Smokehouse disassembly: detailed description

Table of contents:

  • 1 Dust-type smoking unit
  • 2 Apparatus in disassembled state
  • 3 Process of smoking

What is interesting smoke is diverse and what is its convenience? The issue is relevant for those who appreciate homemade aromatic smoked meat as an additive to the usual diet. The

portable device for smoking perfectly fits into the family home-made utensils set. A portable product can be taken with you for fishing, for the country, for the city. It does not take up much space in the car, because in a few minutes it consists of a small "bundle" of parts. Smokehouse disassembly: detailed description

Ready-made portable smokehouse


device Despite the possible differences between different modifications, portable type smoke-free installations include the following elements:

  • top cover - 1 pc.;
  • side walls - 2 pcs.;
  • faceplates - 2 pcs.;
  • internal rack with racks( the number of floors varies depending on the model);
  • frame type support or screw-up legs.

If you talk about the most popular version, designed for a family or friendship of 5-8 people, the size of the smoke box should be approximately 30x30x50 / 30x40x60 cm. In the working state of smoking the optimum is the distance from the surface of the earth to its bottom 20-25 cm( on legs, on a stand or on stones).

Smokehouse disassembly: detailed description Smokehouse disassembly: detailed description

Smoke Unit:
1. Smoke cap;
2. Sidewall;
3. Smoking smoke;
4. Grille;
5. Rack racks;
6. Firewood;
7. Sidewall.

The main tasks when creating a mobile device for smoking:

  • protect the metal bottom from deformations during heating, because it is under it a hot fire, the purpose of which is heating the smoke-forming material inside the box. Solutions - in the rigidity ribs that weld on the bottom part;
  • to determine the correct distance between the metal bottom and the first( lower) level of the lattice on the removable rack( in this gap, the main thing should be the main source of smoke, ie sawdust, raw mill, peat, chips or other wood material).

Disassembled Device

To disassemble the current installation, it is enough to perform the same sequence of actions each time: the

  • cover is removed;
  • internal rack with lattice removed;
  • lattices are unlocked;
  • side and end walls to deflect upright movement( at this point docking slots are released);The
  • bottom is disconnected with the frame support or the vertical armature legs are unscrewed from the bottom.
  • Smokehouse disassembly: detailed description Smokehouse disassembly: detailed description

    Smoke dismantling process:
    1. Lattice 2 is based on 1
    2. The tension 4 is placed in the tray 3 and all of it is laid out on the lattice 2
    3. Put the wall 5 on the tray, and place the wall 6 on the wall 5
    4. On topjust lay wall 7
    5. On the second wall of the end, place the last long wall 8
    6. Cover the entire construction with the position 9
    7. At the base of the bracket, pull the entire construction with screws 10

    So the whole process - even a schoolboy can handle!

    The design in a disassembled form is easily placed in a box of appropriate size, a canvas bag or a special case. The total height of the "bundles" of flat metal parts is no more than 6-9 cm.

    The figures "6-7" assume that all parts are flat and smooth. For figures 8-9 cm, it is likely that there are small protruding handles on the upper cover and / or the end walls. That is, in any case, such a thing will not interfere with the hike or fishing trips at all. Just find her a permanent place in the trunk of a car, that's all the care.

    The process of smoking

    When going around the city, do not forget to cook high-quality material - a source of fragrant smoke. In experienced smokers there is always a stock of good cod, wood chips or humidified pieces of wood with a small percentage of rottenness.

    Conditionally, the order of your actions should look like this:

    When the
    • reaches the place, immediately put the smoke in the ready condition so that the installation is ready. Probably, a rich catch is expected and it is planned to smoke exactly the fish that will soon appear as a fishing trophy? Or did you buy sweat products in the store and took them with you?

    No matter. The main thing is that the installation went smoothly, all the details dug up, the structure was kept steady, the approaches to it were convenient. Under the bottom is recommended to dig a small hole or put a burning element of the pallet type. This is a breeding site for a fire;

    • as soon as the flame is flared up with sufficient force, the generation of smoke will begin inside. He quickly surrounds the products placed on the grill, whether seafood, fish, meat or vegetables.

    Ensure that the food is fairly evenly converted to smoke from all sides. Important size and shape of the slices: either all large or small. It is desirable just so, and not private;

    • for the time of smoking, which is approximately 2-4 hours, depending on the size of the pieces of products. Most likely, vegetables will be smoked - eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, cauliflower. Do not miss the readiness time( 30-45 minutes depending on the intensity of hot smoke).

    Do not close the lid to open it out of curiosity. Otherwise, a cloud of smoke will leave internal space and you will have to re-inject it, stimulating a new wave of smoke generation.

    The described procedure is called hot smoked. High temperature allows fast processing of food products to full readiness( as opposed to cold smoking, in which cold smoke and products are smoked in several steps, total processing time is several days).