meat, recommended it for use by weak and sick people. America and Europe have put this bird on the

for a long time now, and there, meat pigeons are a great alternative to livestock breeding.

Meat pigeons: all breeds with photos, breeding and keeping The value of pigeon meat rich in easily digestible proteins was known in ancient Rome.

In our country, pigeons of meat breeds are less spread, but this branch begins to gain momentum.
The breeds of meat doves, and their about 60, are conventionally divided into:

  • gigantic;
  • chicken;
  • meat.

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The bird of this group is large, massive, heavy, poorly flown. She was named by the breeds: Monday, Roman, Texas, King, Koshua, Strausser, Carnot, Hungarian Giant, Montobant, and Stock Bank.

The most popular on our territory are Straßeri, Roman, Texans and Kings.

Roman Pigeons

The breed is very old and has undergone a significant selection selection for several centuries.

This bird has poor flying qualities. She is sedentary but violent temperament. Fights among the "Romans" are not uncommon.

The bird has low fertility, but due to good immunity, the population is kept at a stable level.

The Roman Pigeon has a large massive oblong body. Wing and tail feathers are long. The live weight of the male reaches 1.3 kg, and females up to 1.1 kg. The head of the bird seems large due to the size of the forehead. The beak is great. Neck with curved lines. The chest is round and the back is shaped like a wide oval. Extremities are low, bare, red.

Under the color of the Roman pigeons can be all colors.

"Romans" are eagerly used to improve other breeds of pigeons.

Meat pigeons: all breeds with photos, breeding and keeping The weight of one Roman pigeon exceeds a kilogram, but they are not high fertility.


Created in the process of careful selection in the United States. The boars are used as an industrial bird for fattening for meat, and as an exhibition.

This breed is very fertile. The live weight of the bird reaches 850 g. Their body is large. Breast is wide, with bulge. The wings are short and straight, pressed against the body. The tail is short, and the legs are average, non-porous. The thighs are smooth, well adjoins. The most valuable are birds of light color, especially white ones.

Bird for exhibitions reaches a weight of 1.7 kg and is similar to kuroobraznymi. The head and short neck of this bird seem to merge, and then a huge fleshy breast should follow. But the lower part of the bird is small. The neck, the wide back and the tail are filled with an impression of a semicircle. Short wings lie on the tail. Extremities are red and wide apart. Feathers are white, silver, pale, motley.

Kings are good parents. They average 6 to 8 pairs of offspring per season.

Meat pigeons: all breeds with photos, breeding and keeping For one season, pigeon-kings bring off offspring up to 8 times.


A bird with an original plumage and a kilogram weight. Large body with a large head and a large forehead, with an average dense curved neck. Speaking of rounded chest is an ornament of this bird, but the back is short but wide. The wings completely cover the spinal part and end on the tail. The average size of non-porous legs is red and widely spaced apart.

Pigeon shooters have all kinds of colors, some with a waistband and a tail. There are white-winged and white-tailed straws among the trusses.

Strassers are lively, they often fight and fly badly. The fertility of the breed is high, and the genetic potential has enabled the breeding of the breeding industry. Adult female weighs about 700 m, and male to 1000 p.

When pure breeding, the rates are much higher than when paranging with other breeds. In order to prevent a drop in productivity, females are not older than six years of age to reproduce.

Meat pigeons: all breeds with photos, breeding and keeping Pigeons breed "Strausser" are of great weight, multiply well, but they are lavish.


Grown predominantly in cells. The weight of a pigeon is up to 650 g, but they grow at a rapid pace, for what are also popular. The coloration can be varied, but the meat is always tender and juicy.

Meat pigeons: all breeds with photos, breeding and keeping Pigeon-carnivores are not too big but gain weight fast.


The productivity and multiplicity of dung beef produced in the United States is appreciated. If you create favorable conditions, you can grow up to 22 cubs per year.

The bird grows fast, with a calm temperament, is well accustomed to keeping conditions and new feeds.

To determine the sex of this bird can be immediately after hatching: "girls" - with a long yellow fluff and a pink spot on the edge of the beak, "boys" - without fluff or with very short. Adults are also easily visible. The males have white color, and only the neck and chest with colored occurrences. Doves are darker, sometimes with a belt.

The power is powerful, harmonious. The back is wide, narrowing to the tail section. The ends of the wings fit on the middle length of the tail. The quality of the breed is determined by the width of the set legs - the wider the better.

Meat pigeons: all breeds with photos, breeding and keeping Texans are characterized by productivity and multiplicity, bringing up to 22 cubs per season.

Polish rice

All these pigeons are distinguished from other white bees on the wings. But the very plumage can be different shades.

Their average weight is within 700 р, and they give no more than 8 broods. Pigeons are calm, unpretentious, capable of an average flight and self-production of feed, which earned the attention of pigeons in the countryside.

Meat pigeons: all breeds with photos, breeding and keeping The average weight of the Polish brace is 700 grams.


These birds are slightly reminiscent of domestic chickens because they have gotten that name. The body and tail are shortened, and their legs are long. This group includes: Viennese, Modena, Florentine, Maltese, Hungarian pigeons. Chives are rarely found on our territory. This breeding group has not received industrial breeding.

Meat pigeons: all breeds with photos, breeding and keeping Curly pigeons have gotten their name because of their characteristic appearance.

Hungarian giants

Among these attractive birds, these birds are especially attractive. It's easy to find out for their plentifully plump short legs. A male for a season can score up to 1200 g, a fence up to 900 g. Feathers - from black to very light.

Meat pigeons: all breeds with photos, breeding and keeping Pigeons "Hungarian giants" bring up to 1.2 kg of valuable meat.


Meat breeds of pigeons are similar to domestic pigeons, but their live weight reaches 750 g. Meat was attributed to the Benevsk Pigeon, the Moravian Pshprosa, the Koborg Lark, and the Pechersk Kunik.

Meat pigeons: all breeds with photos, breeding and keeping Meat pigeons are similar in sports or decorative, but differ in their size from body weight.

Koborg Lark

These breeds are quite good, and long wings allow you to maintain good flight qualities. The bird well hatches and feeds the chicks.

Meat pigeons: all breeds with photos, breeding and keeping Pigeon "Koborg lark" with a large body weight maintains good flying ability.

Features of Retention and Reproduction

Meat pigeons have short wings and a rather heavy body, so they can not fly or fly badly.

The diet of feeding such pigeons needs to be more balanced by nutrition. Monotony is unacceptable.

The maintenance of the floor also includes the features of sanitary-zoo-hygienic nature. Cleaning dandelions should be carried out at least once a week, this will prevent the disease and the death of the bird.

Meat pigeons: all breeds with photos, breeding and keeping Growing meat doves can become a profitable business with minimal investment.

To make pigeons meat is not harder than usual, they are multi-faceted and enduring. However, nests for them to adapt to the floor or slightly above the floor. At the same time, the main thing is that the bird should have the opportunity to go into their nests independently and safely. Multi-storey places for nesting this bird are inappropriate. The upper floors will remain unclaimed, and the bottom of the nests the bird will fight.

It is best to bring pure-breed pets to breeding beef pigeon breeds. The yield of meat in this case will be much higher, and the funds spent on food will be offset by profits.

Breeding of meat pigeons is still unclaimed by a large mass of pigeons, because this direction can make an invaluable contribution and add high-quality protein product to the human diet. Considering the breed of pigeons, weighing all the advantages of meat daisies, you can safely begin to breed and keep this bird.

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