Update Software What is the program and how to remove it

In this little overview, I will introduce you to the new program, tell you what is the Software Update software and to uninstall it from your computer.

Update Software What is the program and how to remove it

Description of the Backup Software

Software Update is a simple utility whose main function is to upgrade programs installed on your computer.

The main advantage of the developers is the elimination of manual search of many different add-ons and updates. The basis of the work of the Software Update software is a modern algorithm for scanning the database to which the application is directed.

It is evident that this software is first used by Software Update - it analyzes the hard drive and its installed applications, as a result gives the user information about programs that need updating as a list. At subsequent launches, the utility reports newly released upgrades to the installed software. Get the Software Update software for free, it works in window mode, has an intuitive Russian interface. It is stated that the update pulls the update from official sources, but this is not always the case.

What is the software update software and what surprises it holds for

In most cases, this software update software appears in users' devices not on their initiative. Utility is embedded in the PC by downloading files from various questionable resources. Indeed, the user is initially offered to download only important software update updates. Then begins the most interesting. The Update software program gives you the rights to download and install side-by-side programs independently and starts to clog your computer. At first, it does not catch a glance, but later it turns out that the stuffed up with useless is already a lot of memory. Then the users have a logical question: "What is this software and how to get rid of the annoying software?".

How to remove Update Software once and forever

Depending on the version of the program, which may be a simple and complex way to delete it.(It may also be useful to remove the similar Uncheckit program).

First - Traditional:

  • "Start" - & gt;Control Panel - & gt;"Programs and Components"( for seven), or "Add and Remove Programs"( for XP).
  • If in our list of installed applications there is our software Update software - delete it in the usual manner, subject to the terms of uninstallation.

    Update Software What is the program and how to remove it

    Removing an

  • program If the first method helped you to remove Softwares - just for the firefighters, read the rest, as in the system folders there can be some pieces of it, which again "pull" it to yourself.

    Second way to uninstall Update software:

  • Open "Update software!".
  • Expand the Task Manager, right-click on the pest in the Programs tab. Choose the last option "Go to the process".

    Update Software What is the program and how to remove it

    Task Manager Task Manager

  • You must roll over to the ObnoviSoft.exe process. Click on the right button and open the file location. Then right-click the button and finish the process tree.

    Update Software What is the program and how to remove it

    Open Storage ObnoviSoft.exe

  • You will be taken to the folder where the program is located. There should be a file named uninstall.exe. Run it and agree to remove it.

    Update Software What is the program and how to remove it

    Uninstall Update Software

  • If, after deletion, the files and folders associated with it remain, get rid of them manually. Also, traces may remain in the Temp folder.
  • Last step - open C: Users of YourNameAppDataRoaming, if there is a folder with the name of the program - delete it.
  • Search in the registry for "Obnovi" and delete all the values ​​and sections containing the given word.
  • Hope you understood that this is a software update program and how to remove it from the PC.According to the idea, you have already installed mail services because of the Update software, it is better to check the complete list of installed programs, get rid of unnecessary. Also, finally check your computer antivirus.