Where to go after 9th grade: a list of professions for girls

It is known that full secondary education in the walls of the school is ready to receive not all schoolchildren. Annually, a certain percentage of nine-year-olds leave school classes and enroll in educational institutions for specialty. What motives are driving them, where to go and what profession of

to devote to life? Such and similar issues are worried by the graduates themselves and their parents. Indeed, the list of occupations that girls can get after grade 9 is very large. In 15 years, it's very difficult to choose one that will have to connect one's life. That is why we decided to devote several articles to this topic, one of which, perhaps, will help the girls decide where to go to study after grade 9.The list of occupations for girls will also be presented in the materials.


1. Should I go from school after grade 9
2. How to choose
3. Where to go to study after grade 9
4. How to simplify the entry after grade 9
5. Top professions for girls after 9

Should I gofrom school after grade 9

Many parents are afraid of a child's decision to continue schooling outside the school's walls after grade 9.Immediately in the imagination sad images of all kinds of vocational schools, secondary education and the profession of janitor. After all, for my beloved daughter, parents did not want this.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with the fact that the daughter is thinking about earning after 9 years of schooling, and even there are a number of benefits.

  • For the 9th form graduates, more budget places are planned in educational institutions( which is very important for large families with low income).
  • In a dormitory at a school yesterday's 9-classroom is easier to get a bed than full-time secondary school graduates.
  • After class 9 students get a profession faster, which allows them to start their work and continue their studies in VNs in absentia.
  • Graduates from the technical school or college for those 2 years, as their peers in the 10-11 grades, graduates can obtain higher education in VN for accelerated program in 2-3 years( instead of 5-6 years).
  • has previously become independent.
  • But in the decision to go to colleges, schools and other educational institutions after 9 classes, there are certain drawbacks.

  • When enrolled in an educational institution, yesterday's nine-year-old student usually goes from the parents' home, which causes the worries and feelings of parents about him.
  • At age 15, most teens do not quite understand who they would like to be in the future, so choosing a profession after grade 9 is fraught with mistakes and disappointments.
  • Sometimes the decision to admit after grade 9 is due to a low average mark of incomplete secondary education, when the child does not take the competition in the 10th grade. In this case, there is a risk not to go through the competition and in another educational institution to the desired specialty. An entrant may either study at a paid office or choose a specialty "cheaper", but it is not always what the entrant would like to receive.
  • How to choose the

    If an adult daughter long before the end of grade 9 will go through a list of suitable occupations and choose for themselves what is closer to her, it will be only a plus. However, girls often decide to enter this or that school only then, that there goes her girlfriend, with whom they have grown for many years.

    If you do not grow with the choice of profession at the end of the 9th grade, you can try to continue your schooling in grade 11 if you have the average score. If, however, there is no desire or opportunity for continuing education at school, then it is necessary to make every effort and determine how the sphere of activity is most appropriate. Parents can and should even actively participate in the choice of the profession of the daughter, but not to impose their opinion, but only to direct.

    In order to determine which sphere it is better to immerse, one can analyze his abilities, character, pass vocational guidance tests, and visit selected educational institutions in advance( in the spring often open days of open doors).Where to go after 9th grade: a list of professions for girls

    Where to go after grade 9

    Sometimes the decision to enter after grade 9 is influenced by the low score obtained from the subjects in the school. Therefore, girls are going to acquire further education in colleges or technical schools.

    The advantage of this form of education is the ability to get a profession in 2-3 years, after which the girl will be able to work in a specialty and, if desired, enroll in correspondence studies at an institution of higher education.

    Getting higher education after studying at a college or college is often more appropriate for low-income families who are not able to pay for expensive study at higher education institutions.

    If a girl wants to get a profession as soon as possible, then you can learn on narrow-profile courses, after which to go to work on the received specialty. Upon completion of studies and the beginning of work you can do the correspondence department in the technical school.

    How to simplify the entry after 9th grade

    Choosing where to go to study after grade 9, you need to seriously weigh all pros and cons. If, after obtaining secondary education, it is planned to continue entering the institution of higher education, it is better to immediately choose a profession that will allow them to continue their studies, and not to start again. For example, if you plan to get a doctor's profession, but first go to the "nursing business".Having mastered the profession of nurse, it will be possible to apply for documents at the university and continuing to work in the specialty, to receive higher education. Although, one should say that the medical institutions of the correspondence department is not provided. But still, it's better than getting a hairdresser's diploma, continuing education for an engineer.

    When choosing an educational institution, find out in advance what items are to be taken for admission, which documents need to be prepared, or there are any privileges for the entrants. It would be a good idea to increase school attendance in order to improve its average score, it often plays a crucial role in enrolling an entrant.

    Top professions for girls after grade 9

    In this section, we will give you some of the skills that girls can get if they go after grade 9.


    Noble Profession of Junior Medical Staff. The main task of the nurses is to fulfill all the doctor's appointments proposed for patients. We can say that this is the first doctor's assistant. It is not necessary to consider that the fate of nurses - just drops and prick. This is an indispensable participant in the medical process. Where to go after 9th grade: a list of professions for girls

    Depending on the field of activity, the nursing profession has a wide range of specializations:

    • is the chief nurse. Here you need higher education, which can be obtained after mastering the profession in the direction of "nursing business".The responsibilities of the senior nurse include the organization of work of the hospital staff, the division of responsibilities and control over their implementation.
    • Senior Nurse. This post implies the administration of a medical team. The duties include management and control of the work of junior medical personnel, supply of departments with medicines and materials.
    • procedure nurse - injections, drops, screening tests - all these are the duties of the procedural nurse.
    • operating nurse works in a surgical department. Her responsibilities include the preparation of tools, materials and linen for operations.
    • district nurse is an assistant to the district doctor at the reception. She also carries out patronage of patients at home, performs paperwork.

    Master of Manicure / Pedicure

    Despite the fact that now it is very fashionable and demanded profession, it is not suitable for everyone. If the girl has a bad vision or have problems with her back, then it is better to refuse to purchase such a profession. Where to go after 9th grade: a list of professions for girls

    Plus is a quick learning experience and a quick start to work. Work in salons only requires skill. If the daughter wants to work at home, be prepared for financial participation at the initial stage of her career, since it is necessary to purchase materials and equipment for work.


    The hairdresser's job is a bit of a climb with the previous manicurist's profession. Learning is quick, start can also be quick and successful if the girl is able to find a place in the cabin. Otherwise, you will have to independently look for a place to work, buy equipment, tools, materials. All this is rather expensive, and if you consider that beauty salons are now a lot, then the competitiveness should be quite high. Otherwise, work may not get better. Where to go after 9th grade: a list of professions for girls

    It is not recommended to work for girls with problems with upper respiratory tract suffering from allergies and poor eyesight.


    The presence of pharmaceutical education gives the right to work as a pharmacist. The area of ​​professional activity is connected with the sale of medicinal products. The theoretical basis includes knowledge of pharmacology, pharmacy technology. Stability, endurance and good health are the key to successful implementation of a pharmacist in a professional field. Self-education of a specialist will provide impeccable knowledge of the classification of modern drugs. Where to go after 9th grade: a list of professions for girls

    Catering Service Master The profession of restaurant services master is becoming a competitive public catering market. The functional duties of the specialist of this profile make the work creative, diverse and exciting. So, in the scope of the duties of the wizard includes the compilation of the menu of the company food, the development of a pricelist, advertising activities, personnel management, organization of celebrations, service of foreign visitors. A professional master is able to arrange quality catering( outbound service).Having mastered this profession perfectly, one can become better, realize the potential, as the demand for qualified masters of service in restaurants is increasing. Where to go after 9th grade: a list of professions for girls


    Creation of culinary art is forbidden to create a cook. The work of specialists is applied at public catering enterprises. The key cook's responsibility is to cook in accordance with the technology and compliance with the recipes. The role of the chef for the company is important, as the visitor goes to the name of the culinary wizard. The ability to create masterpieces from the products, to give the dishes excellent taste and aroma make the cook's profession very in demand. Responsibility, decency, precision - the leading features of a specialist. Mastering skills in cookery skills can be found at any educational institution, in courses. Where to go after 9th grade: a list of professions for girls

    Information and Software Processing Operator

    Information analysis, video editing, programming, and site building are leading areas of the operator's activity. The list of labor duties includes the preparation of working computers personnel of the enterprise, connection of various office equipment, installation of programs. The professionalism of the operator is to use the maximum capabilities of computer technology to solve the tasks. Diploma of technician-programmer is issued by secondary-specialized educational institutions. Where to go after 9th grade: a list of professions for girls


    Attorney - specialist in the field of production management. In essence, it is a good manager who is engaged in administrative work, prepares documents, orders, resolutions and other tasks of the manager, conducts his affairs and much more.


    The cashier manages the cash desk in the company where he works( bank, shop).He works with money banknotes, plastic cards, sometimes electronic money. In modern companies, the cashier combines the responsibilities of an accountant, controller and other financial professionals. Where to go after 9th grade: a list of professions for girls


    You can obtain an Accountant's profession on the basis of 9 classes. All his duties will be the same as that of accountants after 11 classes of training: reports and accounts of assets, liabilities, income and expenses, debit and credit. The only disadvantage is the inability to hold high positions, which requires higher education. Where to go after 9th grade: a list of professions for girls

    In any case, that your child does not decide, try to understand his choice and support. Those who have decided on the choice of future profession ahead of the entrance exams, and for those who are still in doubt, we will tell you how to make the right choice.