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Overview of Huawei P9 Max

Overview of Huawei P9 Max

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  • 1. Date of release Huawei P9 Max
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    Released Huawei P9Max

    Huawei plans to showcase to the world its next flagship Mate 8 soon. But recently it became known that this

    company is preparing another smartphone that will be based on the Kirin 950 platform. The P950S is currently a serial number. Many sources have suggested that it will be a Huawei P9 Max model. There is no exact date of the release of this novelty. But, most likely, this will happen no earlier than 2016.Meanwhile, the manufacturer needs to work hard on this new device.

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    Key Features of the Huawei P9 Max

    Of course, everyone is in no hurry to find out what features will be on this phone. According to preliminary data, it will have a display with a diagonal of 6.2 inches. The permission will be 1600 × 2560 points. Thus, the density of pixels will be 486ppi. As the hardware base, as already mentioned, will be the Kirin 950 with a graphical coprocessor of the Mali-T880 MP4 GPU.On board this flagship will be 4 GB of RAM.The built-in memory of the phone will be 64 GB.As the operating system in the novelty will be Android 6.0.

    In general, the manufacturer says that the Kirin 950 has become 40% more powerful and 60% more energy-efficient. This will add 10 extra hours of the smartphone. The capacity of the battery is 3500 mAh. It is noteworthy that the flagship will be able to work in networks of the 4th generation. And all because of the fact that the novelty will support LTE Cat.6.The smartphone will have Wi-Fi 802.11 as MU-MIMO adapters, as well as Bluetooth 4.2, NFC.

    There are also rumors that the Huawei P9 Max will receive a dual camera as well as a fingerprint reader. As you can see, the features of this phone should appeal to many.

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    Price Huawei P9 Max

    There are no news for the announcement of this novelty yet. It is also not completely clear when this phone will enter the market. Therefore, it is difficult to make any exact assumptions about the cost of a new phone. It is likely that the phone will cost at least US $ 200.We are waiting for a detailed announcement of this gadget in the near future.

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    Photo Huawei P9 Max

    Overview of Huawei P9 Max
    Overview of Huawei P9 Max
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    Video about Huawei P9 Max

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