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Reviews Zopo ZP998

Reviews Zopo ZP998

Zopo has introduced its most powerful smartphone. He is called Zopo ZP998.The key feature of the device is a completely new eight-core processor, which by performance outstrips almost all of its competitors.

Reviews Zopo ZP998.Anatoly, Novosibirsk A good, high-quality

model with a huge screen. The IPS matrix is ​​honest here, there are no complaints at all. The processor is also great, all eight cores work together. The camera, as usual for Chinese phones, is mediocre( although it claims 14 megapixels).What I did not really like was a strangely weak battery, which lasts for only one day. It may be a matter of defective firmware, then I will hope that it will fix it soon. Again, the model is good, especially as a multimedia center.

Reviews Zopo ZP998.Hlib, Krasnoyarsk. Why pay for a logo, if you can take cheaper and with the same features? I always adhered to this idea, so I bought Zopo ZP998, why I was not happy. It would seem that the name speaks for itself, but everything is much better. I found an instance of 16 gigabytes, although I was counting on 32. But here's another stuffing of this animal I was very pleased. I will have a bright and clear display, good design, powerful graphics, fast speed, Android 4.2, two cameras, 3G and NFC.And that's all for 12,000 rubles. For the sake of interest, he looked at how much counterparts are, and was shocked: almost twice as expensive. The choice is obvious.

Reviews Zopo ZP998.Mykola, Lipetsk. The smartphone's quality is priced. There is a spare battery, and the screen is just great. Everything in it works out for all hundred percent. The sound in the headphones is just an outage. But still the screen and once more the screen, it is strange and worth its money. But if only the screen, here and there you can call without problems.

Reviews Zopo ZP998.Semen, Rostov-on-Don. Again, China showed its rivals how to do real smartphones! In a few weeks, no bugs or debris were used at all. Watch movies in high definition and HD quality is one solid pleasure. The same applies to photos. And in order not to attach a spade to my ear, I bought a wireless headset. Believe me, the same Samsung is not better than Zopo, just the name is more advanced.

Reviews Zopo ZP998.Alexander, Saratov. Those who are in the topic, I want to say that because of the engineering menu eliminates many disadvantages. For example, the same camera, connection or navigation. Correctly adjusting everything, you can get an ideal device. But, and if the arms grow from one famous place, it is better to look at the famous examples. By the way, the firmware upgrade for the ZP998 has just got a few days, eliminating many small disadvantages.

Reviews Zopo ZP998.Vadim, Yekaterinburg Bribed me Zopo ZP998 with its democratic price and stunning functionality. There was a tricky choice between it and the Thl W300, but through some of the more advanced features stopped at Zopo. The assemblage is made on conscience, there are no annoying sounds. Convenient keyboard, there is a camera with 5 megapixels and from the 14th. The flash can be used as a flashlight, I liked it. A good amount of memory, which is still expanding. The screen is large and protected from scratches. The processor did not have to check yet, but with the programs, the video and the interface is working fine. The phone is quite satisfying to me, I hope that it will not break.

Reviews Zopo ZP998

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