Failed to get game data from the server Pokemon go

The Pokemon Go game has long been at the peak of popularity in many countries, earnings of developers already amounted to half a billion dollars, and the game itself has loaded more than hundreds of millions of people. In this game Pokemon go still full of all sorts of surprises and errors,

and in this article I will talk about a fairly common problem, when at the time of the game the user encounters the message " Failed to get game data from the server" .Below, I'll explain what that is for the message when it appears and how to fix the failed game data from the PokemonGo server.

Failed to get game data from the server Pokemon go

Instructions for correcting an error in Pokemon's

Table of Contents

  • 1 Causes of a problem in the Pokemon's
  • 2 How to fix Failed to get game data from the server
  • 3 Similar mistakes
  • 4 Conclusion

Causes of a Pokemon problem in

In the translation of the message FailedGet game data from the server sounds like "failure to get data from the server", and among the reasons for this message, experts call two main determinants:

  • you were banned in the game .In most cases( about 90%) the appearance of such an inscription points to the user's ban in Pokemon go. Developers distinguish two variants of the ban, namely the heavy ban ( Hard Ban), when the user's account is perpetuated forever, and the light ban ( Soft Ban).When a user's account is temporarily hidden, it depends on the distance from which the user was tagged( usually a light bath varies from 30 minutes to 12 hours), as well as the severity of other violations;

    Failed to get game data from the server Pokemon go

    Scattered in Pokemon go

A complete ban on pokemon go here.

Mass bells were introduced with an update to the game 0.31.0, when developers took seriously for the chitters, which appeared until then, a huge amount. Android emulators( and especially the completely fresh Nox App Player) allow you to easily emulate your walking on the map, and move a Colorado-based game character to Pskov Region in a couple of seconds. This is not to mention the appearance of various modified versions of the program with additional features( bots), which greatly facilitate gameplay for the "smartest" users. All this greatly distorts the normal gaming functionality, so the developers have promised a whole set of measures to correct the situation;

  • Problems with Servers. Due to the huge load on the server( the number of users of the game continues to grow), servers may not handle data processing, and, as it say, "lie down" for a while. To check the status and ping of servers, visit here http: //www.mmoserverstatus.com/ pokemon_go and check the performance level of the servers of the country in which you are currently located. You can also check https: //go.jooas.com/ here, as well as check out the official Twitter poker account of Pokemon go.
  • Problems with Internet Connection when a user has a weak and unstable Internet.

    Failed to get game data from the server Pokemon go

    Illustration of the error Failed to get game

How to fix Failed to get game data from the server

I would recommend the following steps to fix the error Failed to get game.

  • Restart the device and run the game. In some cases it helps;
  • Just wait for .If you have a light( soft) ban or developers problem with the server, then a simple wait will help fix Failed to get game data from the server. It usually takes about 24 hours for the developers to solve the problem with the servers, or a light user ban was removed.

    Failed to get game data from the server Pokemon go

    Problem Failed to get game data from the server when logging into Pokemon go

To check here, enter your details and then your username. If the system determines that such a name already exists, then you have a slight ban or server problems. If not, then you have a ban forever and you need a new account registration. The same thing to do if you used a Google account in the game, you need to register a new account from Google, enter the game under this account, and try to lead the nickname you used to be.

  • Try to uninstall and then reinstall the application. In the opinion of a number of users, this helps in solving this problem;
  • Contact support. Go here and fill out this form( preferably in English, otherwise your appeal is likely to be ignored by the developers);
  • Improve your internet .Buy a better package or change your provider.

English-speaking users give one more tip, eliminates the problem. Failed to get game data from the server Pokemon go. It looks like this:

  • Close Pokemon Go;
  • Put your smartphone in stand-alone mode;
  • Launch the game offline;
  • When the game download bar turns red and the message "No internet Connection" appears, turn off the mode;
  • Get back to the game and try logging in to your account.
  • Personally, I doubt the effectiveness of this method, but there were users who helped. Maybe it will help you too.

    Similar Mistakes

    The above problem Failed to get game data from the server with servers is not the only one in a number of similar problems with Pokemon Games Go. Very often there are other mistakes with servers with the message "Remember to be alert at all times"( details can be read here), with the message "Unable to authenticate"( in detail here) or "Our servers are humbled by your incredible response"(description here is here).Each of these problems has its own special tool for its solution, which can be found in the above articles. At the same time, one should not forget that because of the colossal load, Niantic's servers do not always cope with requests, and in many cases simply wait to eliminate the errors that occur.


    The above error The failure to get game data from the server is in most cases associated with a user's ban because of fraudulent or fraudulent actions that they have committed. If you have a light ban, then you will have to show a little patience and just wait, otherwise you will have to register a new account and all game progress will be lost. Try to play honestly and you will not have problems with the above error.