Automatic Smoke: Types and Characteristics


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Smoked products from old age were considered one of the best ways to extend their shelf life. In addition to the

, meat and fish undergoing cold or hot smoker's procedure acquire a wonderful taste and smell, and the consistency becomes soft and crisp. With the development of science and technology smoke devices have been refined. The most simple variants of smoking, the principle of which is based on the thermal energy of the fire, is gradually refined, turning into convenient modern machines - automatic smoke. Automatic Smoke: Types and Characteristics

Eminent Automatic Smoke

Characteristics of Automatic Smoke

The source of heat in such smokehouses is electricity. The most relevant units for volumes with a single load of 40 to 500 kg. Therefore, they are most often used in professional production. The assortment of smoked goods for the house is represented mainly by models of foreign representatives, which are rather high in comparison with the analogues of cost.

The main advantage of such a smoke is the ease of operation - the presence of a power supply allows you to carry out the entire process of smoking at one unchanged temperature level, without any changes, and even smoke contributes to reducing the cooking time. Household smokable, economical in consumption of energy resources and for them is enough 220 V, but for professional models it is necessary voltage of 380 V, which requires a special line and additional permissions. Automatic Smoke: Types and Characteristics Automatic Smoke: Types and Characteristics

Some equipment requires 380 Volt

Types of Automatic Smoke

As mentioned above, automatic smoker types are divided into household and production, the difference between the volume of the load and the amount of electricity consumed. The domestic ones include:

  • electric cabinets of cold smoked;
  • universal - have the ability to perform hot and cold kinds of smoking;
  • multi-smoking machine.

Also distinguishes the devices for smoking the house in the presence of:

  • closed tin - have a large area of ​​the heating surface, which saves the amount of fuel raw materials;
  • is an open tune - its feature is the ability to use only fine cod or sawdust.

Automatic Smoke: Types and Characteristics Automatic Smoke: Types and Characteristics

Option with open heat heater

Industrial models include:

  • multifunctional mini-smokers - in such devices not only hot and cold smoker types are possible, they are also used as a fryer cabinet;
  • stationary smoke ovens - large cameras capable of operating for several days without interruption and simultaneously carrying out several processes.

Before the final choice of the device, you need to familiarize yourself with its capabilities and necessary for the operation of resources.

The principle of automatic smoke

Consider the example of a household model. Before starting work, the heating surface must be covered with a uniform layer of fuel raw material: with a closed shadow - twigs, cones and other relevant material, and when open - only small cracks and sawdust. Also, fuel materials are loaded into the feed hopper at its discretion. It should be noted here that the color and taste of the final product is influenced by the rock of the tree of raw materials. Wood of fruit trees, as well as beech, maple and linden paints smoked in golden-yellow tones. Oak alder gives a palette of colors from dark yellow to brown. To add spicy aroma in the process of hot and cold smoking add slices of grapevine, shell of almonds, rosemary, juniper, etc.

Prepared foods are located inside the smoke in a skewer or a grill. Next, you should connect the appliance to a power source and press the power button. In the absence of the display and control buttons to start the process is enough, but if they are present, you will need to set the type of smoking( cold type, hot or semi-hot), temperature and time.

When connecting to a network, the heating of the tin begins with further fuel sting. The resulting smoke enters the container with the products, and the ash pours into the settling tank. At the end of the cooking time, you should turn off the smoke from the net and get ready-made smoke.

How to smoke in automatic smokehouses?

First of all you need to make a choice of cooking method from the number of smoke detected in a particular model:

  • Cold - smoke treatment at a temperature of about 28 degrees. This method is quite long in time and takes from four hours to several days. A lot of time will require the preparation of products that marinate in a highly concentrated salt of a kitchen( gooseberry), then soaked, dried with towels, slightly weed until full evaporation of moisture and only then subjected to cold smoking.
  • Hot - the temperature ranges from 70 to 120 degrees. From the time it takes 30 minutes to an hour. Additional processing of products is not required.
  • Semi-heated - the temperature range is up to 70 degrees. As in the case of hot smokers, no additional preparation of products is required.
  • Regardless of the method of preparation, the finished products of automatic smokes are of a much better quality than those cooked on the smoke from the fire, and time, forces and resources require much less.