Tummy butter for skin and for weight loss

In Eastern medicine, black cumin and its unique properties have been used for about three thousand years, and the prophet Mohammed attributes the statement: "In black cumin healing from all diseases, except death".The scientific studies conducted in the second half of the 20th

century have demonstrated the powerful strengthening effect of black cumin on the human immune system.

Tummy oil for skin and for weight loss

Gradually black cumin and oil extracted from it have gained popularity in Russia. They have found wide application not only in medicine, but also in cosmetology due to the regenerating effect of cumin oil on the skin. Particularly useful for oily skin, because it reduces inflammatory processes in the sebaceous glands, resolves hematomas, does not allow to spread boils. Cumin oil for the skin due to the content of essential oils in it is an effective bactericidal and antiseptic remedy.

Chamomile oil is also used to restore hair, eliminate the problems of the scalp and prevent graying.

How to lose weight with the use of simmer oil

The cinnamon oil of black cumin was used by the inhabitants of Ancient Greece to support youth and beauty as well as to achieve the perfect figure. Today, this proven and very effective way can be used by any girl who seeks to lose weight quickly and safely.

The simplest scheme of admission is as follows: about a quarter of an hour before eating it is necessary to take a teaspoon of this oil. To enhance the effect can be added to the cabbage of a tablespoon of natural honey. The whole mixture is better inquiries with boiled water, so that it is better absorbed by the body. It is recommended to repeat this procedure in the morning and evening, ie before breakfast or before dinner. If you do not eat, then the first reception of oil is allowed to move at lunch time.

But there is a more expanded, advanced circuit. It is suitable for those who aspire to achieve a noticeable result and on the way to perfection is ready for a lot. The entire cycle is approximately two months of regular use of cumin oil. It should be remembered that before eating butter you can eat nothing, and after the reception should go at least thirty minutes before you sit at the table. It is also recommended to exclude carbohydrates from the menu: potatoes, bread, pasta, flour products, and so on - if not for the whole duration of the diet, then, at least, on its first half. Then the effect will be visible to the naked eye!

Tummy oil for skin and for weight loss

First month

  • Week 1 - take 1 tablespoon butter for breakfast and drink a glass of boiled water;
  • Week № 2 - take 1 tablespoon butter for breakfast and dinner and drink a glass of boiled water;
  • Week No. 3 - Take 2 tablespoons of simmer oil until breakfast and drink two glasses of boiled water( that is, everything in the first week but in a double dose);
  • Week 4 - Repeat the first week.

The second month of

Here, cumin oil is used without water( except for the final week), and the daily diet excludes fats - not completely, but as much as possible. The recommended rate is no more than 20 grams per day.

  • Week No. 1 - Take one item.spoon of oil( without water);
  • Week 2 - take two st.spoons of oil( without water);
  • Week № 3 - take two tablespoons of cottage cheese for 30 minutes before meals three times a day;
  • Week 4 - take one ounce of spoon of oil and one glass of water twice a day.

Cumin oil can also be used as refueling. In the summer, light salads are seasonal vegetables, and in the winter months it will be sauerkraut. This oil does not like metal collisions, so use a spoon of wood or food plastic to mix the dish.