NFC on the phone that's it

With the advent of technology, various wireless data interfaces are gaining in popularity, greatly facilitating and improving our lives. IrDA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and UWB, DECT standards allow you to transmit information at different distances, based on the speed and distance of the

transmission of information. Among the many different standards, the NFC technology, which manifests itself as imperceptible, but very common, benefits of civilization, is a special place.

NFC on the phone that

NFC chips embedded in travel documents, they are used to pay for various services, are used to exchange files between mobile devices and much more. What is NFC and why is it so good? I'll tell you a little bit about this.

Table of Contents

  • 1 What is NFC
  • 2 Where does this NFC technology
  • 3 or Does the NFC function on my smartphone
  • 4 How to transfer data between mobile devices using NFC
  • 5 Working with NFC-labels and chips
  • 6 Lacks of technology

What isNFC

Name NFC is an abbreviation of Near Field Communication, which can be translated as "Near Field Communication".This technology is an extension of the existing standard of contactless near-range maps( ISO 14443).

  • The NFS provides fast wireless communication at short distances( up to 10 cm), and the speed of information exchange on iPhones and Android phones is up to 400 Kb / s.
  • The interface supports full duplex communication, connection time is 0.1 s.
  • Unlike Bluetooth technology, which requires a relatively long connection of devices, NFC to establish a connection is enough to bring the device to each other.

Specialists distinguish three NFC modes: read mode, information transfer mode, bank card emulation mode.

NFC on the phone that

NFC mark

Where this technology is used NFC

This technology is becoming more widespread where you need to quickly transfer a small amount of information in a short amount of time.

  • In particular, the NFC function is increasingly used on mobile devices, allowing virtually instantaneous transmission of small portions of data. To transfer data from my Android phone, I needed this technology, and I found out that this is NFC.

    NFC on the phone that

    Transferring files between devices using NFC

  • With this technology, contactless cards are also emulated, purchases and payments are made, and Bluetooth devices with version 2.1 and higher are quick to connect.

    NFC on the phone that

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    Buying in a supermarket with NFC

  • NFS technology finds its application as an electronic key, identity card, traveler card, various passes, as well as electronic ticket purchases.

    NFC on the phone that

    Mobile ticket

Is there an NFC function on my

smartphone? I note that support for NFS technology is implemented in Android 4.0 and above, in the form of a Beam built-in system. To check the availability of this technology on your device, you need to go into your phone or tablet settings, select "Wireless networks", and then click "More."If you see the menu item "NFC", then you're lucky and your phone supports this standard, you know for sure that it's an NFC.To activate its work it is enough to place a check mark in front of the item "NFC".

How to transfer data between mobile devices using NFC

How to use NFC? It is important to note that this NFC function typically only works with unlocked screens of mobile devices. Therefore, activate Beam on both devices, unlock their screens, and lift the devices to each other( usually the back side).The systems will find each other and you will receive a beep. Confirming the touch by touching the device screen, and you can share data between paired devices.

How the NFC function with Samsung phones works, we can see on video:

Working with NFC-labels and


Given the small size of NFC chips and labels, they can be embedded in any items - in bracelets and stickers, cards, price tags, and so on. To take data from such chips and labels, you need special applications, for example, you can download the Play Market( NFC card UID reader, Yandex. Metro, NFC Tag Touch, and others).

Disadvantages of

Technology Specialists call the lack of NFC a weak security of data from interception and relay attacks. You can also lose your phone with installed payment systems, which will allow the attacker to spoil the account lost.


It's clear that this NFC today gradually penetrates into all areas of our lives, and often we can meet it where it is not expected at all( for example, in London NFC tags are embedded in monuments).Connection speed, low-cost NFC-tagging, easy data readability makes it increasingly possible to use this technology in many areas of human life, making our existence happier, more comfortable and more comfortable. Work with NFC - and you'll appreciate the richness of its benefits.