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In acute hemorrhoids, ointment is the best remedy

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In acute hemorrhoids, ointment is the best remedy

Hemorrhoids is a disease of every third inhabitant of our planet, which declares itself to be periods of calm and exacerbation. To treat this problem, the proctologist prescribes candles, gels, ointments, or pills. At the beginning of its development, the disease can be treated at the expense of various folk methods, but the launched forms of hemorrhoids sometimes pass into the competence of surgeons.

Ointment against hemorrhoids

In acute hemorrhoids, ointment is the best remedy

Ointments for the treatment of acute hemorrhoids are used throughout the process of getting rid of the disease. A huge variety of drugs on the shelves of pharmacies made the choice of ointment quite complicated. That is why you should consult a specialist to find the most effective medication in each particular case.

First, we will specify how to properly use an ointment for hemorrhoids. Typically, such drugs are used to fight the external form of the disease, but modern ointments have an additional applicator for the administration of the drug into the anus, and therefore can treat and internal hemorrhoids. The ointment is applied to the affected area usually up to twice a day. Before starting the procedure, should be washed.

If you say conditionally, the ointment can be divided into two groups - these are natural and synthetic drugs. So, what effective ointments are popular with hemorrhoids, and with what symptomatology they will help to cope?

Ichthyol ointment

Often hemorrhoid treatment is trusted by Ichthyol ointment. In essence, it is anaesthetizing and disinfecting a drug used in various diseases, for example, with burns, other lesions and skin diseases, neuralgia, and also hemorrhoids. At the heart of the drug - a substance yhtamol, which is detected from the shale tar. But here the smell of the drug is not very pleasant and can cause burning and redness on the skin.

Flinging Ointment

In acute hemorrhoids, ointment is the best remedy

Treatment of acute hemorrhoids in women during pregnancy and during lactation can be trusted with such a remedy as the Fleming ointment. This is a completely harmless drug, greatly increases resistance to the body and maintains the patient's immunity. The basis of the drug included components that remove inflammatory processes of the rectal area, pain relief, strengthen the vessels and dry up the hemorrhoids.

Heparin Ointment

Heparin Ointment will be treated for acute hemorrhoids. The basis of the drug is a substance heparin, which works greatly with inflammation, pain, helps to resolve hematoma. Heparin ointment is an anticoagulant of direct action. Heparin not only struggles with outdated thrombosis, but also prevents the formation of new blood clots. Heparin ointment promotes the activation of fibrinolytic properties of blood. In addition, heparin ointment with hemorrhoids can be taken to treat a woman's illness during childbirth and during lactation.

Ointment "Proctozan"

In case of exacerbation of the disease, this drug is excellent. It can also be taken during pregnancy and during lactation, which indicates the importance of the drug. The device perfectly relieves discomfort and pain, as well as struggling with other symptoms, always accompanying hemorrhoids.

Ointment "Gepatrombin"

A lot of people know about this drug, but not many know that curing hemorrhoids is not "Гепатромбин", and "Гепатромбин Р".At the heart of the drug is a component of heparin, stimulating blood circulation, which is especially important if there is a diagnosis of acute hemorrhoids, complicated by thrombosis."Gepatrombin R" is a fast-absorbed drug that promotes rapid relief of symptoms after application of the ointment. Interesting is the fact that the substance of the drug can accumulate in the place of concentration, which means that even after a long period of time, the ointment continues to be treated.

Oils of Vyshnevsky

This remedy was not initiated against hemorrhoids initially, but during the exacerbation of the disease, the medicine is ideally suited. Treatment of Vyshnevsky's ointment is carried out only on the fourth day after the use of manganese lotions. Ointment of Vishnevsky is applied to gauze and applied to knots for 13 hours two days in a row. The components from which the Vishnevsky Ointment forms, in the first place, will remove inflammation, thus eliminating pain and swelling in the sphincter area. Vyshnevsky's ointment will even take on the treatment of women during pregnancy and during lactation.


The basis of this remedy is shark liver oil, which allows it to be easily transferred to any patient. Treatment of ointment is necessary for symptomatology 1 and 2 stages of the disease.

Ointment "Doctor"

In acute hemorrhoids, ointment is the best remedy

Ointment is especially suitable for the treatment of the disease at the second stage of development, eliminates inflammatory processes of the rectum, edema and pain during bowel movement. Positively affects the condition of the pelvic vessels.


This drug also removes pain, eliminates edema of the anus, heals the rectal wounds. Also, the ointment positively acts on the hemorrhoids itself, reducing their size and tension.


We do not have the right to pass this drug. An inexpensive but very useful ointment is known to every other adult person. It is used to fight many diseases, and the main purpose - the fight against inflammation and microbes. In addition, "Levomekol" quickly relieves pain, swelling of the rectal area, heals wounds of the anal passage, regenerates the affected tissues. The drug is great if the exacerbation of the disease with inflammatory processes began. What less well-known ointments are used against the symptoms of hemorrhoids?

Chinese Ointment

This is a musky ointment for the regeneration of local lesions. The drug eliminates swelling, pain and inflammation, stops bleeding, has a binder effect.

Ointment from bags under the eyes of

Such a tool is useful in hemorrhoids, because its main effect is the restoration of blood flow, strengthening the walls of the vessels in the pelvic region. You can also use ointment against bruises under the eyes and wrinkles on the face.


Treatment with this drug improves venous tone, strengthens the walls of the vessels and makes them more elastic. The systemic approach to taking the drug quickly eliminates pain and other symptoms of the disease. Detlelex is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.


In acute hemorrhoids, ointment is the best remedy

The horse chestnut extract was based on the preparation. The ointment effectively fights inflammation in the rectum, removes pain, edema, itching. Regular drug treatment prevents splashed vessel walls, increases the vein tone, promotes correct blood flow. Used for acute hemorrhoids, as well as for chronic mild disease. Contraindications - diseases of the genitourinary system.


The product includes horse chestnut extract and medical leech extract. These components of the drug eliminate inflammation and itching in the rectum. It is very important that the ointment after application quickly eliminates pain, swelling and cures bleeding cracks in the anus.

"Heparid Lechivaya"

Ointment promotes blood thinning, which eliminates thrombosis, reduces swelling of the rectal area. The drug eliminates pain, itching, is used at all stages of the disease. Long-term administration of the drug can provoke the appearance of hemorrhages in large areas of the mucous membrane.

Each of the above drugs should be used after examination in the proctologist and the detection of symptoms of hemorrhoids. The doctor will offer the best drug, depending on the existing symptoms and the stage of the disease.

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