Permanent tattoo: 7 questions that are of interest to women

A permanent makeup of eyebrows has appeared in the field of cosmetology relatively recently, but surely gaining popularity among the fair sex. What is this procedure? In essence, it is the application of a paint under the skin, which helps to change the shape of the eyebrows( make them symmetrical) and the

will give the face more distinct features. Considering that this technology of beauty is not familiar to everyone, we will try to answer the most popular questions.

Permanent tattoo: 7 questions that are of interest to women

Beautiful eyebrows are the result of your attention to them


  • What is a permanent tattoo?
  • Ways: hair dyeing, henna, kneading
    • Aseptic
    • Aids
    • by Henna
  • The technique of correction of
  • Before and after the
  • procedure When the crust comes out?
  • Tattoo Removal: Laser or Chemistry?
  • Price and Reviews

What is a permanent tattoo?

Eyebrow tattoo is a mechanical damage to the upper layer of the skin at a depth of about 1 millimeter, followed by the introduction of coloring agents of organic origin. The procedure requires a beautician certain skills, so it is only performed in specialized salons. Taking into account that the tattoo is very in demand, there are a lot of offers from individuals on the Internet, about correction at home. We do not recommend using the services of home-grown specialists, ignorance of technology and non-compliance with the basic rules of procedure, may lead to undesirable consequences.

Permanent tattoo: 7 questions that are of interest to women

Note that a properly made eyebrow makeup looks completely natural. The paint is kept for a long time, it is not washed off with water and resistant to external environmental influences. It is worth noting that the dye is eventually washed out of the body, so the procedure should be repeated from time to time.

Ways: hair dyeing, henna, kneading

Currently, there are three methods to change the form of eyebrows and make them more distinct. Let's see what cosmetology offices offer.


This technology is also called shotting or watercolor. The essence of smoothing is to draw the line of eyebrows, which gives a full visual effect. Externally, the arc looks like after finishing with a pencil. Watercolor is suitable for all types and colors of hair. The effect of the procedure is fixed for 6 months.

Permanent tattoo: 7 questions that are of interest to women


hair strain method This is a more painstaking way to make eyebrow tattoos. Here the master draws extra hairs between existing vegetation. This technology requires the beautician certain skills, but corrected eyebrows look quite natural, in contrast to the previous method. The tattoo made by the hair method lasts about 2 years.

Permanent tattoo: 7 questions that are of interest to women


This technique is called bioatatus for eyebrows. The method is suitable for those women who do not want to eyebrow their needles, as in the two previous variants. Here is a temporary drawing of henna, which is washed away over time.

Permanent tattoo: 7 questions that are of interest to women

Important! Cornea of ​​eyebrows does not cause allergic reactions and has no contraindications.

Correction technique

A permanent makeup of eyebrows is done as follows:

  • The skin is cleared of cosmetics and degreased.
  • An anesthetic is applied to the arc. Eyebrow tattoo, a rather unpleasant procedure, especially for women with low pain threshold.
  • The chemical pencil is a sketch of the future eyebrow. Curve, width and length are determined.
  • If the client is satisfied with everything, an artificial pigmentation of the skin in the eyebrows is carried out. To do this, use special devices.
  • Permanent tattoo: 7 questions that are of interest to women

    The procedure takes about 60 minutes.

    Before and After the

    Procedure If you decide to adjust the eyebrows, you need to know that there are requirements that are mandatory before and after the procedure. Note that the quality of the tattoo depends not only on the qualification of the wizard, but also on yourself. Here's how the advice of cosmetologists looks.

    toHaving decided on a tattoo, it is necessary to try to remove from the body unwanted toxins. In particular, reduce the consumption of coffee and cigarettes, try to avoid stressful situations. Within 10 days before visiting a specialist, you need to regularly handle eyebrows with a traction jaw. When choosing a cosmetologist pay attention to the appropriate certificates, the sterility of the cabinet and equipment.

    Permanent tattoo: 7 questions that are of interest to women

    After. Upon completion of the procedure, eyebrows require clever care. Therefore, coming home, you need to gently wipe out to make a squirrel and handle the eyebrows tetracycline ointment. Please note that this day, you should refrain from washing, so as not to further hurt the skin. Until the arches completely cure, it is strictly forbidden to comb the damaged areas of the skin. This will cause scarring and make the pigmentation uneven.

    When will crust come?

    This issue is the most worried ladies. Everything depends on the age of the client, the way of tattooing and the individual features of the skin. The result after the procedure becomes noticeable immediately, but the final appearance, eyebrows take after 2-3 weeks. Immediately after adjustment, edema and reddening of the skin may occur. In addition, there is a crust of sugar. Cosmetologists do not recommend stripping this crochet: it dries itself and falls off. It usually takes 72 to 160 hours.

    Permanent tattoo: 7 questions that are of interest to women

    Glad! Given this feature, it's better to correct the shape of the eyebrows at weekends or during holidays.

    Tattoo Removal: Laser or Chemistry?

    After a while, the tattoo made fade, so a correction is required. There are no exact deadlines for re-carrying out the procedure, here you need to focus on your own appearance. In addition, the correction allows to eliminate minor defects admitted by the wizard during the first procedure.

    If you do not get the result or you have a desire to change the image, you can remove the tattoo. There are several ways to do this:

    • Chemical. Under the skin, an active substance that dissolves pigmentation is introduced, producing residues of the dye through the lymphatic system. The method is very effective, but if you use it incorrectly, it can burn the skin. In addition, the complete recovery process is delayed to 6 months.
    • Laser. The directed beam breaks down the dye, which is subsequently excreted from the body naturally. The effectiveness of the laser depends on the color of the skin, for example, on the strip of the epidermis the ray dissipates and becomes ineffective.

    Permanent tattoo: 7 questions that are of interest to women

    Laser procedure is safe from all sides

    Price and reviews

    If you search for information on forums, then the tattoo is characterized mainly from the positive side. The procedure is, of course, unpleasant, but the result is fixed for a long time, natural dyes, resistant to external influences. There are network and negative moments. This is usually due to an appeal to an unskilled specialist. Therefore, we recall that permanent makeup of eyebrows should be done only in clinical conditions!

    Excite ladies and the cost of eyebrow tattooing. Much of this depends on the skills of the wizard and the geographical location of the city. For example, the price for eyebrow tattoos in the capital varies from 6,000 to 8,000 rubles. The cost of laser removal is 1,500-2,000 rubles. Please note that these are average rates.