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Reviews Explay Atom

Reviews Explay Atom

Explay Atom represents a family of extremely inexpensive budget smartphones. The main advantages of the device: the price, the battery and modern filling. The smartphone supports at once three SIM cards, and the color can be both black and white.

Reviews Explay Atom. Anna, St. Petersburg. Interesting model

and cheap! The great power of Yandex may seem like a problem, but for me it's not so important( I still do not use the built-in browser).Not very convenient to use it, constantly during the conversation I touch them to the cheek. The camera does not support the trick, but in sunny and clear weather the photos can turn out simply chic. The calendar did not understand. Absorbs too much energy when found on the Internet. Getting used, gradually stop paying attention to all these minuses. And here's a brief merit: the new Android, speed, nice to use the internet, low cost.

Reviews Explay Atom. Pavel, Irkutsk As smart phone at its price. Bright screen, good sound, the sensor does not bite. Chip Mali-400 MP works well with non-demanding games. Proximity sensors and lighting) lead their lives and work inadequately. This is particularly troublesome when talking. It's bad that there's almost no spare parts for the phone. The firm service says that there is a long wait for repair due to lack of parts, which are simply not enough at all. Like this. But for such funny money this is the best option.

Reviews Explay Atom. Alex, St. Petersburg. I want to run on the merits, and then on the drawbacks. So here's a very loud speaker, and the smartphone is fast. Now about the negativity: almost not hear the interlocutor, the screen only TFT, did not find Google Play. Later I put the root and solved the problem. Explay Atom - a good smartphone, but raw. Let's see how they will release the update.

Reviews Explay Atom. Denis, Moscow. When it was buying, it did not detect any problems. But then they started getting out. There are clicks that appear when you click on the display. It does not hurt much, but it still upset. Many casual presses are already spoken in various forums, so it is. The service center offered to bring for repairs, but I have no time to do this. It looks like this is an Explay global problem, whose devices work well through one. Now I want to get rid of it and forget forever.

Reviews Explay Atom. Dmitry, Yekaterinburg. While I use - the flight is normal. If it takes a couple more years, then my purchase will be perfect. After all, for 3 thousand it is better not to find anything, that's for sure. The screen, of course, is not juicy absolutely, but quite big enough. A fresh Android version is on the spot. Externally, very nice, but powerful features. Just remember, you can embed 3 SIM cards at once! When I found out, I was almost out of touch. Now two seven are not supported at all, but there are as many as three. In general, the billing phone.

Reviews Explay Atom

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