Headache in the morning: Causes and treatment at home

Headache occurs at any time and attacks can last quite long. What affects these painful feelings, and how can you get rid of them? There are a lot of reasons and they are very individual.

Headache in the morning: Causes and treatment at home

Various injuries and serious illnesses, poor blood circulation and pressure drop, fatigue and

depression. Any of these causes is curable or partially addressed. First you need to find out the exact cause, and then choose the most effective treatment.


  • Causes of morning headache
  • Wrong Lifestyle and Nutrition
  • Related Diseases
  • What Pills To Take?
  • Treat morning headache

itself. Causes of morning headache

Let's dwell on headaches that occur in the morning. There are times when you wake up with this feeling, and there are cases of pain during a very short time after awakening.

Headache in the morning can occur for several reasons, such as intoxication of the body with toxic substances. They can include alcohol, gas, steam, gas.

This is due to the fact that during sleep, harmful substances penetrate into the tissues of the brain. Then there is an increase in their form in the form of edema, so there is pressure on the shell of the brain and nerve endings begin to get sick.

Body and head position during sleep. Very often there are habits to sleep on the stomach or without a pillow. Someone after that normal state of health, but very often because of this morning, a headache hurts.

If you are sitting asleep, your head may be thrown back or tilted down. In such situations there is an arterial blood flow disorder that is located in the spine. Also squeezed the nerve of the vertebral unit.

As a result, in the morning there is a headache. Because of this, it is necessary to choose the right pose for sleep to wake up in the morning with a fresh head.

Very often massage is used for medical purposes, but the fact is that it is very cautious and only under the supervision of a specialist is necessary to do a massage of the collar zone. In the process of such massage, the blood drains sharply into the neck region of the brain.

For this reason, blood circulation is disturbed. If you have high blood pressure or ischemia, such actions can cause a stroke or a heart attack. Specialists do not recommend such massage in the evening, before bedtime.

Possible pathologies in brain development. In such cases, there is a violation of cerebrospinal fluid outflow or an incorrect placement of the tonsils of the cerebellum.

Pathological development of the spine. In this case, the cervical vertebra is located in the occipital opening. Because of this very bad outflow of cerebrospinal fluid occurs as a result of the morning headache occurs.

Any kind of education in the brain. Such sensations may occur even if the tumor is benign. In this case, there is simply pressure on the brain tissue, blood circulation is disturbed, the spinal fluid is delayed. Headache in the morning may indicate complicated diseases of the brain and any organ.

Wrong Lifestyle and Nutrition

A great influence on the health of any person has a way of life and nutrition.

What to Deny:

  • Alcohol, Nicotine, Narcotic Substances;
  • greasy, salty, spicy, smoked foods;
  • strong tea and coffee, in large quantities;
  • overeating, especially overnight;
  • eating foods that contain preservatives and nutritional supplements;
  • excessive consumption of high-titranic products.

What's called the right way of life:

  • is a healthy and healthy sleep: eight to ten hours a day;
  • physical education and sports;
  • is a healthy and healthy diet.

A headache in the morning may occur due to malnutrition and lifestyle. A person feels a lot of stress at work and in solving everyday problems. From this organism it is necessary to give an opportunity to restore the forces. To do this, you need a healthy and regular sleep.

Sports and physical education are essential, especially if you are at work at your desk. Physical exercise should be feasible, age and health must be taken into account. From this, general health and blood circulation will improve.

Proper nutrition will help you get the right amount of vitamins and minerals of natural origin. To do this you need to eat vegetables, fruits, greens, low-fat meats, fish, dairy products.

You can make a balanced diet. Usually the body itself instructs its needs, to listen to this need, but at the same time make certain conclusions.

After the use of these tips, immunity will always be in the appropriate tone and the possibility of any disease will be minimized. Such measures help to stabilize weight and get rid of excess, which can be an independent cause of headaches in the morning.

Rules for healthy lifestyles are very good preventive measures after suffered injuries and complicated diseases. They should just get into the habit and depression and the bad mood will cease to be your companions.

Concomitant diseases

In principle, any disease can cause headache in the morning. This can lead to a common cold. All types of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose and throat. When sinuses and sinusitis accumulate a large amount of mucus overnight, after awakening, the outflow begins to gradually recover so long as the nasal sinuses are not completely cleared, the head may hurt.

Particular attention should be paid to hypertension. Increased pressure directly affects headaches, which can occur at any time of the day. Very often, with increased pressure in the morning, a pain attack occurs.

The same effect is observed in people with reduced pressure. In order to avoid such situations, it is necessary to monitor the state of pressure and, if necessary, take medicines at the appointment of a physician.

Very painful attacks in the morning impose the presence of a disease such as vegetative vascular dystonia. This is due to a violation of the tone of the vessels.

As a result, they can sharply narrow or expand, after which there is a pressure drop. The body can not instantly rebuild and there is an assault of pain.

Against this backdrop, the general condition deteriorates, the scar is felt throughout the body. Such an illness affects not only adults, but also children. The nature of the emergence of the VSD is diverse.

Appearance of a vessel failure can be due to:

  • frequent stress situations;
  • changing the hormonal background;
  • long stay at low temperature;
  • overfill and overvoltage;
  • effects of head and spine injuries;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • is a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle.

The effects of head and spine injuries can last a long time after recovery to cause unpleasant feelings in the form of headaches in the morning. Such situations arise due to disturbances in the work of certain parts of the body and can make themselves felt during overloads or changes in weather.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to under what circumstances or after which events an attack occurs. Try to avoid them and if necessary take medications.

What Pills To Take?

Headache in the morning: Causes and treatment at home There is a large amount of anesthetics for the relief of headache attacks. If you are rarely visited by such attacks, you can simply do analgin, paracetamol and the attack will be compartmental.

When you visit a doctor, consult with them, tell us about these pains. If an attack occurs several times a week, you urgently need to go to a doctor. To take constantly pain medications is too often very harmful. All toxic components accumulate in the body and can lead to very bad consequences.

During pregnancy, in general, taking medications without special need is not recommended. If you still need to do this only after appointing a doctor.

For the relief of an attack, take the drugs of the group of analgesics, antispasmodics. Currently popular drugs such as Nurofen, "Solpadein", "Tempalgin", "Citramon", "Analgin", "Pentalgin".You can just take acetylsalicylic acid and after a while you will feel relieved.

Many medicines contain paracetamol, so it can be used in its pure form. This way will help to take off the attack and all the ingredients of this medication will quickly come out of the body.

Therefore, there is the opinion that Paracetamol is the most harmless drug. In small doses, he even prescribes a pregnant woman, especially if headaches in the morning come very often.

For preventive purposes it is possible to take acetyltin tablets every Thursday. With constant intake, blood will not be too thick, which will help you get rid of not only headaches, but also improve the work of the heart and blood vessels in general.

When choosing a drug, you must take into account the general state of your health. Currently, an allergic reaction to medicines or to one of its components is very common.

The presence of kidney or liver, stomach and intestinal diseases does not allow any medication to be taken, especially uncontrolled. Any medication should be prescribed by the doctor, with precise indication of the dosage and the duration of the admission.

Treat morning headache yourself

Headache in the morning: Causes and treatment at home There are many ways to relieve headache attacks without medication. If you are tormented by morning headaches, start your awakening gradually, do not rise sharply from the bed.

You can lie down on the neck, arms and legs. After that, go up and sit on the bed to repeat the same thing. Get up on your feet smoothly and do not immediately make sharp movements.

In normal state of health, take a physical charge or run along the street. You can do several squats, slopes. The movements should not be too sharp. You can choose the number yourself, but at least not less than five. If such actions are performed every day, morning attacks can retreat or be very short and impolite.

Jogging, outdoor walks have a beneficial effect on the whole body. Blood is saturated with oxygen, the heart muscle is always in the right tone, fatigue and overload is several times faster.

You can still take in the morning a contrast shower, which also improves blood circulation, tones up the work of vessels. Many help the warm compress on the head. It is necessary to soak the head with warm water and wrap it with a towel. In this case, the vessels expand from heat and begin to well supply the brain with blood.

A very good way to consider a head massage. You can do it yourself by lying or sitting. Pumice your head with your fingertips circularly. You can start from the forehead or the neck.

Choose it yourself, it's best to start from the place where pain is felt most. Be sure to rub the whiskey and forehead. If the feeling that the whole head is hurting, walk around with your fingertips right across the entire area. After that, you can stay in a comfortable position for a while and relax. When the pain begins to retreat, do your things.

To remove headache attacks at home, you can use herbal teas containing mint and camomile. They can be added to ordinary tea or mixed with green. But before that, be sure to observe your pressure. You need to know exactly what herbs can be taken at low and high pressure.

Headaches in the morning can make you feel frustrated and develop a depressive condition. In the first place, it is necessary to find out their reason and consult a specialist for advice.

A qualified doctor will help you find the right treatment and give you the tips you need to help get rid of the attacks. It is very important after a treatment to follow a healthy lifestyle and eat well. That the return of headache attacks became practically impossible.