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Leave a person on the body: how it looks, how to determine how it turns out

Leaving a person is not just a pathology, it is a variety of diseases that differ in their causes and forms of manifestation and grouped together. At the moment, the exact causes of occurrence of some types of deprivation are not confirmed, although on this subject and put forward many theories.


  • 1 Symptoms of the disease
  • 2 shingles
  • 3 Stryhuchyy look
  • 4 Pink zoster
  • 5 Red flat type
  • 6 pityriasis, white or colored lichen

1 Symptoms of the disease

Experts say only that the main risk factors for saving are frequent stress, heredity, weakened immunity, excessive emotional and physical activity, neglect of the rules of personal hygiene. What happens to scabies, how to recognize it, and how to treat it will be discussed below.

There are 5 most common types of lichen that differ from each other according to degree of infection, types of pathogens, places and appearance of skin lesions. How to determine the cartilage to start the correct treatment promptly? This will help with the main symptoms:

  • disturbs the natural pigmentation of the skin in a lighter or darker color;
  • appearance of spots on the skin in different places;
  • peeling and itching on the affected area of ​​the skin;
  • abundant hair loss.

Leave a person on the body: how it looks, how to determine how it turns out

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So it looks like lichen in humans, and when the above symptoms appear, it is recommended not to engage in self-medication, but refer to a qualified specialistto determine the cause of the symptoms, to identify the type of pathology and to determine the correct therapy.

2 Shingles

This species is also referred to as herpes zoster, since pathogens are a herpes virus.

This is the most common form of skin pathology, which most often manifests itself as skin changes in the intercostal area. In childhood, this type of skin disease occurs as chickenpox. This type of lichen in humans is manifested as similar, after:

  • injuries;
  • stressed situations;
  • overcooling of the body;
  • Infectious Diseases;
  • passage of medication that weakens the immune system;
  • surgical interventions for donor organ transplantation;
  • Radiation or Chemotherapy;
  • physical strain.

Symptoms of the scaphoid at the initial stage are characterized by slight increase in body temperature, weakness, disorders of the digestive system, migraine and chills.

Leave a person on the body: how it looks, how to determine how it turns out

But after 3-4 days of the prodromal period there are pain in the intercostal area, along with itching and smoking. After that, the period of rash begins, the main symptom of which is:

  • sharp increase in temperature to 38-39C;
  • intoxication of the body;
  • appearance of pink colored spots in the skin from 2 to 5 mm in size with healthy skin ranges;
  • increase regional lymph nodes.

With further development of skin pathology, spots are transformed into vesicles with serous contents. In the severe form of inflammatory process of the skin, the contents of the bubbles may become black blood. In this case, vesicles spread in a circle and encircle the human body. For mild forms of the disease, there are signs of pain in the absence of any skin defects.

After applying to the doctor and setting up the correct diagnosis, begin treatment of the scaphoid, which includes:

  • antiviral drugs( acyclovir, interferon, famciclovir);
  • anti-inflammatory agents( Diclofenac, Aspirin, Ketoprofen);
  • analgesics( Paracetamol, Ketorolac);
  • is a local treatment for greenish rash.

It should be noted that at present there is an effective prophylactic measure aimed at protecting the lichen - vaccination.

3 Astringent look

The presented species is a very contagious disease, found predominantly in children. In this case, the main places of defeat is the scalp, the skin of the face, neck, shoulders. The main causes of the disease are in close contact with sick people, the use of some items of life. In addition, the risk factors for skin disease can be called the following:

  • care for homeless animals, workplace related to livestock or veterinary medicine;
  • disregard for personal hygiene;
  • weakening of the immune system;
  • scratches, wounds on the human body.

How to distinguish this type of lichen? The following manifestations are possible:

  • The appearance of pink spot on the skin in the main localization cells. In this case, the contour of the spot is clearly pronounced, and the affected skin suffers from peeling.
  • In the zone of pathology of the skin, there is a dismount of available hair.
  • Appearance of minor itch.
  • Leave a person on the body: how it looks, how to determine how it turns out

    In order to identify the scrotum in all skin conditions, an expert dermatologist needs an overview and, if necessary, an additional study in the form of a crop may be conducted. After receiving the necessary data, the main treatment is prescribed, which is to fight the fungus, which caused the pathology of the skin. Therapy is prescribed only by the doctor, it includes the following:

    • for local application use ointment, cream, shampoo, which have antifungal properties( Lamizil spray, Terbinox cream, Miconorm cream, etc.);
    • for the treatment of smooth skin without hair recommended by Terbinafine and Tonnafta;
    • for the treatment of skin spots in the morning using a solution of iodine, and before sleep - sulfuric acid or sulfur-tar agent;
    • with the appearance of spots on the head under the hair apply Grisiofulvin.

    4 Pink lichen

    The main cause of infection with this type of disease is still unknown, but many experts suggest that the disease is viral. This is confirmed by the fact that the initial symptoms of this type of deprivation look like signs of a cold, and the main period of the disease of this skin pathology falls in the fall and spring.

    Some people believe that pink lichen is a very contagious disease that is transmitted by airborne droplets, but with strong immunity, the human body is able to handle the lichen itself.

    Leave a person on the body: how it looks, how to determine how it turns out

    Frequently, the appearance of this type of deprivation is observed in girls and women aged 20 to 40 years. The main sites of localization of lesions on the skin are the abdomen, back, chest, shoulders, on the sides of the body and in the folds of the skin. What kind of pepper looks like? It is characterized by the following:

    • in the main places of defeat there are spots of pink or pale brown color round or oval;
    • mainly damaged areas of the skin is dried and peeled;
    • Gradually the areas of skin lesions begin to increase in size, and there is the emergence of new pink spots;
    • most often this man's lichen is accompanied by an intolerable itching.

    If you notice signs of pink facial symptoms, you should consult your doctor about clarifying the correct diagnosis. It is strictly forbidden:

  • Treat lesions by any means containing iodine, sulfur, alcohol, and salicylic acid, as they strongly dry out the skin.
  • Defeat affected areas with hot water, washcloth, soap and other daily hygiene products. Since water helps in spreading rash, after the shower can not be rubbed with a towel, it is enough just to wet the body, and then treat the diseased areas of the skin with special means.
  • Take sunbaths, go to the solarium.
  • Take alcohol to avoid the spread of inflammation.
  • If the dermatologist has diagnosed pink lichen, it is necessary to carry out:

    • receiving antihistamines( Tetrin, Suprastin, Zirtek);
    • treatment of skin lesions with cosmetic oils, antiseptics( Sangviritrin, Chlorophyllipteum);
    • is the reception of restorative vitamins( Complivil, Alphabet) to enhance immunity.

    Treatment of pink lichen is reduced only to ease the main symptoms of the disease, as it often goes on its own.

    5 Red flat type

    Just as in most species, I do not have an exact pathogen of skin pathology. This disease is most commonly found in women who:

    • are susceptible to allergic reactions;
    • are susceptible to constant stress or viral illness;
    • have pathologies in the operation of the SLEK;
    • patients with diabetes mellitus.

    Leave a person on the body: how it looks, how to determine how it turns out

    The main places of appearance of skin rash are legs, chest, stomach, mucous membranes. What does a scallop on the body look like:

    • appearance of a set of knots of red or violet color on the skin, and light pink - on the mucous;
    • destruction of the nail plate, if the place of the focus were nails;
    • affected sites are prone to persistent itching.

    The treatment of red flatteness is often difficult due to an unexplained pathogen. Depending on the method chosen by the doctor, the therapy may be as follows:

  • Phototherapy( PUVA or selective).Unfortunately, this method of treatment has a lot of contraindications: high blood pressure, excess body weight, disorders in the thyroid gland, cardiovascular disease.
  • Simultaneous administration of corticosteroid and anti-malarial drugs.
  • In any prescribed treatment option, prescribe medications that calm the nervous system, normalize the schedule of sleep and wake, reduce itching.

    6 Sprout, white or colored lichen

    Unlike many species of lichen, this species is known for the exact cause of the occurrence - the presence of fungi. In this case, the most commonly afflicted with the disease are people who:

    • suffer from hormonal imbalance;
    • are characterized by high sweating and changes in its composition;
    • have a weakened immune system;
    • is abused by the use of greasy texture;
    • subjected to the skin of prolonged exposure to sunlight and often visit the tanning bed.

    Most rashes are formed on the skin in the shoulders, back, chest and abdomen. To rid this kind of characteristic is:

    • on the places of lesions of the skin produces different spots with uneven shape, often merge with each other;
    • on the dark skin, the affected areas look like a skin that has lost its natural pigmentation;
    • in the winter time, the affected areas become darker than the natural color, the shade;
    • , the duration of the disease can extend for several years, even with consistently proper treatment;
    • maybe a little peeling of stains that have spread to the skin.

    If you find the slightest signs of color depriving it is important to seek advice from a dermatologist, as it is only in his competence to confirm the diagnosis and to find the right medication and other treatment. Most doctors recommend:

    • in the summer to take sunshine or as much as possible stay in the sun;
    • for local use use different antimycotic drugs( Mikospor, Bifosin), cosmetics containing salicylic acid;
    • for prolonged, ineffective treatment, use antifungal agents in the form of pills( Ketoconazole, Fluconazole, Diflucan, etc.);
    • during the illness, especially pay attention to the cleanliness of the house: daily arrange wet cleaning with the use of disinfectants, wash personal effects of the patient at high temperatures, ventilate the room.

    After eliminating the symptoms of any kind, eliminating the need to take care of the elimination of the causes of the disease. Regular hardening, strengthening the immune system and proper nutrition can become the main prophylactic methods.