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Overview of the TeXet iX TM-4772

Overview of the TeXet iX TM 4772

Although TeXet specializes in the production of low-cost mobile devices, it also has its own top-notch machines. The new TeXet iX TM-4772 can not boast outstanding features, but among the entire line of smartphone manufacturer it takes a worthy place. This applies both to the filling of

and to the cost.

Overview of the TeXet iX TM-4772.Design of

In reality, the TeXet iX TM-4772 exactly resembles the latest Apple smartphones. And if you do not take into account the logos, then you can easily confuse these devices with each other. Perhaps someone will find it brazen plagiarism and using other people's ideas, and somebody's looks like a comparatively cheap smartphone will have to please. Not taking into account the similarities with the iPhone 5, the TeXet iX TM-4772 design brings praise and delight. Dimensions of TeXet iX TM-4772: height - 135 mm, width - 66 mm, thickness - 8.9 mm, weight - 139 g. Color - black. It is noteworthy that the base set includes an additional panel, which has a golden hue. There is support for 2 SIM cards( standard and micro SIM).

Overview of the TeXet iX TM-4772.Camera

Here are two different cameras. The rear 8 megapixel camera has both auto focus and LED flash. Compared to other models of the manufacturer, the quality of photos in different settings has improved significantly. This is probably the result of introducing autofocus and a new matrix. The front camera has also been upgraded, now it's 2 megapixel.

Overview of the TeXet iX TM-4772.Processor

But the processor turned out to be the same. It's all the same dual-core MediaTek MT 6572, running at 1200 MHz. The role of the graphic accelerator was on the Mali-400 MP chip itself, and has become commonplace with previous models. All this suggests that overall performance does not change for the better, but remains at the same level.

Overview of the TeXet iX TM-4772.The

TeXet iX TM-4772 screen received a 4.5-inch touch screen IPS, which features good sensitivity and responsiveness. The resolution of this display is 960 by 540 pixels. Quite a solid screen, but for its price category and quite different.

Overview of the TeXet iX TM-4772.

Memory The TeXet iX TM-4772 is limited to 4GB.Fortunately, it is possible to use microSD cards up to 32 GB.Operative memory is also a bit - 512 MB.Therefore, it is not necessary to count on multitasking.

Overview of the TeXet iX TM-4772.Operating system

The developer has equipped the TeXet iX TM-4772 operating system Android 4.2, which is characterized by high speed and serious optimization.

Overview of the TeXet iX TM-4772.

Battery As the TeXet iX TM-4772 screen came out a bit larger, the device has a 1600 mAh battery. It is completely removed, and one charge for the average use lasts for two days.

Overview of the TeXet iX TM 4772

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