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Pills for hemorrhoids Detralex

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Pills for hemorrhoids Detralex

Hemorrhoids occur in 40% of adults, and this is only official statistics. This disease is not the first century, but the question of its etiopathogenesis

arise up to now.

A person has been able to identify the factors that become the cause of the disease. The main of them - a disease of the colon, malnutrition, pregnancy, childbirth, regular lifting of burdens, sedentary work, alcoholism. A diagnosis of hemorrhoids can be a specialist, even with little experience in proctology and with a minimal set of tools.

Hemorrhoids are not a verdict if a patient changes his lifestyle and starts taking medications. You can get rid of the disease completely and forever.

"Detralex" from hemorrhoid

"Detraleks" tablets are effective medicines against both chronic forms of hemorrhoids and with exacerbations of the disease. The drug has a complex effect on the tone of the veins, local inflammatory processes and blood microcirculation. If the drug is taken as prescribed by the instruction, then the effect is felt within days of the most popular symptoms of acute hemorrhoids.

Special instructions for use of medicines. The Drink Drink should be on six pills a day, four days in a row. Then the dose is reduced to four tablets per day and is taken up to three days.

Many patients in parallel with taking the drug, begin to treat the disease with folk remedies, taking different decoctions of herbs, bark, trees, beekeeping products. Such treatment affects hemorrhoids with double strength.

Pills for hemorrhoids Detralex

Effect of the preparation

The "Detraplex" tablets have venotonizing and angioprotective characteristics. If the adherence to the instructions is followed, the drug is successfully controlled by the tightness of the vascular wall, which does not allow it to stretch. Thus, the fragility of the capillaries decreases, and stagnant blood events in the pelvic region disappear. As already mentioned above, pills for hemorrhoids( list) "Detralex" are taken dosed, as the instruction gives, in this all the positive effect. Optimally show your properties, the drug will start when taking two tablets.

86% of the medicine is excreted in the intestine and 14% in the urine for 12 hours.

Indications for reception of

"Detralex" tablets are prescribed at the diagnosis of "venous insufficiency", which allows data to be treated and hemorrhoids. Feel the pathology in the form of fatigue and the severity of the legs. Often, until the end of the day, the lower extremities suffer from edema, pain and cramps appear. It manifests itself as a cause of blood flow disorders in the veins of the lower extremities, which is observed with hemorrhoids. A disease develops because veins are not able to prevent reverse blood flow, because they experience pressure. Blood begins to press on the walls of the vessels, provoking their stretching. The vascular walls become permeable to the plasma and blood proteins, swelling is observed, and the tissues in this area are sealed. If you stay on the factors that contribute to the appearance of such symptoms, you can see that they are similar to the causes of the development of hemorrhoids.

  • Great weight of the patient;
  • Hereditary weakness of venous walls;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Heavy duty or sitting work;
  • Constant constipation;
  • Hormonal jumps;
  • Wearing corsets and tight underwear.

Side effects of

Pills for hemorrhoids Detralex

From the hemorrhoid of the "Detraplex" Pill, you can not take patients with an individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

Possible Side Effects of Drugs on the Stomach. They are expressed in the form of nausea and vomiting, abdominal discomfort, diarrhea. The drug can affect the central nervous system in the form of dizziness and headache. Probation of an allergy in the form of rashes on the skin( urticaria).

The appearance of such symptoms involves the discontinuation of medication after consultation with the proctologist.

"Detralex" during pregnancy

DetlaLes tablets have been tested on animals, no negative effects on the embryo have been detected. There is also no official data on the adverse effects of the drug on the pregnant woman and her baby. The same can be said about children during the lactation of . However, research is not enough to recommend the use of drugs for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

For the treatment of children, the drug was not used, no data on its positive or negative effects on the child does not exist.

Analogues "Detralex"

Replacing this drug may be drugs with the same spectrum of action. These are the medicines "Venerus", "Venozol", "Vasoket", "Antistax", "Troksevazin", "Anavenol", "Venorouton", "Ginkor Fort". Each of these drugs has a positive effect on the walls of the veins, as well as eliminates the stagnation of the blood in the small pelvis area of ​​.However, taking any medication should only be prescribed by the doctor.

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