Headaches of tension: causes, symptoms and treatment by folk remedies

In this article, we will look at headaches associated with tension. Because of what they arise, which symptoms are preceded by them, we also give some recipes of folk medicine to combat this kind of headache.

Headaches of tension: causes, symptoms and treatment by folk remedies

Probably it's impossible to find an adult who at least once in

's life did not bother with headaches of tension. It is this type of headache that is considered one of the most common.


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  • What are these and what are the kinds?
  • Symptoms preceding headaches
  • Causes of pain in the head
  • What and how to treat such headache?
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Although it had almost everything, but its advantage is that it is never too strong and people do not really suffer ifcompare with some other headaches.

But at the same time, it is difficult for a patient to have a normal lifestyle for such a pain. Some patients experience these headaches so often that they are forced to seek help from specialized doctors.

It can not be said that such pains are inherent in a particular category of people, since from time to time they are felt by both male and female. Although, nevertheless, women complain of manifestation of headaches of tension a little more often.

In addition, there are headaches data in young children, but this is extremely rare, and only due to the influence of some certain external factors.

What are these and what are the views?

At present, there are two types of headache tension. Episodic pain. This type of headache is considered less serious, because the headaches are felt only occasionally, and pain a person feels no more than 20 times a month or 180 days per year. The intensity indicator is also quite low.

Chronic pain relates to a more serious and complex stage. The patient experiences severe headaches for a longer period of time. As a rule, chronic headaches of tension are found approximately 20-25 times a month, and in some cases, almost every day.

The nature of its intensity is also much higher than directly in episodic headaches. Most often, this type of pain can be accompanied by a rather long period of depression.

Despite the differences in the two types of headaches are fairly conventional, but still, thanks to them, the experts have an opportunity to determine the correct diagnosis, and accordingly appoint a necessary and effective treatment.

Symptoms preceding headaches

Painful pressure in the head on both sides. Quite often, such pain has a transient nature, that is, originally occurs, for example, in the field of the nape, and then gradually shifts closer to the forehead. The first symptom of the manifestation of headaches of tension is the pain of a small or moderate severity. At first, it seems to man that it's unbearable, but eventually he just gets used to it.

Pain sensations are considered relatively modest, and therefore many people are confident that curing this disease can be done with folk medicine, but it is not necessary to engage in self-medication. This is not always correct. The headache of muscle tension is quite easily transmitted and does not distract the patient from his everyday affairs.

Attacks last from a few minutes to a few days. The duration of tangible headaches depends directly on each individual patient's organism and its characteristics. The main difference in voltage headaches is that it is constant rather than pulsating, as is the case with other types of diseases.

This headache is not able to trigger vomiting and nausea, but at the same time there are other unpleasant symptoms, such as a person begins to irritate the presence of bright light and loud sounds. In addition, there is no substantiated nervousness and significantly increases the overall fatigue of the body.

tension headaches can occur in both children and adults, as well as age, never taken into account when ruling diagnosis is more important to consider the reasons which actually provoked the emergence of such pain.

Causes of pain in the head

Headaches of tension: causes, symptoms and treatment by folk remedies At present, doctors identify a large number of different factors that can provoke such pain. So, the more often it can be caused by the headache of tension?

Psychological stresses, as well as various states of affection, such as deep depression or serious anxiety.

It should not be forgotten that depression can be expressed either in an open or in a closed form. In other words, in some cases, the patient simply does not recognize that he is in a state of depression, and therefore categorically refuses a certain course of treatment. It is precisely such cases that are most dangerous, since they are most likely to cause serious headaches.

In situations where headaches arise precisely because of psychological stress, the patient may complain of an appetite and sleep disorder, irritability and excessive fatigue. Of great significance in this matter is the conversation of the doctor with the patient, since the more information the specialist knows, it will be easier for him to determine the essence of the problem and appoint an effective treatment.

Muscular Stress. Another factor that can affect human headaches. It consists in the fact that if a person during a long period of time practically does not move and is in the same position, then pain in the eye and cervical muscles, as well as in the shoulders, is felt.

Over time, these pains are supposedly moving and the patient begins to feel severe headaches. I would like to note that most of the headaches for this reason are observed in people who spend a lot of time at the same place, for example, in the office at the computer.

Also, those who work with small parts and are forced to constantly strain the eyes and coordinate with high accuracy their own actions fall into the category of risk. Medicinal factor. Oddly, but in some cases it is precisely medical drugs that can cause headaches, as many drugs today have side effects.

For example, it can cause headache frequent and constant intake of tranquilizers or analgesics.

It is necessary to understand that one should never try to do self-treatment, since getting rid of one disease can provoke absolutely different.

Violation in the respiratory system. Sometimes they can cause increased anxiety, resulting in pain headache. Being in this state, the patient feels great in need of fresh air, and he practically can not be in rooms where there is no good ventilation and, in general, there is a rather hot climate.

There are other factors that can cause headache headaches, but they are usually observed much less frequently than those listed above.

The main thing that should be remembered by a person who starts to feel headaches is that it is urgent to contact a doctor and tell the specialist as much as possible about the signs of pain, as well as the reasons that could provoke her appearance.

What and how to treat such a headache?

Headaches of tension: causes, symptoms and treatment by folk remedies Treatment of headaches is primarily understood as an explanation of the causes and the ways in which these causes can be completely eliminated.

The course of treatment must be prescribed by a professional physician and, as a rule, it is to take medications, as well as to attend special relaxation procedures. Also, when choosing a course of treatment, the doctor draws attention to the nature of the headache, that is, mild, moderate or severe.

If we talk about the first two severities, then everything is much easier, because such painful sensations in humans are detected only from time to time, and accordingly the treatment will be also quick and easy.

A factor that caused such headaches may be permanent staying in a heated room, while at the same time, as in the outdoors, a person is extremely rare. Thus, in order to get rid of headache, it is only necessary to change the routine of your day and keep as much time as possible in the fresh air.

Several recommendations for headache treatment without the use of medicines:

A person should sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. If due to work, study or some other business it is necessary to get up earlier, then it is not necessary to go down late.

Need to keep track of your food. It is desirable to completely or at least partially exclude from his diet alcoholic beverages, coffee and too fat food.

Sports - this is another point that necessarily positively affects not only the absence of headaches, but also the general health.

If there is no need to constantly be at the computer or some other kind of equipment, then you definitely need to take breaks for at least 10-15 minutes.

When a person changes his or her own lifestyle, but this did not give a positive result, and the headache of tension is still present, then it is possible to resort to the use of medicines. Often, in this case, Ibuprofen, Aspirin and Paracetamol are used.

Treatment of tight headaches of tension is already much more difficult and in this case, without the help of a doctor, a person is unlikely to be able to get rid of unpleasant symptoms.

Usually, in such cases, treatment is by taking antidepressants and other medicines that are designed to eliminate the very cause of pain.

It should also be understood that the constant use of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs will adversely affect human health, as painful sensations will eventually intensify over time. The course of treatment of headaches of severe severity usually lasts for 3-4 months.

Treatment of folk remedies

In addition to the medical method of treatment, many people prefer to get rid of headaches of tension with the help of folk medicine, but at the same time how not everyone knows what to treat.

It should be noted that today there is a large number of different methods and prescriptions for treating headaches precisely with the help of different plants, since people have experienced such pain since ancient times.

All recipes that exist today can be divided into several large groups, namely:

  • Home Treatment.
  • Plants, herbs, flowers and their collections.
  • Headache Order.
  • Various Types of Tea.
  • Acupuncture and Massage.
  • Treatment with mud, stones and sand.

Mostly, in order to get rid of headaches people use different herbs and fees. Some of these recipes have been known to mankind for several hundred years, and it should be noted that they are really effective. The most famous are the following:

Decoction of grass. Mixing one tablespoon of St. John's wort, peppermint, chamomile flowers, valerian root and calendula officinalis. Then all these grasses are filled with hot water. The components are ground and then boiled for about 15 minutes. After straining, you need to take one glass of such a drink per day.

"A Magic Mix".In order to prepare such a decoction you need to take one spoon of creeping thyme, rosemary and sage medicine. All this is poured into boiling water and is agitated for about 5-10 minutes. After straining the broth you need to drink quickly, until it has not yet cooled down.

Herb Collection. The mother-and-stepmother, the nettle of the two-tribe and the kipra is narrow-leaved in the same amount. The mixture must be finely chopped. Add about 500 ml of water and boil for 10 minutes. You need to take a glass every day.

Healthy Living Prevention

Headaches of tension: causes, symptoms and treatment by folk remedies Many people have a tension headache on a regular basis, and therefore most people are convinced of the need to take as many different medications as possible.

But, one can not categorically admire such means. The most important thing is to learn how to prevent the appearance of such symptoms, and this can be done, taking into account the following.

Significantly minimizes the appearance of headaches, a good, and, most importantly, full sleep. Be sure to sleep at least 8 hours a day. Doctors recommend that they go to bed no later than 10 o'clock in the evening, since the time from 22 o'clock to one o'clock in the night is considered to be most effective in order to fully recover their own strength.

  • As you can spend more time outdoors.
  • If a job forces a person to stay permanently in the same position, then sometimes it is necessary to take small breaks and do some relaxing gymnastics exercises.
  • It is desirable to remove alcoholic beverages and strong coffee from your own diet.

Forecast of human life with headache

It should be noted that rare episodic situations of manifestation of headaches of tension are observed in almost all people, but it can not be said that they affect performance and well-being.

But, if over time, the number of such attacks only increases, then you need to think about it, as episodic headaches can turn into chronic, and this is already much more serious. When doctors say prognosis, they also take into account the stage at which, in fact, treatment was prescribed. If there is an extremely serious case, then the course of treatment may last for six months.

If it is discovered that the main causes of the headache of a patient are medical drugs, or rather, excessive use of them, it is necessary to explain to the patient that deterioration of health is felt for precisely this reason. In this case, simply refusing to take pills will help get rid of headaches.

After a man has refused to use malignant drugs, the doctor prescribes a special course of treatment that will help in a short period of time to cure and return to the former lifestyle.

However, in the end it should be noted that such headaches can completely warn people if they are in the right lifestyle, balance a good diet, spend a lot of time in the fresh air and can constantly fall off.