Cyberlink Power2go what's this program

CyberLink Power2Go is a smart assistant, a suite of several packages for working with disk drives. Clearly, this CyberLink Power2Go program is not inferior to the popular Nero application, allowing you to quickly and in a different form to interact with disks. Great for those who are listening to

music through the music centers, working from the blanks, and for those who want to record or copy information between the disc and the PC.

Cyberlink Power2go what

Cyberlink Power2go

What is CyberLink Power2Go? CyberLink Power2Go Enhancements - It supports almost all formats from a regular CD to a protected Blu-Ray. The application allows you to capture data write protection, create photo and audio galleries. Inside the program there is a function of fast backup system.

How to install CyberLink Power2Go

Installation is extremely simple. It is recommended to temporarily deactivate the Internet connection and antivirus work at the time of installation - system protection can respond negatively to the CyberLink Power2Go program. Next, enable the exe file, unpack it and open a very simple installation wizard. If you want to learn more about how to install and activate CyberLink Power2Go on your PC, watch the video on YouTube.

Cyberlink Power2go what

Functions Power2go

How To Record an

Disc If you need to cut a chunk, the CyberLink Power2Go program is the best option for this. The program allows you to generate discs and transfer audio, video and music to them. You can activate protected mode, but then you will need to enter a password on another PC or device.

Here's what you need to do to burn a disk with CyberLink Power2Go:

  • Go to the left menu of the Data Disc.
  • Choose one of the dropdown options in the format of the disc.
  • Opens the "Workspace", where the data from your PC is above, and from the bottom is a removable media. Move data between windows.
  • Between two panels there is a disk encryption icon, which activates 128-bit or 256-bit encryption.
  • After recording the data on the voice, press "Burn Now".If a protected recording mode has been selected, you will need to enter a password.

    Cyberlink Power2go what


  • Interface If you need to record a voice to create an audio or video disc, CyberLink Power2Go has a dedicated partition to implement these functions. To record music, press "Music Disc" and drag the audio tracks to the disc through the panel, and click "Video Disc" to create a video disc. Note that these packages work with a limited number of formats, so if you have data for retail( pictures, songs, movies), then use the "Data Disc" option.

    How to make backup systems on the

    disk There are two ways. First, through the "Data Disc", you manually drag all existing folders onto the disk drive. And the second, more rational, is the use of the "System Recovery" package, which automatically activates the backup on the specified file.

    I hope you understand that this is a CyberLink Power2Go program, in addition, I want to tell one more detail. In addition to these features, you can also use data from a disk drive to a computer, create images for the installation of games and programs, and delete files on the dummy. To perform such operations in the menu select "Disc Utilities", contains a lot of useful utilities. For example, if your audio player does not support a specific format of songs on a disc, you can change their resolution using the Audio Converter utility.