Hemorrhoid Treatment

Self-regulating hemorrhoids. What should I do?

The loss of hemorrhoids is one of the most unpleasant and painful symptoms of the disease that has reached a certain stage of development. The question of how to correct hemorrhoids without any help, inevitably occurs in the head of everyone who suffers from this ailment.

It is important to do this rightly and on time, without waiting for site pressure, thrombosis and inflammation. Proctologists confirm the possibility of independent treatment of the hemorrhoids in the home. However, it is necessary to follow strictly certain rules.


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nodes Why do you need to make nodes

Hemorrhoids - a chronic disease that begins imperceptibly, long does not manifest itself, is steadily progressing in creating favorable conditions for this( heredity,sedentary lifestyle, chronic constipation, hard work, obesity, malnutrition).Varicose enlargement of hemorrhoidal veins arises due to stagnation of blood in the vessels of two rectal gums, hence the division into internal and external hemorrhoids. The latter has less trouble, it is more likely to be detected and more easily exposed to conservative therapy.

Self-regulating hemorrhoids. What should I do? Development of internal hemorrhoids passes certain stages, differing in severity of clinical manifestations and condition of cones. The first two stages are initial with pronounced symptoms such as itching, discomfort in the rectum, and the appearance of small nodules during strain during intestinal emptying.

The loss of hemorrhoids and the inability to unilaterally return to the back pass indicate that the disease was treated inefficiently and reached 3 stages.

During this period, cones begin to come out of the anus not only during bowel movements and lifting heavy objects, but also with any physical tension, even when coughing and sneezing. Having fallen out of the node may get lost, blood circulation is disturbed, accumulated waste of life of cells, they have a toxic effect on the venous walls, leading to their destruction. Further progression of the pathological process may lead to necrosis of the hemorrhoidal cone. That's why it's important to know how to correct the hemorrhoids in your home.

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Practice technique

Proctologists are advised to carry out the procedure if the hemorrhoids are in 3 stages without symptoms of thrombosis and inflammation( the node has a mildly elastic consistency, is not damaged, does not bleed).It is better to fill the bunch immediately after falling out. Self-regulating hemorrhoids. What should I do? Basic steps of the procedure:

  • to wash with cool water;
  • to have a local anesthetic - for this you can add a bag of ice for 10 minutes, smear the area of ​​the cone with ointment with heparin, or trioxvezine, or use hepatrombin;
  • put on rubber gloves;
  • to get up on the knees, push one butter in the buttocks, place the middle finger of the other hand in a vaseline or a baby cream, then carefully and slowly push the knot into the anus, by inserting a finger after it;
  • making sure that the node remains in place, gently pull the finger out of the anus;
  • buttocks tightly pressed together, slowly, straining the muscles of the anal sphincter;
  • lie down for half an hour, trying not to cough and not to understand heavy items in the next few days.

Self-regulating hemorrhoids. What should I do? Sometimes the question arises how to correct a hemorrhoids, if the node becomes dense( already there was a pinching).To do this, it is necessary to conduct a course of antibiotics for 5 -7 days( penicillin 2 million units twice daily intramuscularly).If the hemorrhagic cone is not held in the back passage and constantly falls out in any movement, one has to turn to the proctologist - this is a 4 stage hemorrhoids that are not treated at home. In this case, consideration should be given to the possibility of surgical treatment, then the question of how to correct hemorrhoids in the house will disappear by itself.

How to prevent the loss of nodes

Do you have hemorrhoids?

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Avoid the loss of hemorrhoids - this means preventing the development of hemorrhoids up to 3 stages. The patient should follow several basic rules:

  • to avoid a sharp increase in pressure inside the abdominal cavity - not to lift the severity, not to stomach too much during bowel movements, to try hard not to cough( timely treat bronchopulmonary pathology);
  • prevent constipation - use soft laxatives, vaseline oil in the form of microclimate or simply lubricate the anus;
  • increase motor activity - exercise, swimming, dancing, yoga, walking on foot;
  • to learn a set of exercises to strengthen the perineum muscles( for Kegel), for example, pull the anal anus inside with sphincter muscle tension, and then release, relaxing the muscles;Self-regulating hemorrhoids. What should I do?
  • to conduct a diet correction - to drink more liquids, to eat vegetables and fruits, sour-milk products, cereals;
  • do not use rigid toilet paper to prevent injury to the anus and mucous membranes of the rectum;
  • periodic baths with sea salt, have a beneficial effect on the rectum and the whole body as a whole.

If you have any doubts about the correctness of the hemorrhoids site or the deterioration of the condition, you should contact a specialist.

With such a serious illness as hemorrhoids, timely initiated and properly organized treatment is very important. The sooner you get rid of the problem, the less you have to think about self-adjusting nodes and their subsequent fate.