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Beard does not grow on cheeks: methods of correction


  • Why does hair grow unevenly?
  • What do you need to do to start growing hair on your cheeks?
  • Proper nutrition.
  • Oils and masks.
  • Supplements.
  • A few tips.
  • Conclusion.

Beard does not grow on cheeks: methods of correction Men who decide to grow a beard often face many problems:

hair grows not in the direction, the color is not satisfied, growth is slow.

All these moments are terribly annoying, but perhaps the most unpleasant is the unevenness of the hair when the hair grows in areas, patches. And there is such: everywhere the growth is normal, and on the cheeks of the beard does not grow - what to do then?

Why hair grows unevenly?

To begin, let's see why this is happening. Let's start with age restrictions: in adolescents, the first bristle, as a rule, first appears above the upper lip and on the chin, above the hair often does not grow at all. But this does not mean that in five to ten years they will not be there, the area of ​​the hair can be expanded significantly.

Now about inclinations: each person has its own skin, with its own peculiarities. Perhaps it is in the cheeks area that hair growth is the slowest, compared with other areas.

Beard does not grow on cheeks: methods of correction Sometimes the body simply lacks vitamins and amino acids, so the beard on the cheeks and grows poorly. Another important factor is improper shaving or the use of aggressive cosmetic products: maybe the upper layers of the skin is damaged, which prevents normal growth of hairs.

One can not forget about the state of the hormonal system: low levels of testosterone can significantly reduce the amount of vegetation on the face, and in particular in the area of ​​cheeks. And, of course, dermatological diseases, the presence of which a person may not even suspect. There is already a need for expert advice.

What needs to be done to start growing hair on your cheeks?

Just wait.

Maybe it will seem strange, but the first tip will be this: before doing something, it's better to wait a while. If the beard does not grow on the cheeks, the reasons can be sought for a long time, but often a good decision will not shave for several weeks. Probably, a month will pass, and significant areas of hair will appear on the problem areas.

How can this be? The fact is that, at different parts of the skin, the hair grows at different speeds, despite the fact that these areas are very close to each other. Perhaps on the cheeks the hair grows twice as slowly as on the chin or neck, but they still grow. It turns out you should not shave at all and do not cut the beard, wait until everything is overgrown? Not quite so.

Beard does not grow on cheeks: methods of correction As long as the cheeks are slowly covered with vegetation, "fast areas" need to be slightly shortened so that the overall length of the hair on the face is approximately the same. It should be noted that this situation may not only be with cheeks, but also with other places. Sometimes the bristle appears literally spots, and the beard grows with scraps.

You do not have to think that all the owners of the beautiful broth have a thick and uniform hair covering. Many older, long hair hides shortcomings in the beard and it seems that it is solid - it's quite normal.

Proper nutrition.

Beard grows well only with a well-designed diet.

  • In order not to interfere with the already slow growth of hair on the cheeks, you need to provide your body with all the necessary trace elements. Even if the lower face of the hair grows confidently, this does not mean that there is no nutritional deficit.
  • First of all you need to include natural protein products in your diet: meat, chicken, fish, milk, cheese, cheese. Since hair is built and raised from protein, these ingredients are extremely important. It is also good to exclude semi-finished items from your menu.
  • Now about vitamins: you need to consume enough fresh fruits, fruits, nuts and berries each. Lack of vitamins, especially group B, can explain why the beard grows badly, and there are so few hair on the cheeks. Beard does not grow on cheeks: methods of correction
  • It is important to keep in mind the amount of water consumed per day. Dehydration can slow down and more significant processes in the body, which is already talking about such insignificant survival function as hair growth. So there is a lot to drink. An adult person has a volume in the range of 2.5 to 3 liters.
  • And finally, bad habits: in order not to interfere with your digestive system to digest normally, it's worth limiting the consumption of alcohol or it's better to exclude it altogether.

Oils and masks.

To save the health of beard hair and especially on problem areas, they need to be washed daily. It is often not necessary to do this with a shampoo, so as not to dry the hair, but it is necessary to rinse with water every day.

How to accelerate hair growth on the cheeks?

You can try to do self-massage: rubbing the skin of the cheeks will increase the flow of blood to them, and thus increase the flow of nutrients to the hair follicles. Beard does not grow on cheeks: methods of correction

If the beard hair growing on the cheeks does not respond to the massage, you can try special irritating masks. For example, a mixture of oil, red pepper and eggs. This mask, rubbed into the skin, causes severe irritation, as mentioned above, and will increase the blood flow. There are a lot of options for such remedies, most importantly use active ingredients such as mustard, garlic or pepper.

Well, to improve the condition of the hair itself you can apply oils: castor oil, rapeseed, snake. They not only will nourish the structure of hair with useful substances, but will also add a healthy shine, moisturize the skin and enhance its protective properties.


If tested folk remedies, but for some reason the beard on the cheeks does not increase, as before, it is possible to resort to medical aid.

Beard does not grow on cheeks: methods of correction The first thing you need to do is to use men's vitamin complexes that are sold in the pharmacy. Even with properly built nutrition, there may be a lack of some elements such as zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6.

You can use special preparations that accelerate hair growth. These include spray Minoxidil. After several weeks of spraying it on the cheeks, new hairs will appear, the whole course can take not one and not two months. The effect will be obvious, but, unfortunately, after stopping the use of the remedy, the growth will stop, and most likely, once again grown hair will fall.

The last point is hormonal drugs. In particular, it is a means to enhance testosterone secretion. You can apply them only on the appointment of a doctor and delivery of relevant analyzes.

A few tips.

  • Rise. Lack of sleep negatively affects all functions of the body. Many do not attach much importance to him. Ideally, you need to sleep 8 hours a day.
  • Play sports. It has been scientifically proven that physical activity provokes the release of testosterone into the blood that the bearded only on the hand - this hormone stimulates hair growth.
  • To have active sexual life, to have sex on a regular basis. Here you can combine the pleasures with the beneficial, because intimate affinity is again accompanied by an increase in the level of testosterone, which helps the beard to grow. Beard does not grow on cheeks: methods of correction
  • Live without stress. Of course, this is not possible, stress situations are waiting at each step. And with stress comes the loss of precious hair. You need to try to be less nervous and easier to look at life. The same applies to the topic of the article: do not have to worry much because of the beard, grow poorly on the cheeks, do something hapless and hurry.
  • If after five or six weeks of waiting for hair on the cheeks almost did not increase, there are two conclusions: the first - this is a feature of the organism, vegetation there, in principle, will never be, will have to accept;the second - with health something is wrong, it's time to seek medical advice.


So, the beard grows badly, with little hair on the cheeks, but this does not mean that they can be grown. The main thing - do not despair and gain patience. To solve this problem it is necessary to approach from all sides, analyze their actions, draw conclusions, take into account the causes, errors, and ultimately, all efforts will be paid off.