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Oleszine Candles: Instructions for Use

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Oleszine Candles: Instructions for Use

drug Hemorrhoids are considered a fairly common chronic disease that affects a large number of people around the world. The course of the disease is characterized by constant

changes in periods of calm and exacerbations. Exacerbation of hemorrhoids can occur completely unexpectedly, accompanied by painful symptoms that can cause a lot of discomfort in everyday life. Therefore, it is very important to have at hand an effective remedy that will help you cope quickly with disturbing unpleasant symptoms. Best for these purposes rectal candles are suitable.

Reticular suppositories

Hemorrhoids are characterized by the formation of nodes on the walls of the rectum due to the swelling of hemorrhoidal veins, which leads to poor circulation in the pelvic region. Specialists recommend using rectal candles to get rid of painful sensations, burning, itching and other manifestations of hemorrhoids. It is the candles considered as the most effective means in the fight against the symptoms of inflamed hemorrhoids, as they act directly in the cavity of the rectum. In order to pick up certain candles that will be safe and bring maximum benefit to the patient, you should consult with the proctologist.

"Olestezin" is considered one of the most effective and safe anti-heroin agents released in the form of rectal candles. It acts locally, the drug relieves acute pain, fights inflammatory processes and helps to heal damaged tissues.

"Olestein" is recommended for use in the following cases:

  • in the period of acute hemorrhoids;
  • for the treatment of anal fissures;
  • to eliminate itching in the anus.
  • Such candles are equally effective in the treatment of both external and internal hemorrhoids. Their active substances contribute to the reduction of nodules and stimulate the regenerative processes of damaged rectal mucosa. Also, "Olestein" is used to stop bleeding from inflamed hemorrhoids and increase the elasticity of cavernous veins, which prevents the emergence of new nodes.

    The maximum therapeutic effect of the use of rectal candles "Olestezin" is achieved with complex therapy of hemorrhoids. Temporary removal of symptoms is not the ultimate solution to an unpleasant problem. In the absence of proper therapy, which can only be prescribed by a qualified specialist, hemorrhoids can recur after some time.

    The composition of the

    "Olestezin" is distinguished by the integrity of the components included in its composition. Therefore, its use is not associated with any risk or side effect. It is recommended to use it at the appointment of a doctor, even during pregnancy, without fear of the child's health. Active active ingredients of the drug gently cope with the problem of inflamed hemorrhoids. Among the main active ingredients are:

    • concentrated extract of sea buckthorn oil;
    • etazol-sodium;
    • anesthetic.

    Oleszine Candles: Instructions for Use

    Oil of sea buckthorn, which has long been used as a medicine for hemorrhoids in folk medicine, contains nutrients and vitamins that provide its medicinal properties. So, the action of vitamin C is aimed at strengthening the walls of hemorrhoids, which promotes the stopping of bleeding and significant reduction of nodes. The presence of tannins and organic acids in the oil causes the antiseptic effect of drugs. The healing and anti-edema properties of the drug is also due to sea buckthorn oil.

    The action of etosol sodium is aimed at eliminating inflammation due to antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. This component is low-toxic and very quickly excreted from the body.

    Anesthezin( an analogue of benzocaine), which acts directly on the intestinal mucosa, is an important part of the local anesthetizing function during the period of exacerbation of the symptoms of hemorrhoids, quickly eliminating the pain syndrome.

    However, it is necessary to take into account the contraindications to the use of this remedy."Olestein" can provoke an allergic reaction in the presence of hypersensitivity to one of its components. In this case, it is worth picking up a more appropriate analog. Before starting pregnancy, you should also consult a specialist.

    The course of treatment for

    The effectiveness of treatment with this drug depends on the correct use of the drug. The best effect of "Olestein" provides with complex therapy of hemorrhoids. During the exacerbation of the disease, the use of drugs should be combined with a certain diet and a decrease in the load and pressure on hemorrhoidal cones, especially with external hemorrhoids. Adhering to the principles of sparing nutrition is necessary to prevent even greater irritation of the rectum mucosa and reduce the flow of blood to inflamed nodes. It is recommended to avoid the following products:

    • greasy;
    • acute and salty;
    • canned food;
    • Sweets

    Oleszine Candles: Instructions for Use

    Instructions for the use of such rectal candles are made in accordance with the recommendations of proctologists. The instruction provides a therapeutic course of up to 10 days maximum. Typically, "Olestein" is prescribed for a period of 5 to 7 days. Candles need to be administered rectally in the morning and in the evening. It is recommended to use one candle at a time, but with acute painful sensations used for 2 candles. Reviews testify to the rapid onset of the effect after the first use of candles. And after a complete course of treatment, healing of damaged tissues and the complete elimination of unpleasant symptoms occur. If symptoms persist after the end of treatment, you should consult your doctor about further treatment.

    Keep "Olestezin" in a cool place that is not accessible for moisture. At the end of the expiry date, as the instruction indicates, the use of the drug for therapeutic purposes is not worth it.

    Features of the drug

    The efficacy of "Olestein" is evidenced by numerous positive patient responses. You can also find reviews about its use during pregnancy. In the process of pregnancy, hemorrhoids arise under the influence of the burden on the organs of the small pelvis. The safety of drugs during pregnancy is in the first place for the expectant mother.

    Olestein is allowed not only during pregnancy, but also after childbirth - during breastfeeding. Many young mothers leave positive reviews about the drug, since it effectively combats postpartum hemorrhoids and does not harm the baby.

    "Olestezin" is one of the best local action drugs. These candles contain a unique combination of active ingredients, which makes them more effective compared to analogues. Any analogues inferior to them in combination of safety and softness of action. In addition, such candles are easy to use and do not cause difficulties in application.

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