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Hair distorted - causes, symptoms, treatment, photo

Violation of the shape of hair, which includes trichokinesis, occurs quite often, however, not all patients address this problem to the doctor. To the same diseases of hair, which include the patients so carefree can be attributed to the following: trichoclasia

nodule, trichiasis, monelletx, etc.

For the first time, trichokinesis, as the disease was described in 1900, although this condition of hair was known to doctors before. A characteristic feature of the defeat is the twisting of the hair rod in length. This condition is accompanied by a change in the thickness along the length of the rod and a slight change in pigmentation.

The severity of the symptoms may be different. In the presence of a small amount of twisted hair outwardly, the disease is almost imperceptible. Girls and women have twisted hair more often.


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Causes of development of

Hair distorted causes, symptoms, treatment, photo Congenital trichokinesis is a hereditary pathology that is transmitted to children for an autosomal dominant type. Although described cases sporadayicheskogo development trichokinesis. In some cases, this is due to the fact that one of the parents of the patient had very little twisted hair, so the disease remained invisible.

Another variant of trichokinetic development is the birth of a child from healthy parents, provided that both are the carrier of the recessive gene( of course, this is the case in the case of a closely related marriage).In this case, we have to talk about the recessive nature of inheritance. However, so far, it has not been possible to obtain information on the differences between these two phenotypes of the disease.

Acquired( non-hereditary) trichokinesis can be the result of various inflammatory processes on the skin, during which deformation of the follicle occurs, for example, due to folliculitis of decalivative or fungal lesions of the scalp. The growth of distorted hair is often observed around the areas of scar alopecia. In this case, trichokinesis manifests locally only around inflammatory foci.

Clinical manifestations of

Hair distorted causes, symptoms, treatment, photo In the case of congenital trichokinesis in children at the time of birth, the hair is usually normal. But gradually the children's gun is replaced by twisted hair and already before the age of three months the manifestations of the disease become apparent. Sometimes the development of the disease occurs at a slower pace, and manifestations of trichokinesis become noticeable only until 2-3 years of age.

The literature describes a clinical case where the child remained completely bald until he was 5 years old, after which he began to grow wrinkled hair.

Hair luminosity in trichokinesis varies widely, therefore, the symptoms may differ somewhat.

Usually, diseased hair breaks up when it grows to a length of 4-5 sm. But for some patients in the areas of the head that are not prone to injurious effects, hair can grow at a considerable length.

Due to this, patients may have limited focal baldness or loose hair over their entire head. In reflected light, the hair is specifically brightened.

Often, only a small part of the hair is hurt in patients, so the outside of the head may look quite normal. Often, the appearance of the hair is improved with age, when most of the hair is normal. However, in some patients, twisted hair is maintained throughout life.

Diagnostic Methods

Suspect trichokinesis in patients who complain of increased hair brittleness. A characteristic symptom is the presence of "sequins", but this symptom can be noted if most of the hair is affected.

The main diagnosis is to study the affected hairs under a microscope, and it will be possible to notice the characteristic distortion of the rod.

Patients diagnosed with trichokinesis should be thoroughly examined for the presence of manifestations of other pathologies, as distorted hair may be just one of the symptoms of various congenital syndromes.

Treatment of

There is no effective treatment for trichoicneis. Patients are advised to treat their hair with care so as not to provoke their fragility.

At trichokinesis it is recommended:

  • Hair distorted causes, symptoms, treatment, photo Avoid dyeing, frequent use of stapler.
  • It is strictly forbidden to conduct a chemical wave or straightening of hair;
  • Hair must be dried without using a hair dryer or placed on a minimum temperature. Do not use an iron, curler or flatbed.
  • Combs are better to choose wooden with well polished rare teeth.
  • In winter and in the summer heat, you should protect your hair from climatic effects by choosing the appropriate headgear. And the caps should not be too tight, close headwear worsen the blood circulation and further increase the bad condition of the headgear.
  • After swimming in the sea or in pools with chlorinated water, you should wash your head and use a nutritious mask.
  • After washing it is necessary to use balm to facilitate further combing.

Treatment by folk methods

Folk treatment of wrinkled hair should be aimed at reducing brittleness.

Notable results are given to the use of rinsing from herbs decoctions. To make decoctions, use oak bark, lime blossom, hop cones, nettle grass. Prepare a broth in the calculation of a spoon of grass or a mixture of several herbs on a glass of boiling water. Infuse for about half an hour, then thaw the liquid. Use broth for rinsing with trichokinesis. Then gently wet the hair with a towel and allow them to dry, without using a hair dryer.

Use oils to reduce brittleness. The selected oil should be warmed slightly and gently rubbed into the hair and skin. To put on a head a cap for a shower, and on top to turn a head warmly a thick terry towel. After half an hour you should wash your head and rinse it with a decoction of herbs or diluted lemon juice. What oils to use for hair treatment? These are, first of all, rapeseed and castor oil. You can use olive oil and any other vegetable oil. These oils are basic, you can add almond, coconut butter, wheat germ oil, grape seed.

Hair distorted causes, symptoms, treatment, photo Worth to use oil infusions on herbs to treat wrinkled hair. To cook such an infusion, you should take half a cup of any base oil and a spoon of dry herbs - St. John's wort, clover, nettle. Pour oil on the grass to infuse 10 days. The pre-heated heated oil should be easily rubbed into the skin on the head and gently distributed along the length. It is not necessary to wash the infusion until after three hours.

Helps to fight frailty with trichokinesis masks of sour cream or yogurt on a glass of sour-milk products take one egg yolk and a spoon of cognac. Mix the mass and apply as described above. Wash the mask after an hour, do not use shampoo when flushing, but without applying the balm can not do.

Forecast and prophylaxis of

There is no prophylaxis of congenital diseases. The prognosis with this disease is uncertain, since it is not curable. However, congenital trichokinesis in adolescence often becomes less noticeable, since distorted hair overlaps healthy. However, with strongly expressed trichokinesis, the problem can not be fully cured.