Smokehouse from hydropneumatics: advantages and disadvantages


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Smokehouse from

hot smoker hot-water closures is a closed-type metal container designed for bakteriostatic smoldering of meat products to give them an unusual taste and aroma. You can use traditional recipes using spices and herbs. With this device, you can savor your own meat delicacies. The smoke from the waterworks should be a versatile product. The optimal dimensions of the product are 450x300x250 or 500x300x300.The lid with a water gate of not more than 2mm thick allows smokes cooking products on high heat. Thanks to this device, homemade cooking allows you to quickly and easily get tasty cocoa. Smokehouse from hydropneumatics: advantages and disadvantages

Smokehouse made of stainless steel

Smoke outlet from

waterworks The structure of the smoke from the water closures is almost the same as the usual hot-smoked container. There are only a few differences that at first glance seem insignificant. The device consists of a metal box and a hermetic lid, equipped for convenience handles that are easy to handle. The bottom is equipped with a flat pallet for flowing fat.

Smokehouse from hydropneumatics: advantages and disadvantages

Water coil prevents spread of odor

The water seal is designed to seal off sharp odors and vapors. The water in the chute does not allow gases to penetrate the thickness. The shutter prevents the leakage of smoke, which is concentrated inside the metal container, from which the food turns out fragrant and delicious.

In addition to its practical application, the hydraulic shutter serves as a kind of rigidity, providing durability of the design. It strengthens the case, helping to prevent the deformation of the metal box from the high temperature.

Want to know how to make a smoke from a water closet?

Principle of operation

Compact in size smoke multifunctional in operation. They can be used not only indoors but also outdoors. Under the influence of a high temperature under the bottom of the working chamber of the filament, they begin to smolder, highlighting hot and thick smoke. Thus, home products simultaneously undergo smoke and heat treatment. To ensure the continuity of the process, it is necessary to maintain a constant temperature of combustion of fire. It is impossible to prevent the water in the trough completely boiled. This can lead to damage to the tightness of the structure and the leakage of smoke. The working water shutter provides comfort in the living room. The system avoids the penetration of sharp odors of food that is cooked in the air.

Smokehouse from hydropneumatics: advantages and disadvantages

Ideal thickness of the sheet - 2mm

From the disadvantages it is possible to allocate a large mass of the product. The stainless steel case of standard sizes weighs from 12 to 20 kg. Heavy smokers of 500x300x300 mm are designed to work in enclosed spaces and do not belong to portable devices.

The benefits of smokeless stainless steel are described here!

Instructions for using smoke from the water closures

The process of cooking in a smoke with a hydraulic shutter is slightly different from working with devices of the same type. The device allows you to prepare dishes with high quality and fast, using complex recipes. In the course of cooking, the following procedure should be followed:

  • put the cod at the bottom of the working chamber;
  • install fat tray;
  • on the grid decompose products;
  • set to play inside the working chamber;
  • cover the camera with a lid;
  • transfer smoke to a working stove;
  • fill the gutter with water;
  • on the fitting we wear a hose and put it into the hood or in the window.

The time of preparation of meat delicacies is not less than 60 minutes, home-cooked recipes are recommended to withstand the entire time. Such a smoke can cook smoked meals in a closed room.

What is the smoking process?

Inside the working chamber, smoked chunks of meat or fish are enveloped with smoke generated from the scalding of wood shavings. Each type of cod has its own unique aroma that absorbs the prepared meal. Under the influence of high temperature products evaporate excess moisture, lightly cooked, highlighting fat. Peculiar heat treatment of the dishes gives a preservative effect. Recipes for cooking smoked meat recommend not to overdo the meat. The meat is permeated with bacteriostatic components of the smoke, it is partially dehydrated in the process of cooking. As a result, the shelf life of these products is multiplying. Resinous substances contained in the smoke, home-made food thus acquires an unusual taste and aroma.

What can be cooked by hot smoking?

It is no secret that home-made smoked meat is much more useful and tastier than purchased in the store. The portable device allows you to cook meat and fish specialties. Chicken meat is perfect for smoking. Checked recipes allow you to get an extremely delicious dish. Before placing in a chamber, the processed carcasses on pieces should hold for several hours in brine. Recipes for brine recommend the use of 4 liters of water 2 cups of salt and the same amount of sugar. You can add spices to your taste.