How to teach a child to hold the pen correctly

Not all children are able to keep writing supplies right. And, of course, to teach the child this skill - the task of parents. If you were previously taught to write in the first class, then today the child must go to school already prepared for writing, reading, and other subjects. At

today, many techniques have been developed that can teach a child to properly hold the pen and instill interest in this process.


1. How to prepare a hand for writing
2. What should be the position of the fingers of
3. What should be the handle( recommendation recommendations)
4. Description of the existing teaching methods to properly hold the handle
5. Instead of finding

How to prepare a handto the letter

To learn how to hold the handle and other objects properly, you need to train and prepare for a long time.

At the age of 3, parents should begin to think about preparing the child's hands for writing. Special training is best done in a game-familiar game for the child.

Development of small hands motility - a game with small objects, making puzzles, separating balls by colors. All this is accompanied by gymnastic exercises in the form of a game - the fingers turn into heroes and travel by fairy tales.
You can fill your hand by using special exercises:
Drawing .Moreover, it is necessary to engage in this business, using various means, and paints, and pencils, and pencils. Thanks to this lesson, you can learn how to press a writing subject on paper.
Gymnastics for fingers .You can play the puppet theater with your fingers, engage in motor skills and collect puzzles.
Drawing strokes. This exercise will be effective if all the strokes are applied in one direction.
Cutting shapes .To begin with, you need to cut figures along the contour, and when a hand gets caught, you can use it without a contour.

What should be the position of the fingers

If the child is right, then the pen should be placed on the left side of the middle finger. The index finger should hold it from above, so to speak, it must fix it. The thumb should hold the handle on the left side. If the child is left-handed, then the sides on which the handle should be located are opposite. But it is desirable to teach the child to write with his right hand, as in an educational institution they can retrain, that is, they will create difficulties in studying. Fingers should not push the handle, they should be rounded.

During a letter, the child should not feel tired.

If you raise your index finger a little, then the handle should not fall out of hand. If it falls out, the fingers of the child are not properly positioned. The ring finger and ring finger can be placed arbitrarily, most often they "hide" inside the palm. It's a lot more convenient for someone to keep them near your thumb.

How to teach a child to hold the pen correctly
To take the pen in your hand as appropriate, the child needs to try to do simple recommendations:

  • On the middle finger, you must imagine a pad, it should be located just above the upper fold.
  • You need to put a pen in the area to be foreseen( the handle should lie on the left side of the middle finger).
  • Then the big and index fingers cover the pen( the index finger holds the handle from above, and the big holds to the left).
  • Big, index and middle fingers begin to twist around, they are relaxed.
  • It is best for the other fingers to be pressed to the inside of the palm rest.
  • At hand, the leaf rests on the upper part of the little finger.
  • To keep your hand tired, from the end of the object to the end of your index finger should be a half centimeter in length. If this distance is less or more then the hand will become tense and get tired.
  • What should be a handle( recommendations for the choice)

    The Stábilô LôftRight series handles are designed for children who only master the skills of keeping writing supplies upright. They are good with the following features:
    Weight and length are small - the handle is light.

    • The handle has a triangular shape.
    • The case is made of soft, pleasant to the touch of material.
    • There is a deepening of the fingers.
    • The handle has a bright design that attracts children.

    To make the handle comfortable and like a child, it should have the following characteristics:

    • Mother has a rubberized rubber insert.
    • The material should be safe, as children often pull handles in their mouths.
    • The shape of the handle should be triangular.
    • The length of the handle should be no more than 13 centimeters.
    • The handle should be ball-shaped.

    Description of existing teaching methods to properly hold the handle

    Today, psychologists, pedagogues and pediatricians have developed many techniques and schemes that can teach a child to hold the pen. These methods will be described below, they are very simple and effective - and they have become widespread.

    How to teach a child to hold the pen correctly

    Teaching with

    Wipes To teach your child to keep writing supplies you need a napkin and pen. It is necessary to fold a napkin several times, so that one side is about three centimeters. Then a folded napkin should be clipped between the palm of your hand and the ring finger and little finger. The remaining three fingers need to straighten and make them look up.
    Then, with your fingers, you need to take the handle as described above. If the child does not master how to hold the handle correctly, using this method, he will keep it right, since he will have only three fingers left.

    Learning by analogy with the game in the darts

    Anyone playing darts and even the children are enthralled by the game. So, this game will help you master the skill of holding the pen. If the child never throws darts, then before the training will have to master the skills of the game.
    All game fans know to score more points and get into an apple, you need to hold the darts correctly, with three fingers. By the way, the jaw and pen must occupy a similar position. So, when the child is taking a leaf, it's worth reminding him that the handle should be taken as well as the darts. And then the result will be stunning. How to teach a child to hold the pen correctly

    Training with a special pad on the pen or pencil

    Today, the stores have a lot of overlays that allow you to quickly master the skill of writing. With the help of them it is wrong to take a pen or another object will not work. On sale there are nozzles of different shapes, colors and material. The most popular are nozzles in the form of animals that capture the child.
    Such nozzles are called writing simulators. They can be purchased for children who write with the right and left handles.


    Techniques There are several ways to learn how to hold the pens properly. The stores feature a mass of pens, with which the child can learn to keep the accessories for writing properly. On the pens there are slots and tubercles that will interfere with the letter if the handle is taken incorrectly.

    To teach your child to hold the pen, you need to be patient and follow all of the methods described. The child needs to be constantly monitored for the best result. You need to combine learning with the game to interest it, as learning is always something boring.

    How to teach a child to hold the pen correctly

    Instead of Conclusion

    There are many problems faced by the parents of a growing child associated with education, treatment, education, and the like. However, many of them, as well as the problem of proper holding the pen while writing, is solved very quickly. The main thing is to express patience and understanding of this situation.