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Nodular condor dermatitis of the anus - causes, symptoms

Nodular condor dermatitis of the anus, causes, symptoms Nodal chondrodermatitis is manifested by the formation of a painful knot, located on the edge of the anus. This disease develops, mainly in men( 85%).


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Causes of development of

The exact mechanism of development of the disease is not entirely clear. Most often, chondrodermatitis with a defeat of the ear canal develops as a result of trauma, chemical or thermal burn, frostbite. Injuries that lead to the formation of painful nodes may be insignificant. For example, the disease may develop in people who are constantly wearing headphones.

Thus, the probable cause of the development of nodal chondrodermatitis is a violation of normal blood circulation in the anus. It is a nutritional disruption that leads to degenerative changes in connective tissue and perihondria.

Clinical picture of

The nodular chondrodermathete is manifested by the formation of a small painful knot, located on the curl of the outer ear shell. Education, as a rule, is a unit, but sometimes there are multiple rashes. The

Nodule has a dense consistency, oval or hemispherical shape. The color of education is a reddish-yellow or unaltered shade of healthy skin. On the surface of the knot, you can see a crust or scales, which adheres tightly to the base.

Nodule on the auricle fixed, tightly welded with cartilaginous cloth. Signs of inflammation with nodular chondrodermathetes are minimal or completely absent.

Patients are disturbed by the pain of education, which increases when pushed to the knot and in the cold. The pain prevents the patient from sleeping on the side, on the side of the lesion, wearing hats close to the head tight, using headphones, etc.

Nodular condor dermatitis of the anus, causes, symptoms Nodular chondrodermatyma, of course, affects one ear canker, more often right. According to statistics collected by the researchers of the disease, the right ear was affected in 63% of the examined patients, the left - in 32%.And in 5% of patients with nodular chondrodermatitis, both ears are striking at the same time.

Rarely, chondrodermatitis affects other parts of the ear, in particular, only 4% of the patients have a nodule formed on the antiemetic or in the area of ​​the ear canker. Moreover, such an atypical localization of formations is observed, mainly in women.

Without treatment, nosocomial chondrodermatytic prolongs, involuntary regression is noted very rarely.


A characteristic clinical picture of chondrodermathene, a striking auricle, allows you to diagnose only on the basis of examination. Key signs of the disease:

  • Characterized localization of the node;
  • Cutting pain in education when pushed;
  • The tight consistency of education and its close cohesion with the subject of cartilaginous tissue.
  • Gender and age of patients. Nodular chondrodermatyma, in the main, affects men who are in the age group of 40-70 years.
  • Precedes ear trauma or occupational hazards, in particular the need to wear headphones continuously.

If necessary, histological examination may be performed. In the study of knot tissues, there are signs of acanthosis, hyperkeratosis. Sometimes hyperplasia is found pseudoepiteliomatous. The dermis contains infiltrate, which contains lymphocytes, histiocytes, plasma cells.

When nodular chondrodermathetes can be detected, the center of degenerative changes in the cartilage can be detected.

Nodular condor dermatitis of the anus, causes, symptoms It is important to distinguish nodular hondodermatitis from the following diseases:

  • Ring Granuloma. In this case, the localization of rash dermatitis is different( more often the education is located on the skin of the limbs), in addition, the cells are numerous and painless. Unlike chondrodermatitis, ring granuloma is often a defeat of children and women.
  • Senile keratomas or senile keratoses appear with multiple rashes. Elements of the rash are large in size and, unlike chondrodermatyata, nodules in the sialnoy keratome are painless.
  • Basalium. In this case, the disease before the onset of the ulcer education is painless. In addition, the element of rash at bazalium has a characteristic roller of small nodes. If on external signs it is difficult to distinguish basalom from nodular chondrodermathetis, histological examination is prescribed.
  • Diskoid red lupus. In this case, the rash is often localized on the anus, therefore if the rash element is single, there may be doubts in diagnosis. The difference between manifestations of lupus erythematosus and chondrodermatitis is more pronounced erythema, follicular keratosis( with chondrodermatytic hyperkeratoticheskie changes, but they are not of a follicular nature), no pain. In addition, lupus erythematosus is more common in young women, and nodular chondrodermatyth in older men.

Treatment of

In the first stage of treatment of nodular chondrodermatitis, therapeutic methods are usually used. Patients are prescribed a course of injections of corticosteroids. Injections are carried out in the area of ​​the lesion.

If this tactic does not produce the desired result, destructive treatment methods are used.

Nodule on the ear canal is removed:

  • Using cryotherapy. This is a method that is to influence the pathological tissue of the cold. Education is treated with liquid nitrogen. After the procedure at the location of the node remains a crust, which in a few weeks spontaneously disappears. This method is also very effective at removing warts.
  • Surgical removal of the nodule on the anus.
  • Destruction of pathological laser formation. This method is considered the most promising, since the operation proceeds bloodlessly. In this case, during the procedure, the area of ​​operation is sterilized, so postoperative complications occur extremely rarely. As in the case of cryotherapy, a crust is formed on the site of the distal knot, which spontaneously disappears after 2-3 weeks.

Treatment by folk methods

Nodular condor dermatitis of the anus, causes, symptoms The surgical removal of the node is the most effective method of treatment of nodular chondrodermathene. However, if the doctor recommends refraining from surgery, you can try to apply folk remedies for treating this ailment.

Tincture or propolis oil should be applied regularly to the nodule. You can make compresses with oil for the night on a sick ear.

You can use tea tree oil for treatment. Oil can be applied to the knot. And you can prepare a therapeutic ointment, mixing a few drops of oil 3-4 powdered mummios tablets and any cream base.

Prevention and prognosis

Prevention of chondrodermatitis, a striking ailment, is preventing circulatory disorders in the anus. It is necessary to avoid traumas of the ear canals, prevent them from frostbite, and also the development of infectious diseases of the ear, for example, external otitis media. If you need to use headphones often, you need to choose a model that does not put pressure on the sinks.

Prognosis for nodular chondrodermatitis is good. The disease is well treated. However, even after removing the node there is a risk of relapse.